Friday, December 21, 2007

A little Christmas Cheer

Kellen was given an assignment in school this week involving Christmas stockings. His teacher gave each child a sheet of paper with a drawing of three Christmas stockings on it. Each student was to color their picture, drawing in whatever gifts they would like in the stockings, then create a story telling how the presents got in the stockings. Here is Kellen’s tale, in all its fictional glory:


Christmas Stockings

By: Kellen Escoe

The presents got in the Christmas stockings by a robber that stole Santa’s toys. You see, he was trying to steal them but he accidentally dropped them and they landed in the stockings. So it turned out that Christmas was saved after all. So the children woke up happy as a clam. Before they die.


The teacher gave him an A++ for creativity. So I’m not sure which is more likely in his future: Literary acclaim, or a need for therapy?? What do YOU think?


Hyzymom said...

The two probably go hand in hand, literary acclaim and therapy. That totally cracks me up. Why couldn't that be our writing project this week. Zack got... Write a 3 page research paper on a person from the colonial period. Before you actually write the paper, list 50 facts on that person. After you finish the paper use this (retarded) cardboard cutout to craft a figure representing your figure. Please be creative and use a variety or materials. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The week of Christmas break!! Arg-h-h. I must say Zack took to it much better than his whiney mother. Merry Christmas to all!

Hyzymom said...

P.S. We choose Paul Revere. Could not stomach doing G. Washington or T. Jefferson. Borring!

Rita said...

I have a son named Jake, who is 10 and in the 5th grade. Last year, in 4th grade, Jake had an assignment give an example of past, present and future tense. Jake's read "I farted yesterday, I am farting today and I will fart again tomorrow."

For the rest of the year, I could not look his sweet teacher in they eye.

Aren't tween boys precious?

jadine said...

Ha! Action-packed AND a happy ending! Can't beat that!

So he'll need a little therapy...who doesn't? That's why we have insurance, right? :)

High-five, Kellen!

Leeann said...

ROFL!! That had to give you snorts of laughter!

Oh, and tell your commenter, Rita, that I found out on Oprah that humans fart ONE LITER of gas A DAY. So her son wasn't too far off the mark! lol


WendyK said...

Ok, all of you ladies cracked me up this morning! Therapy, no, he is creative. Such a boy thing to bring in robbers or pirates or something along those lines. My 4 year old blames robbers for everything that goes missing, so at least these robbers did some unintended good. Have a Merry Christmas!

Rita- My 4 year old will be just like your son in a few years. He is obsessed with farts and poop. Lovely little boys.

Anonymous said...

I think the teacher needs therapy.


Monica H said...

HA! I think the funniest part is that he says "happy as a clam" :)

Mel said...

Oh Kristie - That is so funny. I read my 10 year old's Christmas story titled "Santa Claus and the Toothfairy" the other night. I think maybe it is the age!!! They are quite creative.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Boys just wonderful! :)

Pam Doughty said...

Hmmm... I think that, in years past, kids could play out all this stuff without a teacher requiring that they write it down. Nobody was the wiser, and the kids had fun in their treehouses and forts, while mom watched "As the World Turns" and ate bon bons. Now, they have to put stuff on paper, and we freak out, because it's "documented", and God forbid if they do something down the road and that paper come to light. !!! Kellen, I love your imagination! To the mom whose son has to do that awful project over their BREAK (can we all go to Webster's and look up the defintion of "break"?? I do not think we will find "research project" listed): I am so sorry, and I am praying that by the time my 2nd grader gets to wherever Zack is, somebody will have beaten some sense into the teachers!!!

katy said...

Sounds like he is a normal little boy. It will only get better...and funnier.