Friday, December 29, 2006

Is It Even Possible?

The most amazing, remarkable, unexpected event to ever occur in the history of the world happened tonight at my mom's house. I was sitting at the desk, compulsively checking e-mail because I have a serious computer addiction, when Kendrie walked into the bathroom next to me and shut the door.

A few moments passed, then she cracked the door and told me to close my eyes, she had a surprise. I fully expected her to present me with yet another of her eight million and one Santa drawings, so I closed my eyes and readied myself to show amazement at her artistic skills. Again. (sigh)

I heard her walk around my chair, then she said, "OK, mom, open your eyes"

Oh. My. Gosh.

My daughter, my 7-yr old tomboy to end all tomboys, the girl who plays with Matchbox cars and toy soldiers and footballs and wears boys' swimming trunks to the pool ...... (are you ready for this?) ..... HAD PUT THREE HAIR CLIPS IN HER HAIR!!!!!

Granted, there were two on one side and only one on the other and they were all located behind her ears, which didn't really make much fashion sense .... but still .... HAIR CLIPS IN HER HAIR!!!!

I about passed out from shock. Once I recovered, I made all the appropriate positive comments, without going overboard and scaring her from ever doing it again. But you'll never know the happiness I felt, for just a brief moment. I swear, if I had the Hallelujah Chorus saved on this computer, I'd play it on this site, just to properly express my amazement.

Of course, considering she did this while wearing her cousin's underwear -- boys boxer shorts with basketballs printed all over them -- boys cargo pants, and a camouflage shirt, maybe I shouldn't get too excited.

(usual disclaimer about loving my daughter no matter what she wears or how she looks or what her hobbies are and how I sincerely believe tomboys are fabulous and letting her express herself as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and she's adorable no matter what, yadda yadda yadda)


Anonymous said...

I've followed Kendrie's journey for a long time through Katia's page. I just went to check in and see that you joined the land of the bloggers. Welcome! And good luck with your new writing venture!

Kristin Hicks said...

A flicker of frilliness can never hurt. :0) I bet she looked cute in her camo and hair barrettes.

My niece is VERY much a tomboy at 5, but when my daughter is around she wants to be girly (we are also visiting family out of state right now). My sil enjoys it so much while Bailey is here. When we leave, back to tomboy attire. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, You've still got The L Word panic at the back of your mind haven't you :) Your amazement at Kendrie's hairclips comes across more like parental relief that maybe, just maybe Kendrie might grow up to like boys rather than wanting to be a boy after all, hee hee, no harm intended, Kendrie is a beautiful individual and I'm sure she'll keep you on your politically correct toes and guessing as to her life path and personal orientation for many years to come...wont puberty be fun:)))

Amy Finkler said...

Kendrie is beautiful with or without hair clips. I'm sure you agree whole-heartedly! But, I'm glad to see she is willing to try new things!!...and for her to come and show you her "accomplishment" tells me that she must have like them a little herself!

(As far as the comment by "anonymous", I'm not sure where they were going with that one-and I found it a little disturbing)

Jeri from Hawaii said...

Will wonders never cease?!?! Maybe it's because I've been following Kendrie's site for a long time that as I read your words about the hair clips the Halleluja Chorus actually started playing in my head! Because I've "known" you for so long, I also realize that Anonymous is truly off the mark with her L Word panic statement...or maybe I just didn't get her sense of humor. No matter, bask in the glory of the moment...knowing that it might be another 7 years before you see another girlie moment from our favorite tomboy.

Jeanette, hair stylist to the stars(of this blog) said...

And damnit, we cut off all those CURLS!!! Oh well, her hair grows fast so by the time they're back, HELLO!! we will be READY!!

Denise Tidwell said...

When Haley had lost all her hair from chemo, the Halloween of 1997, she wanted to be Batgirl...I know it was batgirl, but in 1997,Alicia Silverstone still hadn't made batgirl cool:) So anyway, I really wanted het to be an angel, a ragdoll,a mermaid...really anything that was more "girlie". But I consented and she was a preious baldheaded batgirl! I didn't overreact and make too big of a deal in front of her, and I think that's the key. You did the right thing about the clips in her hair too. That hair is just beautiful! I loved the pics of her from soccer. Thoses are my favorite. Tell the kids we said hey! Hopefully we can get together soon.

Rena' said...

You go Kendrie. I am sure you were cute as can be. Hope mom had the camera close by. We miss seeing you. (I see once again the anonymous individual has no BALLS to leave a name)

Shannon said...

I have been following Kendrie's site for some time as well. You crack me up. I too heard the chorus when you said hair clips...Hmm... when you said she had a surprise after being in the bathroom, hair clips was the LAST thing I was expecting! After all, she has been known to be quite surprising! Go Kendrie! Wear those chamo pants and clips! Fashion world...look out!

harrypottersbiggestfan said...

Happy New Year to you all. Hope it turns out to be a good one for all of you. Love and prayers. Lisa

Kait said...

I've been following Kendrie's journey for quite some time and am glad you are still 'blogging!' Hair clips huh? I know Kendrie looked just beautiful, it's too bad those gorgeous blonde curls had to go before Kendrie discovered the magic of hair clips though.

Anonymous said...

Loving the new blogger spot. I've been following ya'll on caringbridge for some time now and will continue to follow you here.
You've inspired me to start my own blog too!!
Happy New Year!!

Amy from St.Pete said...

Way to go Kendrie!! I would love to see pictures of this. Kendrie sure is one in a million.
My daughter is into all the girl stuff, but she hates anything in her hair. She will were a baseball hat backwards, which is very cute. But you better not expect her to leave anything else in her hair. Maybe it was one too many ponytails on top of her head when she didn't have much hair?
I hope you have a wonderful New Year's with family. I'm starting my weight loss challenge tomorrow. If you haven't already, check out my site.
Love, Amy