Thursday, January 03, 2008

Not his fault

I feel like I should point out, in Blaine’s defense, that he was interested in hiring a painter right from the get-go for the rent house. *I* was the one who was all, “Hey, let me! I’m pretty handy, and I’ll save us all kinds of money, and Vern Yip makes it look so easy --- it will be FUN!” And for the most part, it has been fun. Just slightly annoying because I so drastically underestimated how long it would take, and how many coats it would take, plus add in a loss of electricity due to an ice storm which slowed me down by almost a week, and a husband who caught the flu or a stomach bug or *something* on New Years Eve and JUST stopped puking TODAY and who for goodness’ sake expected all sorts of unreasonable things like for me to pour him Sprite and bring him Saltines really, the nerve, didn’t he know I had painting to do???? …… and so bottom line, the painting is not going to be done when the guys come to put in the new floors on Monday like I had hoped.

Other than *THAT*, it’s been fun.

And while I still haven’t caved and called a painter (although dudes and dudettes, the ceilings? Seriously? I rolled the bathroom ceiling with primer tonight and my GOD am I out of shape, even with my freakishly overdeveloped shoulder muscles there is no WAY I am doing the entire rest of the house … funny, when we were thinking about living in it, the house seemed so tiny, and now that I’m painting it, it’s a freaking mansion is all I’m saying) I do have a handyman coming to give me an estimate on replacing the bathroom cabinet and sink tomorrow, and an electrician coming next week to replace all the lighting, and honestly, there’s a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel and I am SO extremely hopeful for the final outcome.

Whew! Pictures to follow, whether you want them or not.

And for now, I think I'll shut up about it.

In the meantime, in an effort to not let our entire Christmas Break be a wash, I promised the kids I would take them bowling tomorrow. As you might remember, we don't always have the best of luck bowling. So wish us luck, 'kay?


Pink Lady said...

I can totally identify with you! We're redoing a bedroom into a master bath/closet (well, hubby is doing all the hard work.) My job is the painting and ceilings are horrible! Good luck!

Loralee Choate said...

Painting is fun for me for about 5 minutes (When I am done painting the middle section of the largest wall and get a good idea of what the color will look like).

And edging?

I hate edging with the power of a thousand burning suns.

You are very brave (And awesome).

Monica H said...

I love Vern Yip. He was always my favorite designer on Trading Spaces.

Good luck bowling :)

Anonymous said...

Just feeling guilty because I'm a lurker, reading your blog every day, but never signing in.. You are a bright spot on my days, and can make me laugh.. and cry.

Good luck with the bowling!!

Mary Burns in below zero Albany NY

lizinsumner said...

Ooooh - can't wait for pictures. And, I like Vern too!

lizinsumner said...

One more thing - painting ceilings = a good excuse to go buy a power paint sprayer thingie???!!

Lisa L said...

Kristie I just read your bowling post and laughed and laughed( I'm surrepticiously reading at work..) Good luck on the rest of your renovations...we're in the middle of all that stuff too...sux..