Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eddie Who?

Yesterday, I took the kids to the public library after school so Kellen could look up a book for an upcoming “I Love My Country” report due in school. He had to select one famous American veteran to report on and have at least two different sources of information for the report. Kellen selected (with much persuasion by Blaine) Audie Murphy --- we had pulled an article off the internet (how fabulous is that Wikipedia guy, anyway?) and I thought a copy of Mr. Murphy’s war memoir To Hell and Back would make a great second source.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the actual title of the book --- and did you know, they don’t have those big card catalogs in the library anymore? Now it’s all on computer, but I’m such a dinosaur I didn’t know which set of computers was which, or how to access the software, and then I couldn’t figure out what the second number was for (whatever happened to the good ole’ Dewey Decimal system???) so by the time I found the book on the aisle, it had turned into quite an adventure.

I was telling Blaine about it at dinner because I felt so stupid at the library, having to ask the librarian for help not once, not twice, but three different times. Blaine asked, “What book were you looking for?” and I replied, “To Hell and Back, but I wasn’t sure if it would be non-fiction, or autobiography, or biography, or history, or what. I finally just did a search for Audie Murphy until it showed up.”

At which point Kendrie said, “Eddie Murphy? What was *he* doing in the war?”

And I laughed and said, “No, honey, not Eddie Murphy, a man named AUDIE Murphy. He was a WWII veteran and hero and that’s who Kellen is doing his report on.”

And Kendrie looked at me and smiled, and said, “Oh, thank goodness, I was just fixing to ask you ….”

And I sat, and waited, for whatever cute, adorable thing was going to come out of her mouth, maybe about the donkey from Shrek, or Dr. Doolittle, or whatever precious, precious, precious comment she was going to make, when she continued ….

“If they had a BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE in the war!” and then she cracked herself up.

Of course, what makes it even funnier is that it wasn’t even Eddie Murphy in that movie, it was Martin Lawrence. My poor, confused white child.

(Susan and Jeanette, you might have guessed it, she said she learned about the movie from Kobi!)


Anonymous said...

Love it! The other day we were in the van listening to the "oldies" station and "ABC" came on. Will asked "Who sings this song?" so I told him, "Michael Jackson-only he was little at the time" to which he replies "Oh. Is that Alan Jackson's brother?"...what is it with our poor confused white kids?

Anonymous said...

The part that cracks me up, being a Canadian and all, is where she uses the phrase, 'I was fixing to ask you....' Oh my gosh, the looks you would get if you ever said that up here in the Great White North, priceless :-) I LOVE the Southern accent and way of talking:-)

Rebekah said...

Ok - can I admit - finally ... that the reason I read your blog is to laugh at another family with children that say the 'dardest things' ... you always seem to make me laugh just as I am drinking something ... which almost always comes out my nose or I choke ... thank you Kristy for making my day go by so much easier than it was BEFORE I read your posts ... I love it!

Rebekah ---> from Minnesota ... where it was -12 temp this morning ... yeah IT SUCKS HERE! It's not the cold its the wind chill right?

Anonymous said...

I'm still cracking up at the vagina sausages!!! OH are too silly!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say, as a librarian, never be afraid to ask for help at libraries! Librarians are there to help, and we want to find what you are looking for. Ask a hundred questions if you want, we just don't want you leaving without getting what you were looking for.

Unknown said...

Sadly, my grandchildren here in TX are Army brats...there is a middle school on post named Audie Murphy Middle School. So, I asked my 14 year old granddaughter who is finishing up THREE YEARS of middle school if she knows who Audie Murphy is. She has no clue....I ask my grandson who is also a middle school student...he doesn't know either!

Jan Ross said...

Well, another librarian beat me to my comment! We librarians LIVE to help people find stuff. Seriously.