Friday, December 07, 2007

The Countdown is On

Oh, sure, I know you think I mean the countdown to finishing your holiday shopping, or finding the perfect tree, or starting to bake cookies for your Christmas exchange, or getting your family photo taken, or writing your annual Christmas letter …. (note to self: MUST BEGIN letter this weekend!)

But no, I’m talking about the countdown to order your Must-Have-Holiday-Item, the Santa Plate. Christmas is in less than three weeks, which means Christmas Eve is in …. Well, um …. One day LESS than less than three weeks, and you should, must, NEED this plate by then!

Oh my heck, look how much my preshus little babies have changed in just twelve short months!!!

If you ordered a plate last year, give one this year as a gift to someone. A relative. A teacher. Give one to a neighbor or friend who doesn't read this blog and doesn't know about them (and then, hello, tell them about the blog!) Or, just reach in your pocket or wallet -- or shriveled up raisin of a heart (oh, wait, that’s just *me*) and make a donation via Paypal. Marey and her crew of volunteers and fellow donators are accomplishing great things with this fundraiser for three families who could really use a hand this holiday season. Families who not only have the burden of watching their children battle cancer this Christmas, but also enduring the financial stresses of their unique, extreme situations.

When Kendrie was treated for cancer, it really sucked. The worry, the fear, the upheaveal, the feeling of impotence and frustration to see her so sick and know the treatments that were making her so sick would hopefully, eventually, ultimately, save her life. But on a more practical level, we were treated only a few hours from home, and insurance paid basically everything. We were extremely fortunate, but not everyone has that. I know other families often incur enormous medical co-pays, prescription co-pays, travel expenses … some of these families have to set up entire second households, or split the family and have one parent move cross country with the child for treatment while the other parent stays behind to hold down the fort at home.

There are a LOT of wonderful organizations out there every holiday season. I try to put a dollar or two in every Salvation Army bucket I see. We bought a toy (a Rubiks cube, if you really want to know) and put it in the Toys for Tots donation box at Wal-Mart the other night. I’ll be purchasing close to $25.00 in candy canes at my kids’ school to help with the PTO fundraiser. We should always try to help our fellow man, but dude, if you can't do it any other time of the year, do it now, or the sweet Baby Jesus sleeping in a manger is going to be really P.O'd at you.

This fundraiser, for me, is personal. These families are facing the greatest challenge of their lives, and if making a donation means I might be able to help just a little, then it’s worth every penny I can afford to send. And if you’ve been kind enough to follow along on our journey, especially via my previous Caringbridge site, then it’s personal for you, too. I hope, if you have a few extra dollars, you’ll pay it forward like Marey suggests.


Kristie said...
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add this:

Having a child with cancer is just about every parent's nightmare. Many of us have experienced cancer in our families - parents, aunts, uncles....but a child, a CHILD with cancer is so devastating.

Add to that, a child relapsing, after going through YEARS of treatment....

Well, if that doesn't move you, I don't know what would.

Even if you give a dollar or two, skip the latte today and mail it off, it will make a difference in the lives of these families.


Rachael said...


I just read "Tortured Travel" and almost peed my pants. Too funny!!! You are such a fabulous writer. Thank you for sharing.

Grandma J said...

Those plates are great. Since all my grandkids already have them, I found some neighbors kids (who I don't know), asked someone what their names where and ordered a plate. I wish I could do more because I know too many families in that situation. And even more who will celebrate the Holidays without their children.
Thank you, Kristie for the public service announcement. In addition to helping these families, it really feels good...really it does

Pam Earley said...


Okay, I know that I never got to actually meet you in person, but I still referred to you as "my friend Kristie." Well, guess what? I miss you since you have moved. :-(. I always felt like there would be this chance that I would run in to you, we would hit it off wonderfully, we would be BFF's, our kids would play together, etc. Well, now the chances of that happening are pretty slim. (As opposed to the very high likely hood of it happening before.)

Anyway, just wanted you to know that although I miss ya, I'm glad for you being back "home." Hey, is your new home anywhere near PW? (another one of my "friends" that I met through you.)

Have you talked to the Banana clan lately?

See what a big part you play in my life? How less rich my life would be without my Escoe clan,the Bananas, and PW and MM???

Okay, I'm going to go now before I start to sound more like a stalker.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to Marey's blog. I would never have found it without you. Paying it forward to help a family living with this awful disease is a privilege and I thank you for the chance to be part of it!

Dixie in CA