Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Liz,

Dear Liz in Sumner,

I’m pretty bad in geography, so I had to double check when looking up the facility, also, but Arkansas is the state due east (that’s on the right, right?) of Oklahoma. The resort we stayed at was a six-hour drive for me, although it became seven and a half thanks to the ice storm that hit (naturally, why wouldn’t it?) while I was driving there. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, you're too funny! Lest you think me totally stupid (which believe me, I CAN be!!) - here in Washington, you have to drive in any given direction FOREVER to get to anywhere of any import (except west, which will land you in the Pacific ocean!). So, the concept of being able to get into a car and get ANYWHERE without driving for at least 2 days is foreign to me. I'm sure both you and the blogging world are sick to death of my whining about how bored and tired I am with where I live - where it is, unfortunately, snowing today! The good part about that - I can stay home from work without feeling totally guilty - although one of my engineers just emailed me from work and called me a "wuss"! And of course, the snow is just making me pine MORE for Florida! Oh, to live in shorts 12 months out of the year instead of just 3! But thanks for the geography lesson - I needed it! Glad you're back safely!

Anonymous said...

PS - You have NO idea how much I LOVE that you even read my comment, let alone answered it (BY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!) in your blog!! I am totally flattered! You know you've always got a fan up here!!!