Sunday, June 01, 2008

It’s probably in Websters by now. As a verb.

Kristie: “So, what was your favorite part of being at the lake last weekend?

Kendrie: “Um, probably the you-tubing.”

Kristie: “You tubing?”

Kendrie, rolling eyes: “You know, when we hooked the tube up to the boat and Uncle Cliff pulled us around in circles??”

Kristie: “Oh! You mean INNER tubing!”

Kendrie: “Whatever.”


Anonymous said...


Claire in TX

Grandma J said...

Just a reminder, don't let her u-tube..stick to the inner-tube!

Betsey said...

Thats classic...atleast you know she's caught up on current favorites.

Anonymous said...

how funny!!!!

Stefunkc said...

Excuse me...Webster's? FUNK & Wagnalls is sooooo much better!

Trish in VA said...

you-tubing! haha! I love it! At my cousin's wedding over the weekend, my younger cousin was watching the "older" people dance and she started to video it with her camera, telling everyone she would be "myspace-ing it for sure!" lol! Oh, and she asked the DJ to lpay "Thriller" so she could watch the "old people" dance- like thriller is really that old!