Saturday, December 13, 2008

And you thought I was exaggerating

I know I caught some flack earlier this month when I posted about cashiers and how much I dislike hearing negative stuff about their personal lives, or how much they hate their job, or how THANK GOODNESS they’ve only got another hour to work, like I’m totally inconveniencing them by showing up, or whatever. But I swear, yesterday’s conversation took the cake:

Cashier: Hi, how are you today?

Me: I’m good, thanks, how are you?

Cashier: Not great, really, I’ve had better days.

Me: Oh. Ummmm, well, at least today is Friday, hopefully that helps. (And I swear to you at this point I was remembering the people who commented that I needed to work harder to be pleasant, so I promise I was really trying to be friendly and cheerful and Happy McSunshine.)

Cashier: It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, that won’t help. I was engaged yesterday; today I’m not.

Me, slightly baffled: Oh. I’m sorry.

Cashier: Yeah, my boyfriend just came over last night, dropped off his key, TOOK my ring, and I haven’t heard from him since.

Me, even more baffled about why she would be sharing this with me: I’m, ummmm, really sorry.

Cashier: Not a word … nothing! Didn’t even tell me why he did it! What is this, like the second grade, where you can just break up without explaining????!!

Me: I’m ….. sorry?

Cashier: Whatever! Like I care anyway????!!

Me: crickets chirping

Cashier: You know, I’m not the kind of person who gets bummed out by stuff like this.

Me: total silence, slightly frightened look on my face.

Cashier: It’s not that big a deal. Whatever.

Me: Good heavens, can I have my change before you flip out and shoot up the joint????

OK, so I didn’t really say that last part. But I swear, every other part of the conversation happened verbatim.

You think I could make this stuff up if I tried?!?!?


Missy K said...

Poor Kristie. Seriously...I feel for you...Oh who am I kidding...I am ROLLING here! LOL!! *giggle*

Last Place Finisher said...

My favorite is when one cashier is having a conversation with another cashier and neither one takes a moment to recognize the customer's existence.

gorillabuns said...

Glad to hear she wasn't too bummed out by the news. Strange.

Amber said...

Oh geez!! Ever since I read your first post about cashiers, I always think about it when I go to a check line. Every.single.time. Its even more wonderful when I go with my mother and she engages in actual conversation with these people and they start slowing down their cashiering so that they have more time to talk with her because probably no one else really TALKS to them but her. Then when we leave she's like "i make friends everywhere i go" LOL

Marge said...

I've started using the self check out lanes. They don't give you their life story!

Lisa L said...

One word: Awkward. Wow. Imagine getting caught up in *that* conversation. That poor girl must've been hurtin' somethin' awful. Despite her bravado....

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I don't understand your lack of humanity. These people are doing a service for you and politeness and compassion are where? Wow. I used to read and thought a lot of you. I have lost all respect for you due to your chronic disregard of people beneath you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a random thing to happen. I am sure she was simply confused and hurt and needing to vent. Perhaps you looked like a person who would sympathize with her. Or maybe she unloaded on everyone that day. Who knows? Crazy.

Dto3 said...

On the bright side, at least he came over to tell her they were no longer engaged. He could of texted her. Of course, then she would have been able to pawn the ring and buy some cigs.

Denise Tidwell said...

I'm one of the wierd people who likes to talk to the cashiers...I know it's crazy, but I like hearing some of the stuff they have to share. Now if it slows them up, it kind of gets on my nerves but otherwise I don't mind talking. That's so funny you had that conversation with her! I'm sure it was like having your feet rubbed!! Have a great Christmas!

Frozen Star said...

You should move to Norway. Sure, our cashiers sometimes ignore our existence completely, and they never ask how you are.... but you're never expected to ask how they are either. Which is good, because I really don't care.

Sue said...

Wow. TMI, in my opinion. Maybe you should start carrying business cards for a local counseling agency? I avoid stores at this time of year; everyone is overtired and cranky (like dealing with 100 toddlers all at once). Unfortunately, I'm out of food for the dog and my Christmas tree lights aren't working, so it looks like I'm heading in to a megamart today. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that right after i read your post on the complaining cashiers (i lauged b/c I have felt the same way about people being unprofessional) we went on a double date with some friends and low and behold, our waiter went off on the new help. The same new help that was standing just around the corner. And he did it in such a way that the table right next to us was all attentive and we were all like *crickets chirping*.
Tammy in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Ha. We arent all like that. But there are definitley crappy ones out there like that. I cashiered for a few years and no matter how crappy I felt or how my day had went when the customer asked how I was doing I had the biggest smile on my face and said that I was doing great. There were a few ladies I worked with who told the customers exactly how they felt like anyone REALLY cares!You ask strangers how they are because its courtesy and its courtesy to say good and you. The. End. !