Friday, December 05, 2008

Like being on a campaign trail

You know how campaigns have those people that stump the trails before the actual candidates, doing their very best to drum up support from the public? And you think, wow, those people must really, truly, from the bottom of the hearts, sincerely believe in these candidates ... in their philosophies and ideas and attempts??

Yeah, that's sort of what I'm doing today, throwing my full support behind somebody ELSE and THEIR ideas, because it's something I really, truly believe in.

I have been online-friends for over five years now with Marey, mom to Ali. I met Marey on my online leukemia parents support group, and our friendship continued even after both our daughters finished their respective treatments.

One of the (many!) things I admire most about Marey is the genuine, non-stop effort she makes --- has always made --- to pay it forward and help other families affected by childhood cancer. Light the Night, Team in Training, Relay for Life, and backbreaking fundraiser work .... plus three children, plus a husband, plus twenty-odd kindergartners ... honestly, I think maybe some parts of her are bionic. Yes, this is the same Marey with the Santa Clause plate fame .... and she's back this year, with another fundraiser, designed to help two families also affected by pediatric cancer.

I'll direct you to Marey's site for the full scoop, but the gist of it is this: She is raising funds this holiday season for two very special families, and all of US can help make it happen without a lot of time or effort on anyone's part.

Marey is hosting an online raffle and it would be FABULOUS if you would all purchase a virtual ticket or two or fifty. She is accepting donations of raffle prizes to be given away, and also accepting donations to purchase your chance of winning any of the wonderful things that have been donated so far. All you have to do to be put in the drawing is make any kind of donation, which will go directly to the two families she is helping this year .... in return, you'll not only be put in the drawing for some wonderful things, you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you helped two families, who could use a hand in their pediatric cancer fights, especially now during the holidays.

Many of the items that have been donated to Marey's raffle are handmade and you can check them out at her site. Since I'm about as crafty as Martha Stewart on crack, my donation item isn't handmade, but it is something I'm happy to offer up.

A genuine, authentic, like-new Coach purse.

Now, please note that it's not new, or new with tags, but it is in extremely-gently used condition. In other words, LIKE NEW. It was given to me by a dear friend who works at Coach, who was appalled to find out I didn't own a Coach purse. In fact, the night we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant, and she found out I'd never bought a purse anywhere nicer than Target, she almost choked on her lasagna. And then she promptly went home and cleaned out her closet --- because (are you ready for this?) she had TOO MANY COACH PURSES!! And she really, truly wanted me to have one, because that's the kind of good hearted person she is. So she gave me two, and I'm paying it forward by donating one to Marey's fundraiser raffle.

For your chance to win this Coach purse, or any of the prizes, all you have to do is go to Marey's site and make a donation. Remember, her motto is "Pennies make dollars, and dollars pay bills." I know times are tight for everyone ..... but surely we can all spare just a little bit to help two families in need.

Here are more details .... and thanks in advance for helping Marey with such a great cause.


'Tis the Season to help those less fortunate than here's my plea....before I add the photos of things I have left to sell....(because I am flat out recovering from sleep deprivation, conferences and tomorrow's Pilgrim and Indian Feast.....(and have no time to take and post photos of those items...) I am asking for items for our fundraiser instead.

Here's what Postcard Cindy and I are doing...

We are seeking donations of things...if you make, sew, create or have purchased things....something you will donate to our fundraiser drawing. Email me a photo and I will post a photos of all the donated items...then we will start taking monetary donations...ANY SIZE donation....and then on Dec. 10th we will draw for prizes....anyone who makes a donation will have their name entered in the drawing and have a chance to WIN! 100% of the money goes to two families who have children in transplant for relapsed leukemia.


*Email me a photo of what you can donate.

*I post the photo on my blog.

*We ask for online monetary donations or donations by snail mail.

*Dec. 10th we draw names from those who have made donations.

*I send you the winner's address and you mail the item to the winner.

*You are blessed with a great feeling of helping 2 families who in a most difficult situation of trying to save their childrens' lives. Austin who is about to receive transplant Dec. 5 at Duke


Ivan, a 17 year old boy with 5 siblings. His bone marrow transplant from his younger brother was on Nov. 5, 2008 and he is doing well right now. He will most likely remain hospitalized throughout the holidays.

Email me at

if you would like to help.


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I'm the first comment? Now that's a first!

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR COLLECTIVE HEARTS for posting the link to the fundraiser. We hope to brighten Christmas for two families who are in the most difficult situation right now.
Marey And Postcard Cindy

Cathy said...

Kristie, I had the pleasure of meeting Marey, her sister and her niece at a craft faire she was working in Belmont. The work she does to help others is awesome.

If everyone who reads your blog and her blog and even my facebook page would just give $1 or $5, those two families could have a little happier holiday.

I encourage your readers to help this wonderful woman help two families who would surely appreciate it!

Santa Clara