Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Worthy Link

Go here. A worthy discussion (read the comments, as well) about a timely topic. Normally he makes me laugh, but today he is wise. :)


cakeburnette said...

I am SOOOOOOOO relieved that other folks feel the same way I do about all of this! I was so relieved after reading DGM's post and HW's comments that I actually left a comment on his site.

We loved Kellen's writing assignment. It was hilarious! You should post more of their creative writing.

Natalie said...

Well I say Amen to THAT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for his link. I will book mark him. SOunds like an interesting man. I like what he had to say.
Erin R

jadine said...

Funny; I lurk there and that post elicited my very first comment to him.

Reading the comments he was receiving was interesting, too.

Anonymous said...

Mad Dad is a wise man. I hope he puts his comments in a letter and sends it to Nickelodeon.


Anonymous said...

So interesting he made those comments...I had almost the same conversation this morning with a friend of mine as we were getting our nails done...

I agree with Natalie: AMEN to that!

Santa Clara, CA

Lisa L said...

My daughter's good friend has 2 friends who are pregnant. They are 15. One's parents...who did it all 'right' eg sports coaches,PTA, wholesome family 'stuff', have put a restraining order on the 23yo who got her pregnant. For some reason he can only be arrested if he's 'caught' with her. they have to watch her like a hawk as she is always trying to see him. The other girl's boyfriend is 15. Although the parents were not thrilled, she is now living with boyfriend's family, and everyone is excited re: the impending birth. I just cannot imagine being a good mum at 15. The girl who's parents took out the restraining order is going to name her baby boy after the dad "just to piss off my parents." Sigh

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but was just wondering if you are doing your Christmas letter this year?
Joann in AL

Lisa said...

I'm so confused by this...she is one teenager amongst thousands and thousands to get pregnant every year. As much as many of us would like to believe our youngsters are virgins til their wedding night the reality is that the overwhelming majority are not and it seems unfair to put this teen through the moral mill.No matter what curfews you put up, tv shows you ban and boyfriends you forbid, teens will be teens and teens pick up more information in the playground than they ever do at home! This girl could have quietly gone and had an abortion and none of us would be any the wiser. She's not a bad person, she just made a huge mistake and is now being made out to be some dreadful sinner bound for hell and destined to take the moral majority's kids with her unless she is publically barred from USA screens. I'd like to see people support her, especially the father, and I wish them all well because it looks like they are going to need it.

Pam said...

Never say not my kid!

I tried to respond at the dadgonemad site but wasn't able to.

We have tried to give our kids the best upbringing possible. Alex (www.caringbridgeorg.visit/alexporter) has had a lot of health problems and faces very serious surgery in St. Louis 03/2008.

In the meantime, we found our that her older sister (now 17) is pregnant. Teenagers are not easy! With Alex's previous surgeries/hospitalizations, our family was apart for 3-4 months.

Obviously, a teen pregancy was not in our plans. However, we respect our daughters plan to have the baby, who will arrive in May.

In the meantime Alex has major surgery lined up for her in March. also CT myelogram 12/27/07

I understand those who are upset with Nickoledeon/Jamie Spears.
Just don't watch the show, and be aware (unlike myself) that despite what you tell your teens, these things could happen.

Cumming ga