Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Money Pit

Since the movers aren't coming until tomorrow with our things, we had some time to kill today and decided to visit our rental property here. If you remember my blabbering last summer about the first house we bought, desperate to get in the school district, but then hated with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, you already know we decided to keep it as rental property after finding a much-better-for-us house to live in just a few blocks away.

We had "renters" in it {cough} my sister and her family {/end cough} for the past eight months or so while their new home was being built, and we knew it would need a little bit of work before we could advertise it for rent again. A little. A teeny tiny smidge of work.

So we went today and walked around, and poked and prodded, and basically, summarized the eensy beensy bit that needs to be done to the place:

*Carpets need to be ripped up in the living room, hall, and all three bedrooms.
*Hardwood floors underneath need to be sanded and re-finished.
*Or, we say the hell with it and go to Big Bob's Used Carpet Remnants.
*Bathroom floor needs to be replaced.
*New sink and cabinet in bathroom.
*Bathroom desperately needs additional lighting.
*Section of wall above shower is falling off.
*Kitchen needs new flooring.
*Kitchen cabinets need to be sanded and re-painted.
*Part of the ceiling near the hot water heater is falling down.
*Kitchen sink needs to be replaced.
*Trim throughout entire house needs to be repainted.
*Walls throughout entire house need to be repainted.
*Possible roof leaks in two of the bedrooms.
*Possible stagnant water under the house because dear God what is that smell?

Good Heavens, it's a miracle my sister didn't report me to the Slumlords Association of America.

So in a nutshell, does anyone have the phone number to "Flip this House"? Or "Extreme Rental Home Makeover"? Or "Heaven Help Us We Were Total Morons to Buy This Dump and We Know NOTHING About Home Repair and We Are So Screwed"???????

PS. Less than 24 hours until the Cox guy shows up to work his high-speed magic and I am connected to the internet from my home computer and once again I will have e-mail at last, e-mail at last, Praise God Almighty, e-mail at last!!!!!

PSS. Reminder to go to: Marey's site and order your cute-as-a-button Santa Plate before the holidays. I don't want to freak anyone out, but today is the 25th, people, exactly ONE MONTH before Christmas, and you NEED to have this plate in your possession by Christmas Eve. If you already have a plate, please consider making a donation, because the fundraiser truly is an admirable cause.

PPSS. Kim, I know! I can't get my *(*#&$(#&*$ cell phone to work here, what's up with that it's always worked before, and I'm roaming all the #)$&#)*(% time and it only rings once before booting everyone over to #(*&%$#(*&%$*(#& voicemail. I am SO SORRY!

PPPSS. E-mail --- 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie,
So glad to see you have updated! I have been out of town and away from the computer (ouch!) so I wasnt sure if you had made it there. I cant wait to come see you all. We want to see R and K in TX soon (soon will probably end up being Spring Break though..) , so we will plan on spending a few days in OK too. Miss you all
Love Erin R

The Running Girl said...

Just got caught up on your last few entries. I'm glad you made it to OKC without any major hitches, but sorry to hear you haven't had any email. That would drive me insane as well. I hope the first day of school for the kids goes well. And I hope you get settled soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Don't worry about it. Just calling to chat. I figured you were lying somewhere in the fetal position going through e-mail withdrawl and just can't answer. Glad to hear things are better than that. Hope today goes well for the kids. Was it as great as you had dreamed for years dropping your kids off at your old school??? I know there are pictures and can't wait to see them! Good luck tomorrow! xoKim

Dawn said...

Because I just cannot help myself...

P.S. = Postscript
P.P.S. = post postscript

Anyway, my point, you can add as many Ps as you want but there is only one S always. I know, I never realized this either until I had to teach friendly letters to my middle school students.

Hope this doesn't tick you off because I do love reading your blog...


Anonymous said...


I have never, ever, ever, left a comment. I feel the time is now right. Please continue writing everyday. I actually find I get angry at you if you miss a day. Sorry! No Pressure! I don't know if you realize how many people actually look forward to your blog. I am probably one of many who just never commented about it. Please hurry. Let us know how the movers did. How much unpacking you have done? Please, please just write.

Hope all is well,

Debbie from NY

Anonymous said...

Yea!...this is so much fun living vicariously through you. I would love to be in your moving-back-to-Oklahoma-shoes right now. Braums, Braums, Braums....their eggnog is good too!!! I love their chocolate almond ice cream too!!!

Did I already write this??....TACO BUENO,!!!! burritos with a side of queso and their awesome, yummy, delectable, homemade hot sauce!!!! (the new chunky one is not so great)

There is also a new PF Changs north side OKC. omG!!!!! If you have been you HAVE to go...lettuce wraps, Mongolian beef. (Can you tell I haven't had any American food in 4 months now?)

I am so happy for you and am enjoying all of your posts!

Take care!!!
Rachael J
Luanda, Angola (for the moment)

Grandma J said...

Oh wow, you have a whole lot of work ahead of you!
personally, if I had a rental with hardwood floors I might consider carpeting over them rather than spend the money restoring them. Your future tenants may not appreciate them, and their kids definitely won't!
Just being home "again" must be a relief. Hopefully the first day of school was memorable. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought your sister and family had ruined your lovely rental. Glad you cleared that up!;)

And listen to Rachel...PFChangs is the best and she's right on with her food recommendations. The crab wontons are pretty good, too!

Dixie in CA