Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Feel So Betrayed

Anyone familiar with this site knows of my deep and abiding love for the Sonic beverage. For the Styrofoam cups that don’t sweat, for the rabbit pellet ice, for the fact they serve God’s chosen drink … Diet Dr. Pepper … on tap. I have made no attempt to hide my obsession and in fact, have trumpeted the glory that is the Sonic beverage all too often in this journal.

Too often, would you say?

So often that they got cocky? Over-confident? Too sure of my love?

What else could explain the travesty, the outrage, the grave state of affairs that has just unfolded at my local Sonic? {cue scary tympani drum music}

Why else would they raise the price of their large drinks --- not by ten, not by twenty, but by THIRTY cents this week? $1.59, the old price, plus tax is $1.70. I could hand the car hop two dollars and feel generous when I said, “keep the change.” Now, the price of a large beverage has been raised to $1.89. Math isn’t my strong suite, but if I did the sums correctly, once they add tax the total cost just went up to $2.02.

It’s the two pennies. Those two pennies are testing my limits, pushing my boundaries, taunting me to see if it’s still worth it.

Oh, Sonic, what did I ever do but love you, and nuzzle you, and hold you close while I whispered sweet nothings in your straw? And this is how you repay me?

Is my love for the Sonic beverage strong enough to withstand the economics of the penny?

Only time will tell.

I might be forced to drive to the Chick-Fil-A across town, where I can purchase a same size Diet Dr. Pepper, also on tap, also in a Styrofoam cup, also with rabbit pellet ice, for only $1.49 (with tax). Sure, I’ll spend more than the difference in gas, getting to and from. But sweet, sweet vindication could be mine, as I thumb my nose at the corporate greed that has overtaken the Sonic people.

Or maybe I should find something more worthwhile to do than dwell on stupid shit like this. Like the fact my movers will be here in seven days and me ??? Still not ready!


Amy said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news about Sonic....how dare they!! I think Sonic owes you big for all the business you have given them. I had never even tasted DDP until I started reading your blog. Now I'm so addicted, along with my husband.

jadine said...

Ooooo, it IS about the two pennies...and the feeling of ambush shock and disappointment (I mean, surely they should have consulted with you first?!)

You should call the Sonic in your new neighborhood to see what they charge.

~Jadine, Indignant on your behalf...

Aubrey said...

I've got to tell you, I read your blog all the time and for the most part, remain a "lurker"...but I've got to tell you, I SO understand your anger at sonic!! I am totally, completely, 100% addicted to fountain diet coke from mcdonalds, so much so that they know me at the one around the corner from work. All summer long they had 42 oz. drinks for .89 (with tax it was .95)...but the promotion ended Sept. 30 and they went back to have 32 oz. drinks for $1.70 -- so you get less pop for practically double. I too have boycotted -- I'm sure mcdonalds is really suffering without my 2-3 drivethrus daily! :)

Good luck with your move!

Tammy in Ohio said...

Oh my goodness do I ever feel your pain. I had that same conversation with myself just the other day. Mine concerned milk though. Is there a run on cows in the states? Are there not enough teets to produce milk? Did the price just jump from like $2.10 to $3.50 while I was standing there trying to decide which strength I wanted- 1% or 2% or maybe 2% and a 1/2%. My only solution was to get a jersey cow, but then that just did not seem practical. we do have a spot of earth with which to have a cow, but the chickens have taxed my poor dh. A cow would send him over the edge. So we pay the cost and mooove on. Best wishes on your crisis. oh, and on a totally unrelated topic - HP. As I e-mailed you for the site to the guy who was testing the HP/DD curses/hexes and i told you that it took my 7 long years to finally read the books. What is with Dumbledore and the great "coming out". Again, why not all of the characters? None of them seemed to have any relationships? I am just crushed! Why I ask, WHY? o.k. i am done. sorry this was so long!

Meg from Americus said...

The Sonic here has "happy hour" from 4-6pm everyday with 1/2 price drinks...check with them, they might have that promo but not advertise it. Here in Americus, they let us vote and get the happy hour back. Or you could drive here, but with the cost of gas these days, it would prob be just as expensive!

Sandy Portis said...

I must say I am at Chick-fil-a much more often. Imagine my opinion when they stopped carrying Diet Dr. Pepper.

The Running Girl said...

Or maybe the Sonic in OKC will still have them at the cheaper rate.

Renee' said...

They are still $1.81 here with tax.

Cate said...

Pssst...the secret to all of this is to find a gas station with a soda fountain. One near my house has styrofoam cups (rare in Oregon), rabbit pellet ice, and my drink of choice being a good Atlanta native of real Coca Cola. All this goodness and a 32 ounce drink is only $1.10.

Oh the bliss. If I had to nurture my sad addiction at Mickey D's or some other fast food establishment, I'd be in the poorhouse.

lizinsumner said...

If the price difference works for you and breaks your "habit", please let me know directly.....because here in Washington state, the sin-tax capital of the world, there hasn't been a cigarette tax increase yet that has done it for me! Maybe there's something else that you did that made it work that I haven't tried yet......{{{one can always hope}}}...

ryles said...

REALLLY????????? your chick-fil-a has that ice.. you are sooooo lucky!
I too am with you on sonic.. but slightly more pathetic.. i go EVERY day and order a water.. (with extra ice of course!!) at least you go and actually get a beverage! :)

but get this.. things could be WAY worse.. you could be me..

i drive to sonic the other day..
All the menu boards are blank..
What the freak???
i look at the sign on the street that normally says something about coney dogs or something..And it says "Closed for remodeling till 03/08"

MARCH OF 2008!!!!!!!!

how much can you do to remodel a sonic that has only been there for 2 years???

THANKFULLY my only saving salvation is the Chick-fil-a across the street!
But no good ice..and lately.. their cups are making my water taste like plastic.. :(

I'm glad i found someone to simpathize with..

Remember.. it could be worst! 03/08!!!!!!

Becky said...

Go to Chick-fil-A...you don't have to tip them.

Pam Doughty said...

Hmmm.... I'm thinking it's all about the procrastination..... let's face it, you don't have THAT long to deal with it. I would let them know about it, though; heck, a lot of us have actually sent emails to Sonic about you and your obsession .. uh, I mean LOVE, for their product!
BTW.. check out this link for a neat article about Tyler:

Rene S said...

I'm just jealous that your Chick has rabbit pellet ice! Ours has plain, old, big chunks of ice! I feel your pain.

Bec said...

But did you know? Right now if you go between 2-4 PM, all drinks are 50% off for the month of November? Must be why they raised the prices. :)

Anonymous said...

Soon, you can come to the Sonic in Yukon, where (as of this past weekend anyway) you can get a Route 44 Diet DP for $1.08, tax included!

Yukon, OK

TheDorothyFamily said...

Do you have School Partner Cards in GA? We do here in AR so maybe they will in OK. You get 10% off your entire order (as long as it's not a #'d meal deal). $2 would still do it!

Anonymous said...

No Sonic

No Chik-Fil-A

None of those pizza places you talked about

How come you get all the fun stuff?


Monica H said...

I went to Sonic today and I thought of you. I was really wanting Sonic for lunch so I caved in and ordered. It may have just been the location, but it was not good- very greasy. However, my strawberry limeade was outstanding!

BTW, I think their commercials are hilarious.