Monday, November 05, 2007

If At All Possible

If at all possible, you should really try to avoid getting radiation to the side of your head, including your mouth. Otherwise, the following scenario could possibly, maybe, perhaps, conceivably, arguably, actually occur:

You could go to the dentist for a cleaning.

At which point they discover you have a cavity.

At which point you make an appointment to return the following day to have the cavity filled.

At which point they discover you actually have FOUR cavities.

At which point, they discover one of the cavities is so bad you need a root canal.

At which point, they refer you to a civilian dentist for a root canal the next day.

At which point, the civilian dentist realizes that the tooth cannot be accessed like normal for a root canal, due to the abutment you still have screwed in your mouth from your previous surgery.

At which point, they will decide the abutment must be taken out temporarily in order to do the root canal.

At which point, they will try to call your oral surgeon in Augusta to ask what kind of special screw is needed to remove and replace the abutment.

At which point, you will find out your oral surgeon is on leave.

At which point, your root-canal-dentist-guy will confer with your oral surgeon’s superior officer, and make the pronouncement that the cavity is way, way, way, way, way, and I mean in a BIG way, way below the gum line.

At which point these two gentlemen will decide, given your history, that it is best if the tooth, and the tooth next to it, also sporting a monster cavity, are pulled, rather than repaired.

At which point they will remember that you have had radiation to the bones on that side of your mouth. {Radiation which is pretty much the catalyst for these problems since they told you it would weaken your teeth, hence all the cavities in a person who prior to the radiation had only had four cavities his entire life, and in the year and a half SINCE the radiation, has had TWELVE. Radiation will also destroy your salivary capacity, which although none of us like drooling on our pillow while we sleep, did you know spit is actually very healthy for your mouth, and keeps your teeth in good shape, and enables you to actually chew stuff and swallow it …. Important stuff, like food that is not bananas or yogurt or oatmeal, and without it, without SPIT, you’re in a world of hurt. Although at least the bright side is you no longer accidentally gleek people.}

At which point someone will remember that oxygen therapy is needed when pulling teeth out of an irradiated head.

So see?

If at all possible, avoid radiation. Otherwise, you could go to the dentist for a cleaning, and wind up in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

But hey, remember that one time you went to the dentist for a cleaning and they found cancer?

Yeah, this is still way better.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. That just plain sucks! Here's wishing Blaine the best of luck in getting this resolved. He's in my thoughts.

--Patti in NJ

Renee' said...

I hate the dentist but will never complain about having to go again. Blaine is assured a very special place in heaven! He'll be the guy walking around with perfect teeth and a big steak!

Anonymous said...

good luck to Blaine. I can't image going through all that right before a big move!
Claire in TX

Grandma J said...

Oh poor Blaine. I pray this whole dental, salivary gland, bolted stuff is resolved swiftly, successfully and painless. Hopefully and soon, you guys will be in your new home in your old school district trying to figure out if the last 5 years were real or a dream.

Meg from Americus said...

Oh! Bless his heart!
I can't imagine anything worse than mouth pain(except childbirth of course!) Hope all goes well.

jadine said...

Blaine: You are my hero. Not just for your service to this country. Not even for putting up with Kristie. But OMG, the dentist hell! And the hell of every single day, dealing with the issues that resulted from the treatments.

No one who hasn't gone through what you have has ANY idea how challenging it must be, and you never, ever whine --- on Kristie's blog, anyway :)


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe everything your family has endured! Poor Blaine! I will be praying that this will all get straightened out as quickly as possible and with minimum discomfort (or none would be even better!). I would also like to thank Blaine for his service to our country. Here's hoping your upcoming move goes smoothly. Take care.

Hazel in Texas

Lisa said...

Wow - nothing is simple, that God he wasn't in pain with the cavities!Hope he heals ok from the extractions after all his radiation. Love and prayers.

Pam Doughty said...

Yep, it IS still waaaaay better, and the beautiful thing about Blaine (and you) is that you know it. Blaine simply crushes the Energizer bunny... he just keeps on going, and going, and going...
(and I'll keep on praying, and praying, and praying.... !)

Anonymous said... deserve a break and like Renee' said, a great place on a soft cushy, sleepy cloud in heaven. Although, I am guessing it won't be a steak, but a huge hamburger! Keep hanging tough! Got to reminded me to make my dentist appt. Thanks Kristie! :) Kim

WendyK said...

Ok, no more complaining about apecoectomies (sp)(surgery to the root of a tooth), extractions, root canals and so no from me. Glad they found the cancer back then, but ugh now just stinks. Prayers for a plan and that this gets done quickly before the move.

Anonymous said...

The poor guy.
It is like a bad version of the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"!!!

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Wow, talk about perspective.


heartshapedhedges said...

Sorry Blaine is having any more junk to deal with, especially such painful junk, and complicated junk considering you are moving in, how many days?

Andrew's teeth were thrashed from the chemo and radiation, and he required tons of work, including that he now has a "golden tooth" although, it's really silver, or metal of some sort, but silver in color...not sure why he thinks it's golden.

At your new house, are you closer to sonic or chik-fil-a? And how does the tax rate compare? Be glad you dont live here, we have neither place anywhere that I know of, and our tax rate is much higher, you'd have to give the car hop well over $2, except, we dont have car hops, just drive through windows, with people the pretty much never speak English. And you might wonder how it is we communicate our meal preferences with someone that neither understands nor speaks English, and well, that is the question of the century for us in Southern California, and also is the reason that when I ask for mustard, lettuce and onions on my hamburgers, I usually get ketchup and cheese on them instead. 'nother story though, sorry to ramble.

Monica H said...

I once knew a guy from Georgia named Jude who would purposely gleek on people. It was really gross but kind of cool cause he could do it on command!