Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First Day of School Photos

Several of you have asked for photos of the kids’ first day at their new school. Obviously, you know me and my camera obsession well. Happy, smiling children, laden down with new backpacks and school supplies, smiling their “We’re excited but a little nervous, too” smiles.

We were still staying with my mom at this point, and planned to drive to the new house, park, and then walk to school. Leaving at the precise-right moment, it was a foolproof plan, designed to ensure our arrival at the new school not too early and not too late.

Mother Nature had other things in mind.

I mean, what the heck is THIS???? Ice on my windshield? This wasn’t in the plans ….. I’m not even sure I own an ice scraper.

So obviously, we were running late before we even got started. And while it’s one thing to be the new kids, the ones with the parents walking you to class, especially parents who are a little bit flustered because their foolproof plan didn’t work out exactly as planned, causing you to panic that you’ll be late the first day, it is quite another thing to be the new kids, running late, with parents chasing after you with a camera.

So no pictures of the kids their first day.

But look at this.

Even my Elvis antenna ball is iced over. That’s just not right.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up. An Elvis antenna ball!! That is too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, we hare in swon up to our ---- here in Manitoba so I can relate. Thank goodness for attached garages! Is it just me and my computer or is there never any music on your site anymore? I always loved you tunes!

Anonymous said...

okay I should preview...that should say "snow"

Trisha in Leesburg,VA said...

Just got our first snow of the season today! :) Hope all is going well in the new house and school!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the winter! I actually miss the 4 seasons of Arkansas. In Texas there's one season, HOT.

Can't wait to see their "1st day" pictures even though it wasn't on their first day. We can pretend it was!

Claire in TX

jadine said...

No, what's "not right" is that you have an Elvis antenna ball! :)

Melissa in CA said...

I've never had to experience snow or ice on my windshield, but I've heard that if you just get some hot water & pour it on the car, that should work. Brrrrrr!!!!!

Patricia said...

OH...the ICE on the windshields! I don't miss THAT part of OK at all! A few winters ago when we were there (for Christmas) my husband was ***trying*** to get into the van in the morning after an ice storm...and he was impatient and YANKED the door handle on the van and got it...broke the whole things since it was frozen solid!! The FUN of winter in Oklahoma...and practically everywhere but GEORGIA where we are basking in the mid-70's on the 5th of July! :)

Patricia said...

Ok-well, it's NOT July...but it FEELS like April and not December! :0)