Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lessons Learned Today

1. A ratio of six kids to one adult at the local amusement park is actually not that bad, assuming all of them are willing to listen.

2. No matter how brave your nephew says he is, watching the people in front of him get stuck upside down on a ride will make him a tad nervous.

3. When paying six dollars for a personal pizza, Mom thinks you are being wasteful if you don’t eat the crust. So especially don’t ask for a five dollar sucker afterwards.

4. Just because your ten-year old son has the courage to ride all the “big” rides, doesn’t mean he has the stomach to ride the twirly, spinny ones.

5. When letting your pale, nauseous, sweaty, shaky, son cool off in the pizza parlor with a Sprite, it is perhaps not a good idea to let your 8-yr old daughter ride the Pirate Ship eight times in a row.

6. And then the teacups three times in a row.

7. Kids, when you tell your mom you think you might throw up, listen to her when she says to throw up in the bushes or on the grass. Don’t argue that it’s disgusting and you should be looking for a trash can. The trash cans at this park have non-removable covers on them and trust me, you’re not talented enough to throw up at that angle.

8. When you actually do throw up in the bushes, don’t feel embarrassed that other people are watching. Even if they do point and say “Ewwww” really loud.

9. Because a few minutes later you will see a teenage boy attempting to throw up in a trashcan.

10. A trash can with a lid on it.

11. And he will miss the angle, and spew vomit all down the front of the trashcan and all over his own feet and legs.

12. And you will point and say “Ewww” really loudly, even though you know it’s not polite.

13. And you will realize your mom is a freaking GENIUS about throwing up in the bushes.

14. All done!


Jeri from Hawaii said...

Hope you all had a great time, minus that throwing up part of course! Kristie, all of us that read your blog already know you are a freaking genius...maybe the kids figured it out today.

Anonymous said...

It isn't a fun day at the amusement park unless some one pukes.

the other elle said...

ACKKK!! Now I have to go get a piece of that Quicker-Picker-Upper stuff to clean off my monitor.

Would you puhleeeeze give us a "WARNING: Don't Drink and Read!" notice when you are going to post something this funny?

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwwww!! lol

I hate vomit - hate it with a pssion - phobic about it.

Poor kid - noting worse than throwing up with an audience lol

Glad you had fun anyway :)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I hate throwing up....anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I am positively phobic about vomit and if I had seen that it would have ruined my LIFE! I admire you for being able to live through it and tell about it!


Stacie from MN said...

I'm just amazed at all of the activities you do with your kids! My boys are both kind of chickens when it comes to rides, so we haven't been to an amuzment park in years.

Sandie in MN said...

This is off topic- but I just read a Sonic opened in St. Paul recently and people are waiting an hour or so to get served! Can it be that good? Should I wait it out or get my butt over there pronto? And seriously, servers on skates too!? What will I eat there? Can it really be better than In and Out Burger?

Let me know Kristie, I know you can give me the low down!

Cindi said...

You are indeed a brave woman!

Grandma J said...

sounds like everyone had a good time!

Anonymous said...

I am responding (in amazement) to a comment left by another reader.....there are places in the US that don't have a Sonic? And, people are surviving??

The Running Girl said...

Ha!!! Love amusement parks and love all the rides, so I really enjoyed your post today. Both kids love roller coasters and twirly things but we've been lucky with no throw-up yet. We'll be visiting an amusement park we've never been to next week (one with really big rides) so we'll see! I'll have to remember - bushes over trash can.

Anonymous said...

This is for Sandie in MN-yes Sonic is open, just off 94 and White Bear Ave. We went on opening night, stood in line for an hour, and yes it was great! They had it on the news the other night and it looked like the lines were down to a reasonable length. They said another one is opening in Elk River later in the summer. We decided we have to make sure that we don't end up going every week to have it though. We did that when Long John Silver's opened and we got burned out, never eat there anymore!
Kristie, sounds like a fun time was had by all, even if a few did go barfy. They'll remember that and tell stories when they're grown up!
Sheila in Minnesota

CAT said...

Hey Kristie,

Sounds like another funfilled day minus the throwing up!

I am lucky that my daughters both love rides and amazingly enough manage to get through the days with no puking. Me on the other hand have to stay very far away from most of the rides, I am a total wimp.

Have a great day,


Jen said...

Bushes are always preferable for puking as the smell coming from a hot trash can will invariably make you toss your cookies/lunch a second, third and fourth time! I learned this at Six Flags.

Other than the puking... I hope y'all had a great time!

Tracy said...

OK, call me another clueless Minnesotan. What the heck is Sonic? When you wrote about going to Sonic, I thought it was just the local convenience/gas store. Sounds like there might be more to it than that.

And is this going to be another novelty like Krispy Kreme? When they first opened up here, people waited in line for hours. Now there isn't a single one left in the Twin Cities.
Tracy in Minnesota

Jacqueline said...

Sonic = America's Drive In...amazing place...cheddar bites are the best...cream pie shakes are pretty awesome too. I love amusement parks...but the Diamondback was too jerky...Six Flags all the way...thanks for the bush barfing tip :D

Natalie said...

Ohhhh, one time that puking person was me. And I was a grown up. That's when I found out I couldn't do the upside down roller coasters anymore. A very sad day, indeed.

Sandie in MN said...

Thanks for the tip Sheila! The East side of St. Paul will rock now! I will take the trek from Wayzata and eat some Sonic...

I do wonder though, if it is a drive in, how will they survive in the winter? My first job was at A&W, and those are long extinct now..

thanks for letting me use your comment section as a discussion board, Kristie!

Anonymous said...

Are there Krispy Cremes left anywhere? Who would eat them if there were!?

Anonymous said...

I am in NY (Long Island) and we do not have Sonic. I have never heard of it until I read about it here. What exactly is it? Is it like a 7 Eleven? A Burger King? Please fill me in.

Deb from NY