Saturday, November 17, 2007


Pre-Travel-Almost-Calamity-#1: I've been sleeping with my cell phone for alarm clock purposes the past few nights, ever since the movers packed up my actual alarm clock. Yesterday, as they were coming to load the truck for the last day, I took the bedding off the bed, unknowingly wrapped the cell phone up in the bedspread, and put it all in a packing box. Considering that is our ONLY source of contact for the next two weeks, I'd say it's a good thing we realized it before they put that particular box on the truck.

Pre-Travel-Almost-Calamity-#2: Our dear friends and neighbors Susan and Ray (Nicholas' parents, and our future in-laws) graciously offered to keep Lager the Wonder Mutt at their house these last few nights while we are in a hotel here in town. This morning, the kids had a soccer game at 9am, with their end-of-season soccer banquets afterwards. Luckily, Susan had forgotten her camera and zipped home real quick in between. There, they discovered Lager had fallen into their koi pond in the backyard, and was unable to get himself out. Considering it was a brisk 30 degrees when the game started, and had only warmed up to about 50 by the time they found him, it should come as no big surprise we've renamed him "Popsicle Pup". No fear, however; he is now snoozing in their Florida room with the room heater going full blast and appears to have recovered fully.

Pre-Travel-Almost-Calamity-#3: I have recently discovered the Sonic onion ring. Not so much discovered, perhaps, as "become obsessed with". The calamity is not in the ring itself, but in the fact I've eaten them every day for the past week and can no longer fit into any of the clothes I held out in my suitcase. Hopefully the box containing my fat clothes will be the first thing I unpack in Oklahoma, or we might be in trouble.

We're off for now. Talk to you all soon!


Mrs. Who said...

Mmmmmmm....onion rings. Just had some for lunch from Culver's. Haven't tried Sonic yet. Putting that on my list right now...

Pam Doughty said...

Sending up prayers that things will go smoothly, that Lager won't catch a cold, and that you will keep on updating once you get back home. HATE knowing that you will no longer be in Georgia, but holding out hope that we will still meet one day. My sister in law lives in Buffalo, OK, and I know we will visit her someday, so we may just call you up on that trip!
Pam Doughty

Anonymous said...

I LOVE The Sonic Onion Rings too, with a Diet Dr. Pepper b/c heaven forbid I have ALL those calories in a "real" soft drink!

Have a safe trip!
Claire in TX

Renee said...

Drive safe. Call me if you get too bored.

Cate said...

I lift my cup of Diet Dr. Pepper with rabbit pellet ice and say, "Here's to a safe and uneventful trip!"

As a friend told me, "You can't every go back home, but you can return home." And I've discovered sometimes home is even better the second or, in your case, third time around.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Lager is ok, I am sure he enjoyed the heat after the dip in the pond. Safe travels!!!

Postcard Cindy

PS...I hope there is a Sonic in OK. We don't have any near where I live.

Leeann said...


So glad that Lager is okay. That is really pretty scary! I bet your friend was more than a little freaked out.

We'll miss you during your travel to your new home.

Be safe and happy and we'll see you when you get back online!


Grandma J said...

Travel safely!!!

calamity #1 - the hotel has wake-up calls.

Calamity #2 - Gotta love that Lager!! Just wanted a little "lunch" from the koi pond.

Calamity #3 - Stretch pants.

Kate said...

Happy travels! Can't wait to hear from you when you get there!

Melanie said...

I pray that you have safe travels! Please know that you will all be missed by your Lighthouse family! The Christmas party is in a couple of weeks! It's been a pleasure to get to know you all. I check the blog daily, so keep us posted!

darla said...

Good luck on the move! And my fingers are crossed the ever trusted mil-movers won't break/damage/lose anything important!
Hmmm Sonic Onion Rings and soda, might have to go trolling into town for lunch.
Btw .. just stumbled onto your blog through DGM and find it hilarious! Not to mention that your masthead has been swirling through my head since become a mil-wife a year ago and 6 years into marriage.
It's great and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with move! I love reading your site! you crack me up every time and i end up emailing my sister to catch up so we can talk about your great stories. Thanks! Kelly

Natalie said...

Whew that Lager is OK! If it makes you feel any better, we celebrated Thanksgiving today and as if I didn't eat enough anyway, I ate all of the leftover crunchy onion thingys that you put on the top of the green bean casserole. Why did I bother to lose weight before we went on vacation?

Safe travels!!!!

Libby said...

I'm a long time follower of your sites - beginning with CaringBridge and migrating here. My best advice is to drive alive - focused - enjoying the journey! We will most definitely miss you here in Georgia but am happy that you're able to return home. Have a safe journey and the very happiest of Thanksgivings!

Jeanette in GA said...

Glad to hear Lager is defrosted and you all got off to OK okay. When ever you get settled shoot me an email and let me know how y'all are doing. I miss you already (sniff)

Kathryn Campbell said...

Are we there yet? Huh? Bathroom. Are we there yet? Huh? Hunger.Are we there yet? Huh? Bored. Are we there yet? Huh? He is breathing my air. Are we there yet? Huh? Will we see Ma and Pa and Laura and Mary and Baby Carrie? Are we there yet? Huh? Bathroom. Are we there yet? Huh? Hunger. Are we there yet? Huh? He is breathing my air. Are we there yet? Huh? Are we there yet? Huh?

The above is all I remember from our move in 1989 from NJ to KS. May your move be safe and quiet.

Cathy in MI said...

I have been thinking about you guys and your traveling - I hope it's all going well.

2 questions.

1. I thought you had laptop when you went on the Alaska trip. Did you borrow it?

2. Are you going to take first day of school pictures at the new school - I hope so. I hope the kids like the new school (your old school).

My kids go to the same school where I went. My daughter in 3rd grade this year has the same teacher I had for 2nd grade and she was just amazed that I had had the same teacher. She comes home sometimes and she will tell me what Mrs. B did that day then she will ask me if Mrs. B did that when she was my teacher. Also, my son's 6th grade teacher this year is one of my good friends from high school. I love going to the school for functions and seeing everyone I went to school with there with their kids. OK, rambling...

Hope you had a safe trip, can't wait to hear about the journey. I can't imagine you not having a few good stories for us :)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Alisa said...

Hoping things are going smoothly for you. Glad that Lager is ok. That would have scared the jeebers out of me. Whatever jeebers are anyway.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sonic's sweet onion rings are the devil. Good luck with the move. There is no luck for the onion rings. They'll getcha every time.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is going well with the move! Glad Lager is ok- whew that was a close one! can't wait for pics of the kids on their first day at the new school. will there be new interviews too?

Leesburg, VA

ps: I thought you had a laptop?

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love Sonics onion rings!!! YUMMM

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Glad to read that what could have been wasn't. And as for the Sonic onion rings.... heck it's Thanksgiving- who cares. Hope the move goes well. Our movers are coming on Monday and now that we're in the final stretch, I just wish it would be done already. Hope that you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Aww c'mon - surely you've unpacked by now, enrolled the kids in school and sports, taken Blaine to a Doctor or two, found a Sonic, gone to Walmart & Target, Christmas shopped and cooked the Thanksgiving meal for your extended family... so where's the update??? - Elizabeth

Natalie said...

Are you there yet? Are you there yet? Are you there yet? Thought I'd imitate my kids and annoy you a little. How much farther? How much farther? I have to go to the bathroom.

Patricia-wish I was moving "home" to OKLAHOMA said... simply crack me up! The comment about the onion rings and the clothes not fitting anymore! GIVE IT UP, are moving home to BRAUM'S COUNTRY!!! You better go ahead and buy the next size!! :) Have a milkshake for me and "welcome home" to Sooner-land!

LIBSMOM said...

I was just in Warner Robins this weekend. Thought of you. Georgia is a beautiful state and I know it will miss you and your family very much. Hope you enjoy Oklahoma too.

Grandma J said...

Happy Thanksgiving Escoe Family!

I'm sure this year is especially one to be thankful for...home at last!
God bless you.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I emailed you- duh...and it bounced back. I am ready for you to add a link to my blog where the info is, or to Ali's site and go from there. Thanks again- M

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie - Sent you the following email personally - but it got kicked back with your moving I guess and need a change of "address". Anyway, wanted you to know.....How many times – on how many sites your Thanksgiving CRAP SANDWICH BRILLIANT entry was copied, pasted and quoted back to you…..actually I didn’t count – but saw it lots.

One comment that was made that was added and kinda very cute was someone was thankful that THEIR “crap sandwich” wasn’t super sized!

Good luck and lots of good wishes for health – happiness and all the best in your new come full circle zip code. Thanksgiving for me was spent just the way I wanted to – I collected for kids with cancer (inside the supermarket) from Sunday through Thursday until about 4…..Customers were feeling generous or guilty because of their overflowing carts – then I came home to deal with my devoted children from their respective locations and their gifts of dirty laundry for “mom” duty – love to just justify my “importance”.

Anyway, I know you are busy, hassled and have tons to do, but when I wrote to you last summer about Kendrie’s site and what an incredible wealth of information/humor/reality it provided (especially on an
emergency – just diagnosed basis) you told me you considered closing it down. Hence – another reminder that Kendrie’s site is the gift that keeps on giving – even though you don’t always know how – or when. Happy unpacking & the million other things that are now on your plate - Randy