Friday, November 23, 2007

There's No Place Like Home (clicking heels together)

And at last, we have arrived.

Eighteen hours straight driving, 950 miles, one van, one truck, one boat, three kids, one dog, 2100 pounds of household belongings, and two adults who were divorce-court-grumpy by hour 17 ---- but we made it. Even better, we saw beautiful fall foliage in Alabama, discovered a Sonic with a playland (truly, heaven on earth if ever there was one) in Mississippi, and suffered no flat tires, very little rain, no carsickness (although the dog did pee in my van) and no speeding tickets. So not only did we make it, but I'd say the trip was a huge success.

Ironically, it doesn't feel like we are "home". It feels, instead, like every other vacation we have taken these past twenty years. Our house won't be available until Monday, so we are spending this week at my mom's house, living out of suitcases with no structure or schedule. No set bedtime, no vegetables, and I couldn't tell you the last time the kids had a bath, unless you count Kellen falling in the pond at his cousin's house yesterday.

The difference between this and every previous visit is that we are not crunched for time. Normally we have seven to ten days to see everyone, go everywhere, do everything we want to do. This time? No big rush. So we're laying around my mom's house, watching a lot of tv (she has TWO sets, so according to my kids, is RICH) and doing a lot of nothing. The kids are alternately relaxed, and bored. Monday, though, they start school, we get in our new house, and the movers arrive with our things from Georgia, so the pace will pick up once again.

In the meantime, I've eaten at almost every restaurant I had missed while I was away (no surprise that would be my first priority, is it?) and we've gotten the kids enrolled in their new school. Funny story there, for later. We've spent Thanksgiving with the cousins, braved the mall for more school shopping, and seen two movies. And sadly, no, I *don't* have a laptop, so "spent lots of time updating on the computer" is not on my list of accomplishments this week.

All told, a successful re-entry back to OK, although there have been a few things we completely didn't anticipate:

1) The wind, my gosh, the unbelievable wind. I had forgotten that it gusts and blows here almost non-stop. I am cold, and I foresee a drastic haircut in my future because this shit whipping me in the face every time I go outside is completely unacceptable.

2) Speaking of cold .... it is freaking cold here, compared to Georgia. Maybe not compared to Antarctica, but considering it was in the 70's when we left Georgia, this is cold. The high yesterday was 36, not counting the bazillion degree wind chill difference, and there is an 80 percent snow forecast for Sunday. Except for the one brief dusting we had in Georgia about four years ago, my kids have not seen snow since we lived in Ohio. Kellen is already hoping school will be cancelled Monday so he can spend the whole day sledding, and Kendrie informed Blaine yesterday that "it is too cold here, and we need to move back to Georgia NOW!"

3) That I would have to re-purchase, to the tune of $144.72, all the school supplies that I had JUST BOUGHT three months ago in Georgia. It might have looked cheap, but I should have asked for any scissors or pencils or rulers or folders BACK, is all I'm saying. Maybe crawled around under their desks their last day of school and picked up crayons, or something. And if my status as a germ-phobe was ever in question, you should have seen my look of horror when I realized NONE of my kids' teachers had Purrell on their supply list.

4) That when I turned in my computer modem and DVR to Cox in Georgia last Friday, and they assured me that I had 30 days before I would lose my e-mail account, that what they *actually meant* was that my e-mail address would be SAVED for thirty days, pending reinstatement at the new address. I did NOT anticipate that my account would be shut down in the meantime, and I would not be able to access my e-mail from the Cox home page like I always do on vacation. Are you hearing what I'm saying? NO E-MAIL, PEOPLE, I HAVE NO E-MAIL CAPABILITIES. No sending, no receiving. If you've e-mailed me this past week and it's bounced back, that's why. I'm trying really hard not to freak out about it, because it's just e-mail for goodness' sake, not an oxygen lifeline, but if you know me .............. well ............ I'm freaking out and you know it. I just need to keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself that as long as the movers AND the Cox guy show up like they're supposed to on Monday, life will resume as normal.

No e-mail {whimper}

Until then, I do have a fabulous referral for all of you. Please visit Marey's site and check out her fabulous Santa plate fundraiser. I'd love to show you our adorable plate that we purchased last year, but I HAVE NO COMPUTER OR COMPUTER GADGETS OF MY OWN UNTIL MONDAY AND CAN'T UPLOAD PHOTOS (beating a dead horse here, aren't I?) So just trust me that the plates are adorable, and the charity is admirable. If you already have a plate of your own, buy one as a gift, or just reach in your pocket and make a donation.


Dayna said...

Congrats on making it back to your home. May this be the best move ever. Sorry about the email issues!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the trip went pretty well! Yuck to the cold though! I hate being cold- you'd think I'd be used to it, but nope! Good luck with everything MOnday!

Leesburg, VA

Tracey said...

Hey Kristie,

Well, you have no email...but you have this blog!! I am soooo far behind on your news, have been trying to catch up but in the meantime, CONGRATS on your safe arrival to OK, I am so excited (and I am sure, hundreds of others!!) to carry on with you on the journey of the Escoe's return to OK and I am truly dying to see the new house!!! And what happened to your laptop???? I guess I'll have to go back and read and find out? :-) It may be cold where you are, but trust me, it's colder here!! LOL Hey, does this mean Kellen can play HOCKEY now???

Tracey said...

By 'here', I mean Calgary, Ab, Canada...with snow on the ground!
ps wish the kids a great first day at school on Monday and tell them to remember...they are probably going to be meeting kids who will be their very best friends for the rest of their cool is THAT?? :-)

Kate said...

Congrats on making it there! I recommend a Gmail account - you can use webmail when away, Outlook at home, and it will never be shut down! :)

Good luck getting everything moved in on Monday!

Anonymous said...

I was actually just kidding about an update from your last post :) Welcome to the wind & cold! Whenever I visit my parents house in Western MD I'm reminded of the wind & cold.... its so easy to forget :) Anyway welcome home!!
Elizabeth S.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I am thankful that you made it to OK safe and sound...cuz I missed laughing for a few days while you traveled.

Thanks again for the plate plug...I will see if I still have your kiddos pic from last year.


Patricia-Georgia said...

Glad you made it "home" all in one piece! Hope everything goes well this weekend getting ready for school and move-in day! Go SOONERS!

Anonymous said...

Hi - try not to panic - I was creative and resourceful (and a little desperate) so I cut and pasted my kicked back email to your previous blog comment section. It really wasn't urgent, but it was important and I have serious memory issues - as in do it now or be SURE to forget. My message had to do with a previous and amazing Thanksgiving words of wisdom by YOU that is turning into a back to yesterday since you aren't getting anything new anyway...Happy readjusting...Randy

Anonymous said...

I have been checking and checking and checking (did I say checking?) to see if you had the chance to update your fan club on the move. I knew we would have to let you get settled a little bit, but Gish Louise... I need a new life......
Glad everything went well.
Wendy in Winder Georgia

M said... must go to

Anonymous said...

Can I throw in an unabashed plug? Those are my 2 kiddos on Marey's blog, Marielle, cancer SURVIVOR, and Rico, brother who helped her kick cancer's butt.

The picture is from last year when Marielle was just getting her gorgeous curls back.

Glad to hear the move went well. I would scream having to pay for schools supplies for 3 kids AGAIN.


Lisa said...

Welcome Home! I'll check out all about OK because I know nothing about it...except Howard Keel sang about it! Hope everything goes well with the children on Monday in their new schools and Lager likes his new pad. Love and prayers for you all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the link to Marey's site. We are hoping to have another great fund raiser this year.

Welcome home!!!

Postcard Cindy

Jeanette, warm in georgia said...

Maybe you could "suggest" Purell to the teachers...glad to hear you are doing well! Tell Kendrie that Will would trade Georgia warmth for OK snow any day! Email me when you get service. Your house here is great-no cars up on blocks yet. Take care and talk to you later.

Natalie said...

YAY! So glad you made it and you're back online. It's flipping cold here, too. Why do I like snow again??? Will you post some pics of your new house/town? I need to picture you in your new digs now. . .

Anonymous said...
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M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Your kids and their plate is on Ali's site on the border :)

Melissa said...

How did Kendrie do with having to say good-bye to longtime love Nicholas? Or did that end prior to the move?

Leeann said...

I am so glad you guys are there and all is well. I have thought of you frequently!! Can't wait to see the new digs when you get settled in.

Big hugs and if you need something to do, update your blogger profile!


Jacqueline said...

Delurking now. I found your site a couple of weeks ago when Danny (DGM) linked it on his site. I've been reading the archives and didn't want to comment until I was up to speed. I'm totally hooked now! I was pretty sure that this was one of the best sites ever, but then today, finishing up the archives, you made mention not once, but TWICE of Time Warp, and that officially makes you the coolest person around. Welcome back to Oklahoma...I'm just about 80 miles down the Interstate (44). I can't wait to hear more about your transition back to the Sooner state :)