Thursday, November 29, 2007

No DNA Test Necessary

Kellen: “Mom, can I move my bedroom downstairs?”

Kristie: “No, why would you want to do that? I thought you liked having an upstairs bedroom.”

Kellen: “Well, I thought having stairs in our house would be cool. But it’s not. It’s too much work. First you go upstairs and realize you left something downstairs. Then you go downstairs and realize you left something upstairs. It’s tiring -- my legs are tired!”

And there is the proof, if you ever doubted it, that the boy sprungeth forth from these loins.


Lisa said...

Kellen - I'm with you boyo - I moved from a flat (apartment?) to a bungalow - stairs are for special occasions and emergencies :)))

Deb said...

Haa haa! too funny! I hear yea...that might help my son understand why his bedroom is downstairs but his dresser is upstairs....I can't take all that laundry up & down!

Cate said...

I always thought I wanted a two story house. Then I moved into my "dream home" in August. After a three days of hauling boxes up and down the stairs, I reconsidered.

I'm with you Kellen.

Anonymous said...

I feel Kellen's pain. But just imagine the leg muscle's he will develop from the many trips up and down the stairs. I keep a stair step basket at the bottom of my stairs to avoid so many trips. I just throw things in it until it is full, and then take it up with me. Hope Blaine is feeling better and the unpacking is going well.

Cheryl said...

We bought our 2-story house when my kids were 7 and 9. There were 2bedrooms upstairs and 2 downstairs. We decided to put the kids downstairs and us upstairs. At the time my 7 year old still would come to our room in the middle of the night with various questions/concerns. When we got the new house that stopped because it was too much work to get to our bedroom.

WendyK said...

Same here. I wanted a 2 story house until I had my third kid, now I am very happy with our one story lol.

On the upside, it might improve his memory since he does not want to make so many trips. Perhaps I should get a 2 story house, I might remember something lol.

Cheryl - that is another great reason for a 2 story, perhaps my daughter would stay in her room.

Jeanette said...

Just think- all that stair climbing, Kristie, you'll have a butt you could crack a walnut on! I must seriously suck as a neighbor- I failed the banana- bread-going-away-gift part. Although you left me with something more precious-my memory of our last Applebee's dinner, and you falling backwards out the door...that just keeps on giving! Thanks!

Real Live Lesbian said...

He's learning EARLY!!!! Smart kid!

Leeann said...

You changed your profile!
Good job, woman!


~*~Snappz~*~ said...

Hey Kristie -
Just wondering if I can hijack your site for a minute, and ask for thoughts/prayers for a couple of CB families who have lost their gorgeous daughters in the last few days - Anna-Jane ( and Alexia ( both gave it their all but lost their battles. If your readers are so inclined, could they say a prayer/send up some good thoughts for the families of Anna Jane and Alexia.
Thanks :-)