Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Words of Wisdom

If you'd like a little tip from me, just one little eensy piece of advice, my suggestion to you, the next time you lock yourself out of your house and then later the same morning find out you've lost power in your rental property due to an ice storm ..... my suggestion to you is NOT to make any sort of statement about "At least it's not our primary residence, thank goodness, what else could happen next?!"

Because the next thing you know, you will have lost all power at your primary residence and be packing a suitcase in order to stay at your mother's house, yes, the same house you just moved out of three weeks ago.**

I'm just saying.

**Blogging done from Kristie's mom's computer.


Grandma J said...

OMG! Back to square one.
Honestly, you guys need a break...a real break.

Anonymous said...

And you haven't had time to call me back...whatever! ;) Tomorrow is a new day! xo Kim

jadine said...

Oh man.

Monica H said...

That bites! At least you have somewhere to go rather than a hotel.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Sorry to hear! Won't it be nice when life settles down in OK. Maybe in the New Year! Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas.
Claire in TX (with electricity...)

Turtle said...


I'm *totally* hearing you.

Saturday at work, a bottle of chocolate topping exploded over me.

Sunday at work, I took out a bench full of cups with some reindeer ears.

Today at work, a bottle of whipped cream exploded over me.

I looked up, and said out loud, "Are you kidding me? That the best you've got?"

15 minutes later?
I broke my hand.

Lisa said...

I think "Doh" just about covers it. Hope you're home for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas - Murphy's Law style!

Hoping you get "power" for an early gift this year:)

The Running Girl said...

Oh my! I feel for you. Hope you get power back ASAP.

Bonita in Az said...

Home Sweet Oklahoma Home!

Cathy in MI said...

That totally sucks. I hope it's not too long before your power gets turned back on. How often might these ice storms come along? At least grandma has power and you aren't paying to have to stay in a hotel (trying to think of a bright side for you).

Go see Santa at the mall ask for electricity for Christmas :)

Anonymous said...


I hope there's a happy ending in here somewhere.

Dixie in CA

Amy said...

I think you guys should have moved down here to St.Petersburg. The weather is beautiful but then again if you would have come here...maybe we would have got a hurricane or something crazy.
Joking aside...I'm really sorry all these sucky things are happening. Thank God for good old mom.

Amie in UT said...

Well, I feel bad, I really do....but I'm still going to laugh at you :-)