Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kendrie Strikes Again

Kendrie: "Here, Mom, I drew a picture for you and Daddy."

Kristie: "Oh, honey, that’s nice! Thank you .... I love it!"

Kendrie: "See, it’s me and you and him standing on a hill with rainbows around us and love in our hearts."

Kristie: "Why yes, I can see. That’s me on the left -- thank you for drawing Mommy so skinny. And you in the middle, and Daddy on the other side. But why did you make Daddy’s hair so long? And black? He doesn’t have black hair."

Kendrie: "Yeah, but I couldn’t find a gray marker."


lizinsumner said...

Like I've said before - the kid is one in a million! Poor Blaine...welcome to the "we buy Miss Clairol by the gross" club! And drawing mommy so skinny?? The kid is smart, too!

Grandma J said...

Ok, THAT is one drawing that has to be scanned and posted for all of us to see.
When Andrew was in pre-K I went to grandparents day, we had to draw each other on the same paper together. I looked over and he had these huge arms on me in red and orange....they looked like they were engulfed in flames. I said, "Oh wow, what cool arms you made me". without looking up he said, "Grandma, those aren't arms those are wings". Well, you can imagine how I swelled up with pride. I turned and hugged him and said, " Awe, you made grandma an angel". He looked at me and said, "no I didn't..I made you a fairy".

Kelly said...

"Rainbows all around us and love in our hearts." I *Heart* that!! Too cute!

Susan said...

That is one that must need to be framed! Miss ya'll!