Friday, November 09, 2007

The Family That Chats Together ….

Another PS. I think I mis-led a few of you into thinking I had gotten a complaint from Cheryl or Jenny, when that is the farthest thing from the truth. They are both wonderful people (with great senses of humor) and my only wish is that I lived closer to either of them so we could visit more often. The complaints have been from people who feel the need to tell me there are moms on this earth who have lost their children (Like I don’t know? Like I haven’t attended the funerals myself?) who would give anything for what I have and that I should quit complaining about my own kids so much. I just wanted to clear that up, in case anyone misunderstood what I meant. But you're right. Pooey on those people anyway.


Sitting around the table this morning, I’m not even sure how, but the subject of girls’ bathrooms vs. boys’ bathrooms came up, and Kellen mentioned that at Kendrie’s new school, it will probably confuse everyone when she goes in the girls’ bathroom since she is such a tomboy.

Then he commented, “If you went in the boy’s bathroom, people would think you’re pooping all the time because you’d go in the stall every time.”

I replied with: “Do you have stalls only at your school, or do you use a urinal?”

Kellen: “A what???”

Kristie: “A urinal. You know, one of those white things on the wall that you pee into.”

Kellen (pause): “Oh, I get it! A urinal! Because it’s got URINE, ALL over it!”

At which point Blaine cracked up laughing, and I realized two things simultaneously:

1. We have very inappropriate breakfast conversations, and

2. They do not pay the custodians at my kids’ school NEAR enough money.


Anonymous said...

I can always count on Kellen for a good laugh! haha!

leesburg, va

Jeanette said...

He's got a way with words, just like his Momma!

Cathy in MI said...

Just wanted to say, I love the bits of conversations you share from talking to your kids. Kids are so funny. I should write more down too so I remember to tell my kids when they are older.

Also, good luck with your packing and your move - can't wait to hear when you are settled in OK. So happy for your family to be moving "home".

Grandma J said...

Kids just love bathroom humor, don't they?
Kellen is a riot!!

Anonymous said...

Kristi: I read your blog almost everyday and most days, you make my day. You make me laugh, often times to tears. Please don't ever stop doing what you do best; write and find humor in your day to day life. If people don't like what you are saying; then they should stop reading it and mind their own business.

Denise Coleman- Michigan said...

LMAO! Kristie if anyone take you out of context phooey on them! I have been following your blogs for a few years and LOVE, absolutely LOVE your humor. You never let me down! Your an excellent writer and I love it! Take care! I have 3 boys and am cracking up at the Urinal conversation and thankful I don't have girls to shop with/for.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, your kids are so funny! Now, you can move, but please don't take a vacaction from blogging. You know your site counter will grow and grow, as we all check the site daily for witty updates! Good luck in the move.

Claire in TX

Anonymous said...

Kids do say the darndest things!! My 7-year-old daughter asked me this week after seeing a colonoscopy procedure on Oprah what they were doing. I said, "they are checking out his bowels". She says, "So, what's wrong with his A, E, I, O, U?". Dear, I didn't say VOWELS, I said BOWELS.
Wendy, Winder Georgia

Anonymous said...

I'll never be able to use a urine all ever again without laughing that could get me in a heap of trouble

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh!! That is hysterical!!!!! "Urine all over it!!!" hahaha You're going to be so glad you wrote all of this down (though your kids may not always be as grateful about it as you are!!).

Hoping things get packed easily and moved smoothly! I'm betting we get a good story out of it somewhere though!!! ;)

Jenny (yeah, the one who TOTALLY gets your humor and has NEVER been offended by it!!)