Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dear Santa ...

Kendrie -- Day 353 OT

Thanks (again!) for all the guestbook entries. Ya’lls own hair stories were cracking me up ("ya'lls own??" What am I? A hillbilly????) and I especially liked when Sherri from NC compared these journal entries to the free public entertainment you get on PBS (although “entertaining” might not always be the adjective of choice) and my plea for guestbook comments the same as an annual pledge drive. Ha! Pretty clever, Sherri! But seriously, I want to be the “old” PBS, with good shows like Clifford and Arthur and Dragon Tales. NOT the “new” PBS with those obnoxious Doodlebop mutants. God, I hate those humanoid puppet freaks. Er, wait. Maybe that’s a regular channel, and not PBS. Either way, them and their stupid, stupid bus driver make me insane with hatred and I say a prayer of thankfulness every day that my children were in school full-time before that vomitous mass of a television show hit the airwaves.

No, I don’t like the Doodlebops. Why do you ask?

Anyway, guestbook comment and verification procedure talk aside (although if you want to keep 'em coming, it's ok with me!) --- on to today’s update:

This is the letter Kendrie brought to me this morning, and asked me to mail to Santa:

“Dear Santa Clas,
I am sory that peple have been mean to you. So I give achare believe in you. And jesas caes it is caes Baby Jesas was burn on deseder 25 and that is Christmas. And you fanded the elfs to halp you mack toys. For littit kids to. Tell Jesas that I am prad of him. From Kendrie Escoe”

(I think the only words she spelled correctly were her own name. And poor Baby Jesus. I had no idea he was burned on Christmas.)

Which prompted the following conversation this evening:

Kristie: “Kendrie, help me out a little with this letter you want me to mail. Who has been mean to Santa?”

Kendrie: “All the kids who don’t believe!”

Kristie: “Oh, I see. Well, what is this word here…. Achare?”

Kendrie: “It’s “extra” mom. I believe in Santa “extra” because those other kids don’t.”

Kristie: "Well that’s nice, honey. I’m sure Santa will be very happy to hear that.”

Kendrie: (starting to lose interest) “um-huh”

Kristie: “This is a good letter …. Did it make you happy to write it?”

Kendrie: (eyes drifting to the television) “Huh?”

Kristie: “I’m very proud of you! Do you think Santa will be proud of you?”

Kendrie: (serious pause) “Mom, Drake and Josh is on. Can we finish this later?”

I’m telling you, the kid is getting coal in her stocking, COAL, if *I* have anything to say about it!

Speaking of Christmas, don't forget to head over to Cali Ali's site if you haven't done so, and order a Santa Claus Christmas plate for yourself, or to give as a gift. I ordered mine last week and they arrived less than 36 hours later .... from clear across the country! I'd say Marey and her girls are working harder and faster than the elves up at the North Pole, with a turnaround time that fast!

Profits from the fundraiser are going to help Baby Donovan's and Noah's families, and I know everyone involved appreciates the support. And a HUGE Caringbridge Shout-Out to Postcard Cindy for donating a case of plates ---- Wow! Talk about someone who understands the concept of giving instead of receiving this holiday season!!!!

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