Thursday, November 08, 2007

Almost as Much Fun as Being Boiled Alive

Our oldest daughter Brayden has gone through some sort of growth spurt recently. Actually, she’s been going through one for the past year and a half, and quite frankly, I’m sick of it. I had to buy her all new jeans last winter, and all new shorts this summer, and wouldn’t you know, not one single pair of jeans in her closet fit her now. I wouldn’t mind buying so many pairs if there was a snowball’s chance in Hell of passing them down to Kendrie, but no way **that’s** ever happening, seeing as how Brayden wants her jeans embellished with pink stitching and butterflies and sequins and feathers, for God’s sake, and Kendrie will ONLY wear jeans purchased in the boy’s department. (sigh)

But facing the fact that fall has finally arrived here in Georgia, and it was only 54 degrees when I took the kids to school this morning, and especially as it is certain to be cooler than that when we get to OK in ten days (OMG TEN DAYS I’M SO NOT READY WHY AM I SITTING HERE ON THE COMPUTER I SHOULD BE PACKING I TELL YOU PACKING!) I figured it was time to replenish her winter wardrobe. Not only are her jeans too small, but she’s outgrown all her long sleeve tops as well. And shoes. Oh, geez, don’t even get me started on the shoes.

And thus began the shopping spree otherwise known as “Who Invented This Fresh Hell?!”

We started with jeans, since that seemed to be the most desperate need. Brayden is average sized -- not heavy, not skinny. Just starting to get a little bit of a girlish figure, which she despises because “it makes me look fat!” -- but the biggest problem is she has short legs. The past year or so she’s probably put on ten pounds, but not necessarily grown much taller. So, 12’s are too small in the butt and thighs, 14”s are too long and too big in the waist, 12 plusses were the right length, but so big we could have hidden another kid in there with her. She wants LOW rise, but then complains when she sits on the floor (as she insists on testing in every fitting room) and the back rides so low her crack shows. She wants the big flare leg that is so popular, but because her legs are short, it’s like a stinking wedding train dragging behind her. I estimate she tried on 4,823 pairs of jeans. And every pair had a belt she had to fasten and unfasten. Not one pair fit.

I was exhausted, and we hadn’t even started on the shirts yet.

I love Brayden dearly, but I’ll be the first to tell you she has crap taste in clothes. I could take her to the nicest, most upscale department store in the state, and she will instantly gravitate to the clearance rack with the cheapest, tackiest, most poorly made clothes in the whole store. The shiny-er, and sparkly-er, and shimmery-er, the better. Sequins a plus -- GLITTER a double plus.

Then, because she’s just starting to develop a chest (won’t she be glad I shared *that* with you in years to come?) and she can’t stand her shirts to be skin tight (Thank you, God, at least we did one thing right) she’s topping out the girl sizes … girl plus sizes hang on her like gunny sacks … and junior sizes are flat-out too big. Plus, a lot of the Junior stuff seems to be even tackier and sequiny-er than the smaller sizes. I’m working very hard NOT to raise a Britney Spears Jr. but those clothes designers sure aren’t helping.

Anyway. The really depressing moment of the evening was when we discovered she has officially outgrown the biggest size in Children’s Place, one of my all-time favorite stores. After that disappointment, I caved and let her buy a piece-o-crap High School Musical long sleeve T from JC Penneys that will no doubt fall apart and shrink to doll size the first time we wash it. But at least we didn’t come home empty handed.

Then, the shoes --- my God, the drama of the shoes. I would swear, based on her behavior whilst trying on shoes, that she has some sort of sensory processing disorder. That, or she’s a spoiled rotten brat. One of the two, anyway.

First we disagreed over the general GOAL and PURPOSE of the shoes. I was looking for casual shoes she could wear with blue jeans; something besides tennis shoes. SHE was looking for something that would have been more appropriate for a Kid Rock video. And the problem is, we discovered tonight that she currently wears a size 8, which means not only are we forced to shop for Junior shoes, which we also discovered tonight means slim to none pickings, or we were in the ladies department where everything is too dressy. Plus, if her feet are already that big, she’s probably going to be twenty-seven feet tall, hence the too-long blue jean problem will soon disappear to be replaced with a permanent high-water situation.

We tried on shoes in eight, count ‘em, EIGHT stores tonight. Personally, I prefer the stores that have all their stock right out on the floor, so she and I can help ourselves to the various sizes, considering this is how most of our conversations went:

Kristie: "What do you think of these?" {indicating a black ankle boot with a modest heel}

Brayden: "I don’t like ankle boots. Can I get knee-high boots? Ooh, look! Those have fringe!"

Kristie (snort!): "No, I’m not buying you knee high boots .. these are to wear with blue jeans. What do you think you are, a go-go dancer?"

Brayden: "Well if I can’t have knee highs then I want low ones."

Kristie: "Here, here, try these."

Brayden: "That buckle is ugly."

Kristie: "Oh, for Pete’s sake!"

Brayden (sulking): "Fine, I’ll try them on."

Kristie: "Here’s a 7."

Brayden: (cue whining voice): "They’re too tight! I can’t even fit my foot in them! Ow! Ow!"

Kristie: "Calm down …. Here’s a 7 1/2."

Brayden: (cue dramatic voice) "They’re still too tight …. I don’t like them! They’re hurting my toes!!! Why can’t I try those?" {Indicating some bizarre pair of freaky crocheted pumps with a six inch heel. Or something, I wasn’t even sure.} "You never let me have anything I want, and those won’t hurt my feet!"

This is the point where I got annoyed, made a comment about ungrateful children, then made another comment about trying on boots with thick sports socks, and then snatched a pair of trouser socks off the rack, ripped open the package, and thrust them at Brayden.

Kristie: "Here, your socks are why the shoes are too tight, put this on. OK, is that better? Now … try the 8."

Brayden: "They’re too tight across the toes, but too big around my ankle."

And she proceeds to walk across the shoe department and yes, the shoe comes right off the back of her foot, at which point she makes a big display of almost falling down because of “these stupid shoes! Ugh! They’re all wrong!!!”

I glance at the helper-girl, only to discover she is psychic and can read my mind, as she says aloud, “Nope, no extra wides in that style.”


Brayden: "Should I try the 9?"

Kristie: "Why would you try the 9? The 8’s are falling off your feet!"

Brayden: "They’re still too tight on the toes and I don’t even like these. Why can’t I have this pair of brown plaid lace-up Sketchers with the wedge heel? Or these hot pink party sandals? Or look, here’s another pair of knee-high boots!"

Kristie: "Because none of those match ANYHING in your closet!!! And for the last time, no knee-high-boots!"

This was about when I looked at the cashier and asked her to please kill me now. Or wait, let me pay for the trouser socks I opened, and THEN kill me now. The heck with this mother-daughter bonding crap.

My child will be the naked, barefoot one at school. Because I just don’t have the stamina to try again.


PS. I do feel compelled to mention, so that people will know (mainly the one or two people who have the need to e-mail me on a regular basis and let me know what a fucking whining complainer I am) that I *AM* kidding. The above journal entry is a JOKE. I mean, it all happened, exactly like I said, right down to the drama in the fitting room with the whole butt-crack thing, but the “kill me now” and “I’d rather be boiled alive” is clearly an exaggeration. Well, maybe not CLEARLY, if you’re not familiar with my sense of humor. But it’s supposed to be funny. I have no misconceptions that there are other moms out there who would give anything for a shopping date with their daughters. Even if their daughters are hard to please and impossible to find clothes for and the simple sight of a shoe store gives the moms hives. I KNOW that I’m lucky.


Meg from Americus said...

Brayden is at the age I was when my Mom told me (while on a shopping trip) I love you dearly, but if the gypsy's came to get you right this minute, you're going with them!!

Kim in MD said...

I so feel your pain! I experienced the exact same shopping trip with my daughter recently. It's torture! And why is everything so tacky? Everything I think is cute is met with eye rolling and the I wouldn't be caught dead in that look.

Happy packing!

Amy said...

I LOVE your blog and the crazy life your family leads. Thankfully my kids are pretty easy when it comes to clothes. My boys are 11 & 7 and my daughter is 3. I just leave them at home and pick out their stuff. I don't have to return too much stuff!!
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is only 3, but she suffers from the same affliction Brayden does. The more sparkle, and general ugliness, the more she thinks she needs it. I was praying she'd outgrow that. You are not giving me hope. LOL

Connie F-G said...

We're still hovering at a size 12 girls at age 11 thank goodness but we're noticing that many of the junior sizes are thinner, shorter and more form fitting than the girls sizes. And yes, they are just as ugly! A store we enjoy is Justice for Girls.

Good luck...I hear your pain with trying to find the perfect piece of clothing!

As for moving...I still can't find the shelves to my desk or my salad forks! Guess we need to hit the garage this week-end to see what treasures we can find. :+)


Ann said...

Reading your blog first thing every morning puts a smile on my face for the day. I was just like Brayden as a kid - although, I was on the conservative side when it came to my clothes -- but, still a miserable kid to shop for.

As for your "disclaimer" ... to heck with people who don't get it!

From a friend in Phoenix who loves your humor and way of telling it like it is.


Lisa from Texas said...

I have traveled in your hell with my daughter. It is maddening! And I know that I am lucky to have her and all that. I have buried a daughter and that was terrible, more than terrible. But, shopping with this one is HELL! PacSun has jeans that fit that in-between as they have short, average and tall. My daughter wears a 00 (I'm not sure she is really mine) in short. So, we cover the waist and length. They also have cute shirts that cover everything nicely. Also, Limited, Too has some of those hard-to-find sizes, but plan on taking a second mortage on a house to pay for them. We save that store for special occasions. Happy shopping!
Oh and welcome back to the'll love it when you get back; the water's fine!!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! Brayden is at that in between stage in clothes...Heaven help you! She is growing like my daughter did - size 8 - 9 women shoes... I'd like to say its going to get better...but brace yourself!!!!

Denise said...

Even though my daughter is 27, the clothes available when she was Brayden's age were mini Brittany--hard to find clothes for a 12 yr old that look like they belong on a 12 yr. old--I feel your pain. Promise your loyal readers you'll still blog when the time comes for the first prom dress...oh the agony!!!

Pam Earley said...

Coming from the mother of a 14 year old DD - deep breaths and thoughts of "This too, shall pass." My main issue is why/when did kids stop realizing that a WAISTband was originally made to go at the WAIST??? AHHHHHH!

Enjoy the shopping and moving ;-).

Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I can so relate and believe me it gets no better. My daughter 31 yrs old, I still HATE to shop with her. I can eye up a whole department in Macy's or Dillards or wherever and try it on, buy it or put it back within 5 minutes. Noooooo, not daughters... HOURS and Hours of shopping only to buy something and then RETURN it afterwards!!!

Incoherently Lucid said...

HaHaHaHeHeHe! Oh man, I am cracking up! The worst part Kristie, is that this phase goes on and on and on and on. If I could get someone to take my teen girls shopping, my life would be just a little happier. I thought I was going to kill them both when we went homecoming dress shopping. They tried on every single damn dress in 4 different stores, THEN made me go back to the first one to get the 2nd dresses they tried on.

By my calculations, this phase lasts about 10 to 12 years.

Good luck.

The Running Girl said...

Yep. Right there with you. We had to go this past weekend to get blue jeans and long sleeve shirts for both of my kids. We only got two pair, so we'll have to go back. And my daughter is a shoe fashionista. So the deal with us is that I buy the shoes she needs (i.e. tennis shoes for gym and one or two other casual pairs) and she buys the "wants" with my permission of course. No six inch heels on my 6th grader! Best of luck fining clothes so she doesn't freeze when you get to OKC.

Anonymous said...

Whew. You might want to wait with some shopping until you get to OK just because styles there may be a little different and Brayden may want to fit in. Who knows?

Wishing you safe travels and easy re-nesting! Jane

Cheryl said...

Too bad that you even have to put that disclaimer after your post. I thought the shopping trip was funny and reminded me of shopping trips with my daughter. Ever since she was 3 she would walk straight to the brightest, highest shoe in the store, sit down on the floor and put them on.

Cate said...

I'm 34. I still don't like shopping with my mom. Started at about Brayden's age. Granted I have no taste in clothing, but my mother always tries to get me in the funky clothing possible. I'm an extremely conservative, Eddie Bauer type girl. The stuff clothing that never goes out of style.

JoAnn said...

Um, it sounds like my shopping excursions with my daughters. I always envisioned this fairy tale experience shopping with my daughters. Oh, the first 5 minutes or so are ones for the story books- but arghhhh- after that all bets are off and at the end of the day we are all skulking home muttering under our breath! They're only 9 and 12 so I am hoping they'll improve as they get older. I have been in the same scenerio as you- I get it:)

Oh, and your mention of City Bites in your last entry took me back to the days of Gymboree at NorthPark Mall- we'd always go to City Bites after. God, I miss Oklahoma.

Jeri from Hawaii said...

Reading your post took me back to shopping with my daughter when she was 14 (and that was NOT a happy memory!) She was a bit on the heavy side and already wearing a size 11 1/2 shoes. Her idea of appropriate school clothes and mine differed greatly. Somehow we managed to survive, but to this day I avoid shopping with her if at all possible.

Happy packing, have a safe and uneventful move. Nah, who wants uneventful - I want all the funny details!

Daisy Duke said...

One of my (and my mother's) most vivid memories is from bathing suit shopping when I was that age. Lets just say that we didn't find anything for quite some time. And? I used to have Brayden's exact same taste. I now wear slacks and button down shirts and blazers every day- there is hope :-)

Amanda Jennings said...

Short legs...yes, I know that well. Capri pants are kind of like cropped pants on me. And I don't buy cropped pants because..well, they're basically regular ones. I pretty much do all my shopping at Old Navy. I seem to have decent luck with them. (Though, don't even get me started on how I can have two pair of jeans from there that are the same size, but one pair is baggy and the other pair I can't even get buttoned. *rolls eyes) I hope you have better luck at some other stores. I'd hate for the child to have to go to school naked. LOL. I have to give Brayden props though. A fellow Flare jeans fan and she wanted a pair of Skechers, which happen to be my favorite shoe brand. (they have a big selection on their web site - I'm not much into sparkly and glittery but the flare jeans and skechers? I'm with her on.

Dianna in Louisiana said...

LOL Kristie--- Bravo to you for raising a young lady who doesn't like tight shirts. We still live in a blissful world where my five daughter wears and "loves" all of the clothes I choose for her. The other day, I saw denim shorts in the 2-T - 5-T size range that had "Sweet" written across the tush. They had a lace up fly. I just can't imagine anyone allowing there daughter to wear such things.

Amanda Jennings said...

Oh! And I'm with her on the low-rise jeans too! See, if I get jeans that fit at the order to get them to fit everywhere else, they are too big in the waist. So if I get low rise, everything fits.

Oh, and I totally have a pair of knee high boots. Black ones that lace up and have funky buckles on them. lol. But I wear them under my jeans ... which I guess kind of makes them pointless but they are still awesome! lol. (Okay, I'll shut up now)

katy said...

I have a 17 year old...enough said. I will add that my daughter is a great shopper and looks for sales, but she does like low cut shirts for some reason.
Just wait until PROM. There are 5,679 prom dresses in your area and every one of them will have to be tried on and half of those will have to be tried on again with the right shoes and jewelry. Not your size? It doesn't matter because the people at the prom dress shops will fix them or order them in your size. It may cost an extra hundred bucks but who cares...

jadine said...

Dang it! Here I was, taking you literally about the "kill me now" comment...I had my shot-gun loaded and I was practically in my car (because I am nothing if not a good friend) before it dawned on me that maybe you were being funny. I can be soooo stupid sometimes. :)

Brayden: I love sparkly, too! I keep waiting to outgrow it, but I DON'T!



Sigh. Disclaimer: I don't actually *wear* sparkly clothes, but I do covet them.

Anonymous said...

Kristy -

size 12 1/2 is not an in between size, it is actiully equal to about a size 16! I know that sounds crazy, but it is true! You might try and 8 1/2 (if you can find them, or a 10 1/2, and that may be just what she needs! (They run a little wider, but shorter in the length! Good Luck!

Denise Adams

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you actually have to deal with people who chastise you for the way you write.. You are so funny.. I don't understand, if people don't like the humor, why do they come here to read????

I have a 13 year old, and I HATE going shopping with her.. she never likes anything I like, rolls her eyes at all my choices.. it's never a pleasant day. Lately I walk away from her (I can do that since she's 13!) and let her pick out and try out the clothes. I will pay for it if I approve it. Works for us..

Congrats on your move. I am a transplant from SC, and altho I love my friends here in NY, after 15 years I'm still homesick for SC. I am jealous that you get to 'go home' but I think you've earned it!!

Take care, and keep blogging.. you make me laugh, cry, relate.. you're a terrific writer!!

Mary Burns in Albany NY

Renee said...

Thank God for boys!

Anonymous said...

OMG--I was laughing so hard at this post. I sent it to my friend who could have written the same words about shopping w/her daughter. I know bc I went shopping w/them b4.


Beverly said...

We could shop together! My daughter, soon to be 11, is between a girl's 5 and a woman's 6...which means when we finally, and I do mean FINALLY, agree up on a style, it doesn't fit! The shoes never fit!

(Is there a conspiracy against us mothers? Because Mary's shoes are always too big in the heal and too tight in the toes!)

Good luck with winter ooast!

Care said...

Oh, there are times I am thankful to have all boys - not a glittery bit or sparkle anywhere. On the other hand, my 12 year old need adult sizes now becausae he is so tall, but he is so skinny that everything falls right off his shoulders and non-existant hips. Oh how I am mourning the loss of the adjustable waist!

And what is City Bites? Do we not have them in the Tulsa area? How can I have missed out on this for three years?

Rita B said...

Alas, something I can help you with! lol.

Aeropostle is a great store for tween/teen girls. Their jeans come in LENGTHS. Wanna know a secret? All girls/women do NOT have the same sized legs! Gasp! So Brayden would likely wear a 00 or a 0 short. As for shirts, some have glitter, but they are all stylish without crossing the line into trashy. They also run great sales and if you sign up on their website, you get coupons to print or use online shopping.

Another great store is Pac-Sun. (Pacific Suncoast). Again, jeans come in lengths!

American Eagle is a middle school fave, but pricy. Every now and then you find a deal though.

Shoes, plaid flats are "in". DD got hers from American Eagle, but they are carried everywhere. Rack Room shoes almost always has a Buy one get one half off" sale. DD likes the suade New Balance, she has a pair in grey and one in tan, match almost everything in her closet.

Happy Shopping! We skipped right over the size 14's (too babyish)and went to Juniors. Nothing trashy but "cooler" and a bit trendy for fun.

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog brought back some fond memories of when I was in school (I believe like the 6th or 7th grade). My mom took me shoe shopping and she picked out a pair of shoes for me that she liked. I told her upfront that I didn't like them and wouldn't wear them. She bought them anyway! We got home with them and I told her that I wasn't going to wear them and she insisted that if I didn't wear them, I wouldn't beable to go out after school and play with my friends. So for about 3 weeks, I was homebound after school and on weekends. Luckily, my aunt came to visit us from New York and really liked the shoes and took them for herself. I was let off the hook and regained my freedom.
I swore at that time that I would never do that to my children who are now grown and on their own.
Good luck on your move!

Liz from Maryland

heartshapedhedges said...

When this kind of stuff happens in my family, I pull out pictures of our "Colombian brother and sisters" (World Vision kids) and rant about how they have no shoes, and live in the dirt with a cardboard roof that leaks, and they are so hungry at night they would be beyond excitement if they were served cooked carrots with chicken. It doesnt really have the effect I want on my kids, but I feel better venting about it.

*signed someone that knows you are kidding, and grateful for your kids*

Anonymous said...

No word of a lie....I have a drink (and I really don't drink very often) before I shop with my 12 year old daughter just to keep me calm!

Had similar problems and had to go to the size 0 or 3 jeans in the juniors and then pay someone to hem them! Good luck!

melinda said...

Let me share a little known fact that I discovered after hours of the same hellish experience you suffered through. Although logic would suggest that girl's clothing sizes would progress in the following order...10, 10 1/2, 12, 12 1/2, is not so. It is actually something like 10,12,14, 10 1/2, 12 1/2, 14 1/2. In other words, if you can work up the courage, you should go back and try an 8 1/2 or 10 1/2. We actually became imprisoned in the sequined butterfly section that is the Ariona Jean brand of JC Penney for years. Good luck. Hope this helps.

Sue said...

It must be a mom-of-a-ten-year-old-girl thing! My daughter, also 10, is also not perfectly sized to the clothing that is available. She has a little bit of a tummy, and has short legs to boot. To make things really stink, she hates trying on clothing -at home or in the store. She really hates clothing all together, and only wears clothes because I make her (and winters in Illinois are cold).

I bought my daughter jeans (she hates jeans of any kind, but I insist) through the Land's End catalog, in a 12+ with an adjustable waistband. I also bought her several pairs of leggings, which are her favorite pants. I can buy those in a 14 and they wrinkle at the ankle, but they don't drag the ground.

Lucky me, my daughter's shoe size is only a 6 so far. Even so, finding shoes that are wider cut and comfortable, girls but not girly, small-heeled or no heeled and generally are acceptable to both of us is a challenge.

By the way, anyone who complains about your site needs to figure out why they have no sense of humor.

mom25in5 said...


Dressing our little girls to look like little girls is such a challenge (and brain pain). Thanks for making me look at it in a funny way - I'll think of you every time my daughter wants the "shirt to make me look 18, Mom"!

BTW, my girls are 7...not 18. Oh, and we hide the car keys because she wants to know when she can drive!

Have fun packing!


Anonymous said...

Before I even get into the clothes thing you have to tell me - Are there really people out there who come here to your personal blog, read what you write and STILL have the nerve to email you and complain about you whining???? I am laughing my ass off that people have the nerve to read someones personal thoughts and then complain about what's being said - that would be someone who needs to get a life!

On to the clothes. I have two daughters 12 and 7 who could not be more different in sizes. My 12 year old is like a stick although s shapely stick these days and still wears a 12 jeans, a 5 shoe, itsy, bitsy tiny thing - then there is my 7 year old who will never fit into the slim jeans I bought my oldest because her little bubble butt is growing right along with everything else. My oldest is frustrated because the clothes that fit her aren't in the popular styles and my youngest complains that all the "cool" clothes are too big for her and she doesn't want to shop in the little girls dept anymore. I have to go shopping tomorrow afternoon with both of them and I swear I would rather have a root canal with no novacaine while someone is yanking out my fingernails than shop with the two of them - but hey I'm not complaining lol


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said... word of advice- size 0! One year for back-to-school shopping we searched the world over and nothing fit- then my neighbor told me to go to Pac Sun and low and behold my 2 found everything...t-shirts and shorts and jeans! Not sure if you have Pac Sun there...but you must have skate shops.

Marcia said...

I, too, feel your pain! I have 5 girls between 11 and 14, and every one of them has a completely different shape. My 14 year old has a woman's body, and she shops for herself most of the time. My 12 year old is 5'5" and just around 100lbs. She's got loooooong legs! She could wear a child's size 12 for the waist, but I have to buy her a 00 to get the length she needs. My 11 year old is almost the same height, but isn't as skinny. She wears about a 5. My other 12 year old wears a ladies medium, but has to wear overalls to prevent her from stripping. (seriously) Do you know that Ebay is one of the only places you can get overalls without spending a fortune??? My 13 year old is the size of about a 6 year old, is super skinny with long legs, and because she sits in a wheelchair she needs extra long pants. It sucks that I can't really hand anything down from one to the next!!

As for your PS, I am ONE OF THOSE MOMS (not the ones who write bitching, but the ones who wish they had all of their children left on earth to shop for) and I still HATE shopping with these 5 most of the time! :)

Anonymous said...

Vans sneakers. fit great. can get cheap at places. no laces. dark or designs. they last. girl and boy versions.
Target jeans/pants. Love them.
You lived my worst nightmare that i go thru every 3-4 months with my girls. BBBLLLAAAHHHHH!
m c s

Two Kids and a Husband said...

Okay so you just described EVERY shopping trip I take with my daughter and she is only SIX and has been this way since FOUR years old. It is very frustrating. Drives me nuts and I have on occassion been known to look at her in the eye and tell her "I just want you to know I love you Dearly, but right now I don't like you very much" and she laughs at me and continues. if I make her try on something she doesn't like even if it fits PERFECTLY she will pull on the arms or legs or whatever and say "SEE TOO TIGHT/LOOSE/Flowy/wrikled/short/long/" or not "pink enough, no sparkles" ahhhhhhhh I so feel your pain when you figure out how to combate this without homicide included in the solution...let me know I could use the advice.

Or I could take my grandmothers...she says "when my kids were growing up they NEVER went shopping with me... I took their measurements and came home with the cloths and they had NO choice but to like them!!"


Tammy said...

God, i just love your posts....they are just so humurous and *REAL!*

Anonymous said...

I've never commented here before..though I think I did on Kendrie's site...

I have an 11 year old daughter who is 5'2" tall, weighs about 150lbs, and wears a size 9.5 shoe. I understand and feel your pain. We've been out of girls sizes for a year in jeans...she didn't used to wear them at all..stretchy pants or dresses only

One thing I have found is I can fit her in the women's department-not juniors-but only if I go into a her the shorter leg..with the better sized jeans..might work for you..though Cassy is a bit heavy and Brayden isn''s worth a shot.

We also hit Goodwill...if she'll wear's cheaper and I can find a good mixture of sizes and some

Shoes-we won't even go there. OMG...

Good luck. I'm told it only gets worse.

And screw the ones who don't like what you have to say...nobody forces them to come and are just sharing your daily life. Those of us with a sense of humor and kids roll when we read.

Good luck with the move.

Vicky in Indiana

Jane Copes said...

Psssst . . . save Kellen's stuff for Kendrie. Jane in MN

Carol Mack said...

Kristie: I come here and read about your wild and crazy life and I laugh, and I smile and never once, have I thought that you don't realize how truly lucky you are to have your kids. You have been to the brink of hell when the doctor told you Kendrie had cancer. You know how precious your children's lives are. So, as a mom who HAS lost one daughter to leukemia and then another to Trisomy 18, I think I can speak safely that what you write has never offended me or made me think that you aren't completely in love with your kids (even if they drive you nuts sometimes) (lol). You wouldn't be a mom and they wouldn't be growing up to be independent and free-spirited if they didn't make ya want to pull your hair out..... I get it, I get you, and I get your humor. There's my little piece of defense (even though I'm sure you didn't need it).

Anonymous said...

Thinking back to the post where you told us there are no dances at the new school and knowing you are sooo lucky you won't have to deal with prom dress shopping! I took my mom on a tour of malls in 2 states! lol! and ended up with a custom dress from a locakl seamstress. oh the memories!

Leesburg, VA

Anonymous said...

Thank God for school uniforms! Considering the fights I have with my 6 year old about the extremely limited combinations she can wear - I can't imagine what my life would be like if she had a wider range of possibilities!

Julie in Madison, Wi