Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dear Meg,

Dear Meg,

I am thrilled to hear about the donation of the MRI machine to the new hospital! You people down in Americus certainly deserve a bit of good luck and I know the hospital employees, and the patients who will ultimately benefit, will be glad to have it. Congrats!

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Meg from GA said...

Thanks for your votes and all your friends for voting...Also, very glad Blaine's scans were good! I know the doc's have to have all the info to compare, but it's soooo hard waiting.We'll continue to pray for his heath.
By the way, I know Tinker is a big place, but my cousin and her family live in OKC and her husband is based at Tinker (for now, they move this summer to Naval War College in R.I.) His name is J.T. Russell. He's commanding the 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron..I think he's a Colonel...Right now he is in UAE since August hopefully home soon!
Small world!