Thursday, January 24, 2008

Will and Will Not

Starting tomorrow morning at 5am; What my weekend WILL contain:




*A cabin at a lake at a vacation resort in Arkansas


*MY music on the car radio


*Catered meals

*Possibly even a nap


*Diet Dr Pepper by the bucket-load

*Some much-needed estrogen therapy

*Did I mention chocolate?

Starting tomorrow at 5am, what my weekend will NOT contain:



*Cleaning (perhaps not even myself, depending on how lazy I get)

*Chauffeuring the small people around

*Homework projects

*Any television shows on any of the following channels: Disney, Nick, NickJr, NickTeen, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, PBS, ABC Family, etc. Also not any Military Channel, I'm just saying.

*Painting Rental Property or cleaning rental property or working on rental propery in any fashion

*Updating this blog

In the meantime, feel free to take the next three days to leave me a note, suggestion, or question in the comment section. You’re at liberty to ask anything you want, although there’s no guarantee I’ll answer it, especially if it’s scathingly personal, like how much do I weigh. In fact, perhaps instead of a question forum, I should just ask all of you to leave your best dieting tips. Especially after the weekend of rabid chocolate frenzy-ish indulgence I plan on having.


Grandma J said...

Simply put....Have FUN!!!

Monica H said...

Good for you! Take time for yourself. In fact, that sounds like a fabulous idea- I might try the same. Except I'm such a tight ass and it's sometimes hard for me to relax. Wanna find a spa halfway between me and you and get a massage?

Have a great weekend!

jadine said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! I won't be there! :(

In my jealousy, I shall think up some good questions for you to answer when you return.

Have fun! :)

Renee & Erin said...

We're on our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great weekend. I would love to see you write on your blog about your surrogacies. I know you've said you want to respect the privacy of others but just the vague storyline would be good. What made you think of doing that - each time? How did you feel? etc., etc. My favorite stories of yours were when you told about your life.

Lisa C. in CT

The Running Girl said...

What I want to know is how you manage to arrange all these scrapbooking weekends and get away from it all. That's what I want to do! I guess I just need to pick a date, pick a place and grab some girlfriends, huh? I hope you have a fantastic time.

Cathy in MI said...

I am off on Girl's weekend too - leaving in four short hours!!!!!!! Have fun! Please share at least a couple scrapbook pages when you get back.

Pam Earley said...

My questions are:

1) will you be continuing your surrogacy stories soon?

2) what is the latest status on Blaine and his cancer?

3) are you as funny in real life as you are online?

4) did you move near pioneer woman? I will be really jealous if you guys meet up and become bff's. You and Ree are my online bff's. even though we've never met. even though y'all have no idea who I am. even though when I refer to you guys as "my friend Kristie" and "my friend Ree," people ask how we met. then i have to say that it is really only a one way friendship, but that it really means a lot to me.

5) will you pray for me when I eventually go to therapy for having such a weird attachment to you and Ree?????

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I am jealous! Enjoy yourself enough for many of us :)

leeanne said...

A girl weekend awesome!! Have a great time! As for the dieting tips, I dont really have any. At least any sure fire ones that actually WORK. lol Just wondering, how is Blaine doing with his cancer and procedures?

lizinsumner said...

Have fun and drive safely (are Arkansas and Oklahoma so close that they're within driving distance???!!) and relax and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Escoe, my mom reads your blog all the time and she and my friends moms sometimes use your ideas like when you decided Brayden was old enough to do her own luandry. I was wondering if you would make her wear an ugly shirt with ugly pants for a school party just becuase she didn't remember to bring out her luandry. Sincerely Alyssa... ps i will be 11 in march and my deal with my mom is that you get to call this one. Thanks

Leeann said...

The weekend sounds utterly fantastic! I am in a fit of jealousy over here. Apparently not unlike some of your other readers.

My best dieting advice- stop thinking of food in context of a diet and toss the scale. My goal over the last year has been to dilute the idea of "food" as being "good or bad or diet" and just let it BE. No scale.


katy said...

I am definately not the person to give dieting advice but I will tell you I am jealous. I would love a weekend with my husband...alone.....and some chocolate. Wow that thought alone gives me ideas I won't expand on.

Jan said...

If someone had never ever scrapbooked, but you make it sound so much fun she wanted to try, where would you suggest she start?

Meg from Americus,Ga said...

Hey Kristie,

I sent you an e-mail about our "win an mri" program. We didn't win, but they are going to donate one to us free of charge when we get our permanent hospital up in a couple of years. Thanks for voting and tell your friends thanks too!
Happy scrapbooking!!!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

I'm jealous! Take me with you!

Tracey in Calgary said...

Have a blast..I know you will!

Yes, please, share a few pages with us, I need some inspiration :)

Diet tip....I have found the most amazing way to cook chicken breast (which can then be eaten on the spot, or chopped up to be added to other recipes, etc.) There is absolutely NO FAT involved. Take a large square of parchment paper, turn so it's a diamond. Place one chicken breast near the top...sprinkle with favorite seasonings/spices, bring top point over chicken, then fold over each side and roll it all up. Place on a shallow baking pan and pop into a 350F oven, generally for about 20 minutes, depending on the thickness. Once it is done, you will have a lovely, moist piece of chicken, sans fat! The chicken cooks in it's own juices, sort of steamed, mine comes out perfectly every time. Add a salad on the side, or some veggies and you have a low fat, high protein/carb meal to not feel guilty over...after all that chocolate! (which, after all, is really only a vegetable....) ;-)
t. xo

cakeburnette said...

Hey Kristie--hope you have a fabulous time this weekend. I have no questions and no dieting tips, but I did want to answer Pam Earley's question--YES, she is just as HILARIOUS in person!

Boy, that made me realize I won't get to hang out with you anymore and THAT made me sad...

Sherri said...

Damn, I came to the comments section hoping to find a slew of helpful dieting tips but it sounds like everyone else is as clueless as me. Which is perhaps the reason for my extra 20 lbs I cannot seem to shed. I've been told that eating less and adding some exercise to my life would be helpful, but I know that's a big fat vicious LIE! Isn't there a pill that would cause you to lose 10 lbs while sitting on the couch watching TV and eating snacks?? No? Are you SURE? I think the medical profession is just holding out on us.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Alyssa's mom from a few posts back. I added my own comment to her post but somehow it was lost. She was speaking the truth ( though poorly spelled) there is a group of us here in Atlantic Canada who do try many of your parenting techniques. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Bridget Ellis
New Brunswick, Canada

Anonymous said...


Marisa said...

I have to say DITTO to pam earlys' comments/questions. I have you and Ree in my favorites and you two are the first things I go to read when I log on to my computer in the mornings. Hope you had a great weekend with the girls.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah even though technically you don't know me and I don't know you personally, I refer to you as my friend all the time. My neighbor even asked if you lived in Grinnell, I just said...uh, no I don't think you would know her! Oh gosh, she would think I was nuts if she knew the truth! I love reading your blog and it is the first thing I go too every morning! Keep typing to us!
Heidi in Iowa

Hannah said...

A resort in Arkansas? I live in Arkansas! North Little Rock, Arkansas to be exact! Wish I could have caught up on my blog reading sooner! Hope you had a great time!