Saturday, December 16, 2006



I have been following along on a dozen or so favorite blogging websites for about two years now, starting with when I was first introduced to my very favorite, Notes From The Trenches. Some of my favorites are listed in the sidebar to the right, and I hope you’ll make time to visit them, because there are some pretty hysterical people out there, I’m telling you. Of course, providing you with that list is the equivalent of shooting myself in the internet foot, because once you read **their** sites, and realize they are about ten thousand times funnier and more interesting than I am, you’ll pretty much abandon me here, but hey, I’ll have done my part to make YOUR life more enriched, you’re welcome very much.

The reason I commented earlier that only “amateurs” seem to use Blogger is that pretty much every favorite blog I have, the author started on Blogger, but then switched over to another site. Debbie E. asked, “But hey, if not "blogger", what??” Well, it appears the question is actually, “If not ‘Blogger’, then where?” It seems most authors start out on Blogger, then purchase their own domain name, transfer their entire Blogger site over, and power it with WordPress or TypePad.

And really, that’s about all I understand. I don’t know if they buy templates, or pay to have them designed, or design them themselves. Are there software programs they use? What, exactly, ARE Wordpress and TypePad??? Where do they buy them? Do they download them? Do they have to take a class? How, exactly, do they get a site set up just the way they want it, and what do they do if there’s a glitch? Are they just BORN with this inherent techno concept gene that somehow missed being implanted in my own brain? And most importantly, how many question marks am I allowed to use in one paragraph??

Since I have the equivalent internet knowledge that a band of pygmy rhinos might have, the entire concept is overwhelming and intimidating for me, hence the reason I’m right here at user-friendly Blogger. Other, more experienced bloggers talk about the “restrictions” and “limitations” of Blogger, and how they want to have their own sites so they can set them up exactly like they want them. Well, yeah, sounds good. In theory. If I only had a single CLUE what they were talking about!

Do you remember when the internet first became commonplace, and people started getting computers for home use? And how everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, started out with AOL, because it was user-friendly, and well, it’s pretty much what everyone was using so you just used it too? And those people who went outside the box and used a service besides AOL seemed like such rebels? How *advanced* they were, and deep down inside you were a wee bit jealous of them because you suspected they had moved on to bigger and better things???

I suspect Blogger is a little like AOL. For now, lots of us use it, and the people who forge ahead, to bigger and better things, are simple more adventurous than the rest of us. Oh, sure, eventually, we’ll all catch up. But for now, I’m going to stick with my little Blogger corner of the world because it works quite well for me and quite frankly, I don’t want to invest the time or the energy in learning something new. I have other things on my list to accomplish. Other, big, important things. Like vacuuming. And napping.

But I’d actually love to hear more about it from anyone who has more experience than me. Which is pretty much everyone in the free world. And probably even lots of people in the not-so-free world.

There are things about Blogger I really, truly enjoy. Like the fact my journal entries are archived monthly and I can link to any previous entry any time I want. Considering my Caringbridge journal history is one, big, humongous, never-ending document, logging in at over 1000 MS Word pages ……… well, “un-wieldy” is a kind word for it. I just wish I knew how to get that entire journal history archived monthly here. And I love that I can put as many links as I want in the Blogger sidebar, and, I must confess, I love, love, LOVE with a pink puffy heart the strip of flickr photos across the top. I love even more that every time I refresh the page, the photos change. I have been known to sit at my desk and hit refresh six or seven times, just to see my children’s shiny, happy faces scroll across the screen. Of course, while I’m sitting here doing that, they are usually in the background, screaming at one another, or hitting one another, or yelling “I’m telling MOM!” in my ears. And of course, hitting “refresh” wreaks havoc with the site counter, and I have to remind myself that of all the hits this page gets each day, probably 95 percent of them are from me. And, every time I open the page, or hit refresh, the song also links over, and I have to pay real money for that bandwidth service, so really, refreshing the page just to see the pictures probably isn’t such a good idea.

There is one thing about Caringbridge that I preferred, and that’s the visitor ID information in the comment section. With Caringbridge, most of you had the ability to leave your name, your city and state, your e-mail address, and your own website or Caringbridge site address, whenever you signed in the guestbook. It took exactly ONE Blogger entry, yesterday, for me to realize that if the only thing I have to go on is your first name when you leave a comment, I have no idea who’s who. I have people with the same first names who check in regularly ….. and it’s going to give me a serious rash if I can’t figure out who’s who here at Blogger. Yesterday, on Kendrie’s CB site, we got congratulation notes from three Karens, two Beths, and FIVE Amy’s … two of whom are both Amy N! So please, if you are kind enough to leave a comment, and I hope you will, try to sign the note with your last initial, or city, or kids first names, or personal website address, or SOMETHING, that lets me know which Katie, or Jen, or Kelli, or Nancy, or Kristin that you are. I know, what a wonderful problem to have, right? It’s just that after reading notes of encouragement from all of you for so long, I feel a connection to you, too, and I don’t want to lose that!

And one last observation regarding the comments section. To the anonymous person who was offended by my language in the last entry, I’m sorry you were upset. I really am. But I have to be honest. In real life, I cuss like a red-neck trucker swilling Pabst at a Nascar convention. I have tried very hard at Caringbridge to curb my potty-mouth and be respectful of the fact Caringbridge is a service designed to help families of sick children (and adults) and not let my trailer-trash talk flap wide on too many occasions.

But here? Not so much.

Foul language isn’t usually necessary, and I promise not to be all “blah, blah, blah, fuckity McFuck fuck” all the time. But, I’m not going to censor myself as closely here as I do on CB. On my Caringbridge site, I will continue to keep it pretty close to my vest and mind my p’s and q’s. But here? Yeah, not so much.

And if you choose to not sign your name to your anonymous post, it will be deleted from the comments section. Anyone can click “anonymous” sender and still sign your name at the bottom of the comment. (And remember, include your last initial, or city, or *something*, so I know who’s who!) If you have a website or CB site, click “Other” and it will let you include that, as well. I really, truly, enjoy hearing from you and hope lots of you will leave comments. But if you click anonymous, and do not sign, then expect to be-gone with your head! Er, I mean, your comment. Unless you are anonymously telling me that my personality is the sunshine of your life and my sparkling eyes and minty-fresh breath are the work of pixie-fairies with magical wings and confetti dust. THOSE anonymous comments I will leave posted.


Kris Herbst said...

I love Joy Unexpected too! I bet pretty soon people will be listing your blog on their side bar. I love reading your journal entries and it's obvious lots of others do too. Keep writing. =)

Kris H

Cindy said...

Well you don't need to worry about your language for me. I would never, ever, ever stop reading your blog!

Postcard Cindy

Amanda J said...

Yeah, don't worry about your language on my account either. Curse words are a pretty active part of my vocabulary. They are what Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star would refer to as "sentence enhancers." Heheh.

Amanda (Glendale, AZ)

Ginny Mc said...

I 'know' you from Kendrie's CB site, so I will sign in here because you said to. And look, I even added some letters to my name to distinguish it from all the other Ginnys, no longer am I just "Ginny from GA". But, what is an HTML tag?

Ginny Mc (still from GA)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading about the amazing Kendrie and her amazing family for quite some time now, but I have never left a comment, I know, not very thoughtful of me . . . First of all, Congratulations to Kendrie, Way to kick Cancer's butt!!! Second, I am glad you have decided to continue blogging, I was getting a little worried the past few days when you were hinting that changes were coming. Finally, this really has nothing to do with anything, I think, except to point out what a small world we actually live in . . . Each day I read your blog, as well as a few others, but one of my favorites is JOY UNEXPECTED, and I was so happy to find it on your list of favorites as well because I think that you and Y are two of the funniest people I never met in my whole life!! How's that for a run-on sentence? What do I do for a living, you ask? I'm an elementary school teacher!!!!!! Anyway, I've rambled enough, looking forward to the future of your new endeavor. Best of Luck!!

Ryan M
Roseville, California

Anonymous said...

I was not near a computer since early Friday am (before you posted)and I was eagerly awaiting what the big news was...GREAT idea!! I do love to read you and the banana and maybe having you both in one place, I might have to invest in Depends!! Best of Luck and I'll be reading!!

Meg from Americus

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you stuck "Dooce" on your favorites. That site makes me laugh out loud all the time. I'm looking foward to checking out the others you recommended. I strive to have a sense of humor like yours.

Quick blogger neophyte question- I'm reading from a Mac and everytime you type an apostrophe it shows an ampersand and like 3 Greek letters on both sides. Is that my browser/computer or is it a blog trend I'm unaware of? It's totally still readable (you have to work WAY harder to prevent me from reading), I'm just curious.

Congrats again to Kendrie for her one year OT anniversary. What an awesome milestone!

Katie (New Orleans, but originally from California)

Kristie said...

Thanks to all for your nice comments ....

Ginny Mc -- html tags allow certain words or phrases within your comment to be printed in bold, italics, etc. It's also how you can point someone to another website with a clickable link.

Katie in New Orleans ... hmmm. I'm guessing it's a Mac issue? Does anyone else who reads this site with a Mac see ampersands in place of astericks? Or does anyone who reads, not from a Mac, have the same problem? Very bizarre, indeed! I can file that under my "yet even more internet stuff that I have no idea about" category. :)

Kathy said...

Hi Kristie,
I am thrilled that you have this blog. I know I am only one of MANY of your CB followers who can not go a day without a "Kristie fix."
Also, way cool that we do NOT have to sanitize our p's and q's !


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem that Katie I described, and I'm using the Safari browser on a Mac. Sometimes Macs don't rule quite as much as usual. :(

Anna from Illinois

Anonymous said...

Kristie, Love your new blog site! And many, big congrats to Kendrie and all of you for making this wonderful milestone! Have no fear, no matter how entertaining those other blog sites are, I'll still be checking in everyday for my daily dose of Escoe Humor! :)

Warner Robins, GA

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! Pioneer Woman is also one of my faves. Another funny one is called Hollywood Flakes - You'll like the sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) 1 yr OT anniversary to Kendrie! WTG for kicking cancer's butt!
I followed the link to your blog from her CB site of course. And what can I say, I'm addicted to your blog already!
Hope Kellen's feeling better today ;)

Renee from Canada (and former CBer)

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I love your new blog, have to check it daily.. for.. like others I need my Kristie fix. Hope Kendrie, Kellen and Brayden are being *Extra Sweet* for you this holiday season..Language not a problem here..I love learning new and improved word' I agree..keep writing.:) Karen Pa.

Anonymous said...

at first I couldnt figure out why Norton Parental Control blocked you as a site that had "SEX ACTS" in it and then I read this! Pretty damn funny if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

You know if people are going to be offended by your language in your own personal blogger they should just not read it. I saw Larry the Cable guy on 60 Minutes last night and he was saying that people just take themselves too seriously anymore and I totally agree. I mean, Larry the Cable Guy is such an icon!

So I say I totally fucking enjoy your totally fucking "A" blog. Keep this great and funny shit coming. It makes my crappy day!

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker. I know, I know. Bad of me. But I am. Or I was. Because now I am signing in here.

I want to be cool like you! Could you give me a hint as to how you got that nifty slideshow/picture thingy to appear at the top of your blog???

I have been blogging for a while (I think you'll find a link to my blog if you click on my name). My blog is no where near as funny as I know your's will be. But it's there and feel free to check it out. I just stopped updating my daughter's CB site (mi/angelina) because she crossed over her last major hurdle.

Congrats to Kendrie for her 1 year anniversary. You go girl!!!

Colleen G said...

I have been a Julianna Banana follower for a long time and found your Blog and I have to say..YOU CRACK ME UP!!! I look forward to your blog and laugh my ass off!! Weird that a complete Keep me laughing!!

Colleen Grams

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know personality is the sunshine of my life and your sparkling eyes and minty-fresh breath are the work of pixie-fairies with magical wings and confetti dust.

I hope this doesn't make Blaine jealous, know I feel this way about you.

And yeah, I get to stay anonymous because I say such nice things.

Anonymous ;)

Kristin Hicks said...

Can I get an 'amen'! I too have the mouth of a sailor. I try to tone it down a bit (especially around my kids), but I'm a fellow trash-mouth, so know that the language will never offend me.

I also didn't know that there was more than one Kristin. I thought I signed on your first day, but mine may have come up as an anonymous or something. The one I see now is a different Kristin. I will make sure to sign from Raleigh or with my kids names from here on out.

:0) Keep bloggin'! It is so entertaining for me.

BTW - I have the same issue on my MAC. I have a PC too, so I can read on both. Must be a MAC thing.

Kristin from Raleigh, NC - Mom to Bailey and Jack