Friday, December 15, 2006

A lead balloon

OK, So. Here you are.

And here I am.

Sitting at the keyboard.

Preparing to type my very first blog entry that’s not tied to Caringbridge or the world of cancer in some way.

Clicking on the keyboard ….. preparing to type …. letters …. which will make words ….. which will form sentences ….. because I have very, very, extremely, profound things to say ….. which will be ….. coherent not.

****looking around****

***crickets chirping****

Oh, my word, what the hell made me think I had anything worthwhile to say, anyway????

Geez, let’s try again. Just, start over from the beginning.

“Hi, and welcome to my blog!”

(No, way too cheesy.)

“Hello, and thank you for joining me here at ….”

Holy Crap, could I have possibly come up with a longer, more awkward, WORSE name for a website??? What on earth was I thinking? Oh, yeah, I remember now, the name I wanted was TAKEN …. Curses to the lazy bastard at who hasn’t updated his site in four freakin’ YEARS, yet kept me from taking the name that should have been rightfully mine, such is the treachery and woe of the cut-throat internet domain game.

Ok, um, sorry, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, this new site. Well, technically, it’s not really NEW-new, I’ve just been updating it with my identical Caringbridge updates for the past two months in an attempt to familiarize myself with the Blogger template and posting process. I had hopes. High hopes. Hopes that I would begin blogging somewhere besides Caringbridge and somehow dazzle you with stories about the witty and dashing Escoe family, about our madcap exploits, notorious ‘round the world for our joie de vivre and Je-ne-sais-quoi and various other French phrases. Despite all that, all I’ve actually managed to learn in the last two months is that no blogger worth his or her salt in fact **uses** Blogger, and by setting up my site here, I’ve basically out-ed myself as a total computer goober who has no business writing a blog because only complete WIMPS and AMATUERS and PUSSIES use Blogger and seriously, I should be ashamed of my lack of modern day web designing skills. And! To add insult to injury, I didn’t even like France the one time I visited, because they refused to give me regular mustard at a hot dog stand at Normandy Beach, stuck up bastards pretending like they didn't understand English, so I HAVE NO joie de vivre!


Now that we’ve established:

1. I have absolutely nothing of interest to say.

2. This is the worst name for a blog site … EVER ….. and

3. I am a total blogging amateur, well,

Bookmark me and please come visit me again tomorrow! I promise to rebound from this dismal beginning and post something fascinating! Interesting! else.


PS. Angela, I'm only kidding about France. Well, not really. I really did go to Normandy and some grumpy hot dog guy really did refuse to give me mustard, but other than that, I thought your country was lovely and I hope to go back sometime, preferably to eat myself into a wine and cheese-induced coma.


katy said...

Thank Goodness you did this. I was afraid you would quit caringbridge and I would be left out in the I really need a life.......Katy Myers (one of jophies helpers)

Stephanie said...

As a faithful follower, I'll follow you from Caring Bridge to wherever you go! Reading your blog updates is a great part of my day...your Caring Bridge site is the first website I check every morning (well, after CNN for the headlines). Your posts bring a smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I am so glad you did not decide to quit journaling. I have so enjoyed getting to know your family through Kendrie's journey. I found you through Chandler's site. The Booth's go to my church. I come to your site every day and thoroughly enjoy your wit. Please don't stop. I am so excited about Kendrie's year off treatment and NO relapse!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you did this. Like Katy, I thought you'd quit CB and we'd be out of luck! Your posts are always great, I love the way you write.

Cathy said...

I've been reading your caringbridge site for AGES and I'm really glad you're doing this! I think I found out about Kendrie through Kristin (Brandon's mom). I'm a displaced Georgian living in California and my son Nicklaus was dx with neuroblastoma at 2 days old. He'll be 4 next month.

You're a terrific writer and you routinely crack me up. Keep it up and I'll try to overcome my commenting phobias a little more often ;-)

Karen said...

Kristie, Woohoo this is great!! Have followed Kendrie's C B page for 3 yrs, and will continue to follow where-ever you go.Let the ride and the thrill's began. Congrats to Kendrie on kicking Cancer's big ole butt.:)

Pastcard Cindy said...

Kristie, Guess what the very first thing I did when I got out of bed this morning? Thats right checked Kendrie's site and jumped over here! I am so happy to visit.

Elena said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...blah, blah, blah...the language is FINE!!! We've been following you for years Kristie, and love, Love, LOVE that we still have a place to come to be entertained by the world of Escoe! Thanks for sharing with us! Love you guys!

Mom's The Word said...

Krisite, I am a non-cool mom from Canada and I have been silently following your caringbridge site faithfully for a couple of years now. Stalking, actually. You crack me up on a daily basis. It was you that inspired me to start my own blog. I am so glad that you will continue to update us on your day to day life here and I am excited about the new venutre that you and Julianna's Dad are undertaking. Good Luck with all of that! I was surprised to see that two of your favorite sites are also two that I visit everyday. The Pioneerwoman and The Superficial. Anyway welcome to blogger.

Shelley said...

Your new site ROCKS, Kristie! I am so happy you're still writing. Love and prayers, Shelley in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Thank God - I don't know what I'd do without my daily Excoe fix! I, too, feared that you would discontinue the Caringbridge site and then I would have to go cold turkey!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Katy. Thank Goodness. I too was afraid that I wouldn't get to hear about the Escoe clan any more after today.

Thank goodness! I can't wait to hear of all the great things to come!

Kristin from Raleigh

Anonymous said...

Isn't today your big 365 day? LOL I was thinking about you this morning and got your christmas card - and jumped right on here to mark your blog - welcome to blogger baby - Give Kendrie a huge squeeze for me! Congrats on surviving the first year OT with her!

Kristin said...

I too thought you were going to announce that you were moving on from caringbridge and for a moment I felt very sad, already missing your posts. You are such an inspiration and the mommy of all might wobble, but you don't fall down, and you don't let anything keep you down! I'll do my best to keep up with both of your sites, and can't wait to see what your brewing up with Mr. Banana. I'm not even in the pediatric cancer world (but my sister-in-law and father-in-law inducted me to the adult cancer world) but I continue to be drawn back for more or your Escoe stories. Having four kids or my own, you help me to laugh and get through my own day!! Have a Merry Christmas and wishing you and yours a Happy, HEALTHY, 2007!! You all deserve it! Congrats and lots of cyber hugs and kisses to Kendrie!! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Kristie, you bloggy blogerton! Congratulations on getting through this year, and here's hoping for a really happy and not-too-eventful 2007!


P.S. Hooray for one year off-treatment, Kendrie!

Kathryn said...

I am so happy you will continue to post. Our children are grown, we have GrandGirlies, but it is nice to read stories that remind me how lucky my children are that I did not put their heads through the wall for being grumpy when they were supposed to be happily decorating Christmas cookies, Halloween pumpkins, and/or Easter Eggs and I needed to get a picture to send to relatives living all over the world who were always askaskasking why those children never smile in the pictures...

Anonymous said...

It is about time!!! I might get in trouble at work if I am looking at a blog.....a site for sick people is much easier to pull off!! I am so glad you are doing this and still updating Kendrie's site!
Sally Yost (Woodstock, Georgia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie, I am sure your new blog will be waaaay more exciting than the blog I am planning (please don't laugh, it's going to be a place for me to post my favorite recipes and recipe plans.) But hey, if not "blogger", what??
Debbie E.

Tobi & Bruce said...

Kristie -

Congrats on your move to the blog world - glad to know we can still get our Escoe Humor fix on a regular basis!

Hugs and Cheers to Kendrie on her 1st anniversary OT! What's the lastest with Blaine?

Kris Herbst said...

I'll read your blog! ...
Because you're good enough,
You're smart enough,
Funny enough,
and Gosh darn it, people (like me)
Like you!

Amy F. said...

Well, Damn. Now I have ONE more think to open and read when I get to work every morning. Are you trying to get me freakin fired????

No, really,I think you will have a lot of success with this blog. Congrations!

Amy-from down the street