Sunday, December 28, 2008


I recently re-read Stephanie Meyer's Twilight with Brayden for her second 9-weeks Science Fiction book report. You might remember. I certainly complained about the diorama loud enough.

On Friday, I re-read the second book of the series, New Moon.

Saturday, I began and finished Eclipse.

Today, I began and finished Breaking Dawn.

Let's review, shall we?

I have not made breakfast or lunch for the past three days, despite the fact my entire family is home on Christmas break.

I have not put away a single Christmas decoration.

I *have* made dinner all three nights, but haven't bothered to set the table and eat as a family because I have eaten off a plate on my lap, sitting on the sofa, reading.

I have a headache.

I have what is possibly the world's worst crick in my neck from looking down at my book(s) for three solid days.

I might very well be in love with Edward.

Or perhaps Jacob.

But I still don't feel as strongly for either of them as I feel for Jamie in The Outlander series.

Actually, only young Jamie. Jamie when he gets older, in the later books, doesn't do it as much for me.

I have enjoyed the past three days immensely.

Brayden, at least for now, will not be allowed past New Moon.

Thoughts? Opinions?

PS. To the person who noticed and commented that my "Currently Reading" section is usually straight from the Young Adult section at the library .... yeah .... I confess. I started reading the same books Brayden and Kellen were reading to help them with their book club, and then as their reading levels got higher I thought it might be the responsible thing to do. Then, I have to admit, I found out that I really enjoy young adult, and get a kick out of Brayden making suggestions to me based on what she is reading. How ironic that she just returned to me today one of the books I bought her for Christmas, Eleven by Lauren Myracle, and said, "Mom, I think you should read this first. It's really inappropriate." Hmmmm. I'll start it as soon as I finish the next book she recommended to me, Schooled by Gordon Korman. And lest any of you cluck your tongues at the voluntary "dumbing down" I'm doing by reading young adult books, let me point out that Twilight is technically on a 5th grade reading level. While I don't necessarily agree with that for content sake, who am I to argue with the classification of Scholastic Books? So head to the library and grab yourself some young adult books. You might just be pleasantly surprised.


Anonymous said...

I'm an elementary school librarian, so I read alot of juvenile literature. I really enjoy almost everything I read. If you haven't read Found, by Margaret Haddix, I highly recommend it! Another book by her that I loved was Running Out of Time.

Anonymous said...

My daughter saw the movie, came home and ordered all four books. She got the first one read in a day or two, then made her brother lock the rest in his safe until she got through finals! As soon as her finals were done, she read the rest. I do that with series that I read during my summer vacation. My motto is "A book a day". Yeah, not much gets done, but it's so important to read! :) I like the Sarah Dessen books and the Traveling Pants books and I still dig out my Anne of Green Gables books that were my mom's in the 40s and 50s and re-read those.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Twilight series as well...I reread all of them after I finished reading for appropriateness as well. My daughter, Kerry (13 yrs) read all of them after I read them. I was a little apprehensive about Breaking Dawn, as well. Much of that book was beyond her and I had to explain.
They are entertaining books, for sure.
I am in love with Edward as well. I have to say, of the four, Twilight was by far the BEST...followed by Eclipse. New Moon gave me too much angst and I thought Breaking Dawn reached a little too far...I liked it, I just didn't feel the connection to the characters that I did in the previous books...(I know there are many who do not agree with me..don't get me started on that god-awful movie!)
Milford, CT

Anonymous said...

My college sophomore daughter is also reading the 'Twilight' series and loves them. I'm waiting for the first book to come back from a friend of hers to start it. Congratulations on taking the time to read what your kids are reading!! When I did that, people told me that I was nuts. Now my high school senior son and I read the same stuff and I LOVE being able to recommend books to him. Keep on reading with your kids. It's the BEST gift that you can give them.
Susan in MN

C said...

As a former middle school teacher, I read a TON of YA literature to figure out what was good and what I wanted in my classroom library. I got a lot of suggestions from my students and now that I'm home with my baby, I'm still reading YA.

Truth be told, I often think that YA writing is more innovative and fresh than a lot of the adult books. Right now I'm more excited about some YA titles that are coming out than I am about the adult authors.

Suggestions for you guys, although you'll want to preview, these are all books my 6th graders were reading and I would feel comfortable letting my daughter read by the 4th grade (but then we're pretty liberal)

1-I second Margaret Peterson Haddix...and I want to add that I've yet to run into a student who didn't get hooked on "The Hidden" series (first book "Among the Hidden")

2-Scott Westerfeld

3-Maureen Johnson

4-Tamora Pierce (if they like fantasy, her series feature strong female heroines, which is awesome)

For older kids
1-Justine Larbelestier (sp)
2-John Green (I *LOVE* his work, but content makes them older student books...your call on when)

Anonymous said...

I will probably be in the minority, but we have avoided that series. When the lady at Barnes and Noble was so fixated on REPEATING no less than 100 TIMES that the only really inappropriate part was when the vampire had to chew the baby out of his wife's womb I was a little turned off. Oh and they waited to have sex till they were married (which was only implied, not in detail). Hmmm. I was hesitant to let her start the series b/c she would get so far along in it then want to finish it and I would be all like, um, no, you can't read the last one. Then I am sure it would be on. She is fine with waiting to read it. Why are you not letting Brayden finish the series? What was your perspective~ I would like to hear what you thought of the last book in particular? Thanks, and I do like lots of YA too :)
Tammy in OH

Call me Helen said...

Hi there Kristie. Long-time lurker here. :) I followed you over from Kendrie's CaringBridge site. Do you know what I've been doing for the past few days? Mmmhmm. Let's just say that my husband will be at work all day and I'll be at home, spending the day with a different man...err...vampire. :) I discovered the Twilight series earlier this month. I read all four books in four days. Yes, I became addicted quickly. Some of my girlfriends started reading the books after I did. Now, they're quickly eating up the series and finally understanding why I didn't budge from my couch for four days.
Apparently, I didn't get enough of my Edward fix the first time through, so I started re-reading the series a few days ago. My husband keeps asking me how I can re-read them all so soon, and my only reply is, "Well, why can't YOU be a vampire?" Yes, I just turned 28 and I'm in LOVE with a teenage vampire. Pitiful, isn't it? Anyways, I'm right at the good part in "Breaking Dawn" and Jacob has just seen Bella for the first time since she returned....and I NEED to get back to them. Obviously, I know what will happen, but I just can't seem to stop reading!

Amanda in Ohio

Lissy said...

I read anything I can get my hands on, including YA fiction. I'd suggest Boy Toy by Barry Lyga...although for you, definitely not for Brayden (at least for another year or so). Very intense stuff - surprise it's been classified as YA to tell you the truth.
And if you loved Twilight, try The Host which is also by Stephenie Meyer (it's actually in the adult section!) and it blows Twilight out of the water, believe it or not!

Happy Reading! (I'm currently putting the $125 in Barnes and Nobles gift cards I receieved from my preschoolers to good use by raiding B and N like it's going out of style.)

Jordyn said...

I, too, ignored my family as I read all four books. I read through them so fast that I'm ready to sit down and re-read them.

Oh ya, I'm in love with Edward as well :)

Jan Ross said...

Another YA reader here and another elementary school librarian. I read "Twilight" and enjoyed it before the entire world jumped on the vampire bandwagon. I thought it was good, very entertaining, not great. As a librarian, I'm just a little too critical of literature to think it is great. But certainly entertaining. You are right to wait on the last book - much too intense for young readers. Plenty of time for that.

If you loved this series, you really should rent the "Buffy" and "Angel" DVD series. I think you would enjoy them.

JAB said...

I confess--I too am in love with Edward. I have only read the first one :( but am buying the next one today so I can continue my obsession-

Anonymous said...

I, too, was a couch slug when I read the whole series over Thanksgiving weekend!! My daughter (who turns 13 today) begged to read them. She read the series twice before me, but, much as she loves it, claims it is no where near to Harry Potter in her heart. She's read the entire HP series five times, and can't understand how I stopped at twice. She also enjoyed Eleven, Twelve, and most recently - Thirteen. I enjoyed them, too. When she finished that series, she was moved to write a thank you email to Lauren Myracle -- and Lauren wrote back to her. How awesome is that?
Sorry for going on so long.....belated Merry Christmas and hope Blaine is feeling good!

Natalie said...

While I commend your reading the YA fiction, and I'll probably be following your footsteps soon, I'm TOTALLY relieved that no one has replaced Jamie for you yet. Jamie in Outlander? Wow. Disturbingly, I'm in the process of reading the series again in anticipation of her new book.

Bree from NC said...

I also ignored my 4 children while reading all the books in just under 3 days, yes even into the wee hours of the morning :)

While I did manage to make them sandwiches for lunch or throw some chicken in the oven for dinner, at breakfast they were on their own.

It's really sad but this isnt the first series of books where my children have been....well...neglected. Ah how horrible that sounds. But my children are also readers so they understand the meaning of a great book :)

How about a list of the YA books you recommend? I'm curious now :)

Kathleen said...

How funny that you should post this because I was going to ask you if you were going to allow Brayden to read the whole series. DD went to see the movie with a friend and now wants to read the book.

I don't think we will be letting DD read the any of the books. Like Tammy from Ohio, I was turned off by much of what was contained in the last book. The sex, the birth and the transfer into a vampire is not age appropriate for DD despite her advanced reading level. I know that she will not be happy reading one or two of the books and not the rest so for now this series will be shelved.

Kathleen from Georgia

Anonymous said...

I too have done the same thing this week, today I start the final book! Thank goodness for a fridge full of left overs and some independent children, cause I've been lost in the world of vampires!! After this series I'm heading back to Jamie and the Outlander series to re read and enjoy~

ReRe said...

to me this series will be a trilogy. i really think stephenie meyer was smoking crack when she wrote breaking dawn!

lizinsumner said...

Well, guess I've got to put my two cents worth in, too. I've read all four books - and I don't even have the excuse of being a responsible parent, because my almost 15 year old son hates to read! (his father's crappy genes - go figure!!)...anyhoo - the Twilight books were, in my opinion - highly entertaining, a novel concept (at least for me, having never read any Anne Rice), moderately well written, and, well, just really different. I hated the movie - thought it was far too amateurishly done. The books were no where NEAR up to Harry Potter standards, however. And, I guess I must be really old, cuz I'm NOT in love with Edward (I will always, like you, reserve that for Jamie in Diana G's books!!). And, if Jake (my son) wanted to read them, I would have REAL reservations about letting him read the last book - I mean, am I the ONLY one out there who feels that the plot/premise/etc. were way out there in the last book?? I mean, come on, a half-vampire kid?? I had to work really, really hard to suspend my disbelief that far, and it made me uncomfortable. But you know your kids better than anyone else and you'll make the right call, whichever way you go. I sure hope they do a better job on the next movie!

Anonymous said...

I read from the young adult section too. When I go to the Library I look at books with my son who is 10. I am fixing to start the Twilight series. I am glad to hear it is that good. I know you don't Like cats much but the Book Dewey by Vicky Myron is great. Brayden May like it too. It is a true story about a small town library cat.


lizinsumner said...

PS - I forgot to say that, for us Washingtonians, at least, these books also have the added cachet of "being local".....although I don't think that I've ever, even once, been to Forks. Now that the snow has finally melted off up here and the temp is back to "normal", I may take a drive over there to see it, just for the heck of it......

Anonymous said...

The boys I teach are BIG into Andrew Clements, particularly Things Not Seen and Things Hoped For, although Frindle, School Story, etc. are all still favorites. They oft beg me to reread something by him, and there's always some sort of good takeaway, which is nice.

They're currently hooked on The Mysterious Benedict Society and the sequel. So even though they're older, then I started reading TMBS with a high school writing class, using one segment as a starting point for a writing assignment, and every one of the kids went home and put it on their Christmas list. That's been a great read aloud with both groups - and to be honest, Christmas break is killing me as much as it is the kids - I left the sequel at school so that I could keep my vow not to read ahead - even though I really want to know if I'm correct in how it ends. TMBS is fun because there are some puzzles and clues they are trying to solve along the way, which of course, we try to do as we read.

Oh how I love books - regardless of who the original intended audience is!

Lisa the quilter in SD

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the recommendation of Outlander. I've been looking for something to get involved in after finishing Twilight (at my husband's recommendation, no less) a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I believe it was me that made the comment about you reading the same books as my 14 yr old. I totally did not mean it in a smartass, sarcastic way. That is why I hate the 'net, you can't read tone. I guess I meant to imply how big teen fiction is getting and how it isn't just teens reading it. And that is a good thing, I would much rather teens (or anyone) with a book than a bong! At least people are reading!

I think it is sweet that you read with your kids. I have read some of my DD's books too, I was just that rare sort that could not bite into Twilight (pardon the pun!). Apparently I am alone in that, judging by the wild success of the books and movie.


René S said...

A friend of mine loaned me her copy of Twilight the first weekend in December, but honestly I didn't think it was going to be my thing. I tried to start reading it, but I guess being exhausted and reading at night made it hard to read more than a page at a time. However, I got into it on the drive to GA for Christmas. I finished it in a day or so -- it's hard to read as much as you like when you're a guest in someone's house, even if it is your sister's house! My husband got me New Moon for Christmas, and it was finished on the ride home 12-27. I don't have the next one yet, and I'm supposed to read Loving Frank for our book club, so I'm trying to wait. But, after reading your blog, I just might have to go get the next one. It is very funny how our children's books can suck us in. My son gets annoyed at how quickly I finish his books -- and how quickly I forget details! I'll stay tuned for new books to introduce to the kids.

M&Co. said...

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park was a very good young adult read. I kinda like some of the pre-teen and teenaged reading.

Anonymous said...

Where to start? I've read the Twilight series through 3 the entire Outlander series twice through...shows you what a reading geek I am, huh?!

In our book club, the question was raised Jamie or Edward? Those who didn't know what we were talking about were told to read both series as homework!

Ok, did you know that Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's point of view) or at least a portion of it had been leaked onto the internet? SO, Stephanie Meyer put it up on her website. I actually like it more than Twilight (the parts that are available) because, of course, Edward has a more adult point of view of things.

So, this should give you an excuse to sit and the computer and read for a few hours....I mean research, yeah, isn't that what it is?


Cathy said...

When my daughter was in high school she recommended A Northern Light by Jennifer Connoly (or Donnely?) - it's really good.

Sandra said...

I am also addicted to the Twilight series (and totally in love with Edward), as is my 13 year old daughter. She has read all 4 books and is re-reading Breaking Dawn. I am through the first 3 (oh to be 13 and have all that time on your hands!)

Interestingly enough, I read Twilight first with my book club and had to beg/force Brooke to read it. She was sure that any book that I enjoyed would be a drag. I, like you, wouldn't let her see the movie without first reading the book and her friend ultimately convinced her that the book was indeed AWESOME!

Another young adult book that I enjoyed (and have not yet succeeded in convincing my daughter to read) is called Swallowing Stones. It was on her 7th grade summer reading list.

Anonymous said...

I am a Jr/Sr High Media Specialist. I agree with your Twilight decision. You are going to love Schooled. It is along the same lines as Jerry Spinelli's "Stargirl". Mental high five one reading what your kids are reading. It can really open doors for conversation and relationship building. Has Brayden read "Once Upon a Marigold"? That is a personal favorite.

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

I loved the series too. My three daughters read them first and wanted me to read them. Once I started I couldn't stop. I read them all in a week span. Some days I didn't even get dressed until it was time to pick the kids up from school.
They were so addicting.

Andee said...

I'm behind, but I wanted to let you know that Jamie is also my all time favorite man in a book series, followed very closely by Roarke in JD Robb's Death Series.

Love love love books!

Michal said...

Really? Jamie Fraser?!?! I thought he was all MINE. Mine mine mine.
I am 35, no young adults in the house and I have some heavy representation of the ya fiction in my list. Twilight kept me entertained deliciously and I loved every minute.

Anonymous said...

Wierd, I love to read, but have not read this series. Someone earlier in the comments said that the setting is Forks, WA... How weird, I have family from there.

Jessie - B-Town WA