Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final Chance ....

Remember --- Tomorrow is the final day for making a donation via Marey's site to help two families this holiday season. All proceeds from her online raffle are going directly to Austin's family and Ivan's family, to help them through the difficult time of their respective transplants this holiday season.

The raffle items that have been donated are way-cool .... (I've got my eye on those handmade cards!) and any dollar amount gets you entered to win. The drawing will be tomorrow night so go over there RIGHTNOWWHATAREYOUWAITINGFOR and make a donation.

Marey's motto: Pennies make dollars; dollars pay bills.

She's not asking for $500 or $100 or even $50 .... simply if everyone who has visited her site this month would donate one single dollar, she would be well on her way to giving each family one thousand dollars to help with bills ....

So please consider skipping tomorrow's latte or frappe or mochiatto or whatever the heck is it you coffee drinkers drink .... take a ham sandwich to work and donate the cost of your Friday lunch tomorrow .... shoot, I'll even skip my Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic and donate myself ... ok??

Thanks! And Marey thanks you too, on behalf of Austin and Ivan and their families.


Vicki said...

Thanks for the reminder about the donation. I saw it on your site the other day and was planning on donating and forgot so I just went over there now and donated. Thanks again for the awareness. It just makes me so sad to see that kids have to go through any of this.

sharon said...

It looks like you are up to some good thing also. Happy holidays.

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