Thursday, December 11, 2008


Matchbox red truck and van to depict parking lot scene before reading the instructions from the teacher that the diorama *must* represent the most climactic scene in the book, thereby rendering our parking lot scene worthless: $6

Dowel rods for ballet bar: $2

Mini hooks to hold up ballet bar: $1

Mirror to purposely break and place all over walls and floor of diorama: $1

Wooden blocks to paint to look like a tv and vcr: $3

Super glue to hold the whole stupid thing together: $4

Scrapbook paper, marker, scissors, images off the internet and cardboard: Free

Quality mother-daughter bonding time: Priceless.

Until I realized, after the fact, that the school will probably take one look at the razor-sharp glass shards all over her diorama from the fake broken ballet mirror and declare they are weapons and will expel her under their zero tolerance policy --- Not quite as priceless.


Amy said...

Pictures please! So what was the book?

Unknown said...

Yes, but I love that her book was Twilight!!! Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Started book 4 last night. I need to see a picture!!!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I haven't read Twilight yet so I am glad someone explained! And I'd love a pic, too!!

Anonymous said...

very creative! :)

idiot said...

I bow to your creativity! I am not worthy.

Unknown said...

I'd explain that it was artistic license. Plain and simple.

Sarah said...

Creativity is obviously not a problem in your house. I finished book 4 the other day, and saw the movie yesterday. I'd love to see pics, too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but then you wouldn't have to make another diorama!!!