Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Morning

Brayden: “Mom, I found your jacket hanging outside in the garage … why was it in the garage?”

Kristie: “Because I went out last night and I was trying to air it out and get the smell out.”

Brayden: “Smell? What smell?” {takes a big whiff} “Phew! That stinks, is it smoke?”

Kristie: “Well, yeah. That’s what cigarette smoke smells like and I didn’t want it to smell up my whole closet, so I was trying to air it out in the garage.”

Brayden: “Cigarette smoke? Were you in a B.A.R.!?!?!?!”

Kristie: “Um, yes, I was in a bar. I went out with Mr. Louis last night.”


Kristie: “No, of course not. But the people around me were, so I smelled like it, too.”

Brayden: “AND WERE YOU DRINKING?????!!

Kristie: “No, I swear! I had three Diet Dr. Peppers, that’s all!”

Brayden: “And was Mr. Louis drinking?”

Kristie, sheepishly: “Um, well, he might have had a few beers.”

Brayden: “I hope you didn’t let him drive you home like that!”

Kristie: “No, I drove myself home, honest. I had three Diet Dr. Peppers and drove myself home, I promise!”


* Wasn’t this conversation supposed to take place about five years from now? And wasn’t *I* supposed to be the inquisitor, not the inquisitee???

** Sadly, I really did only have three Diet Dr. Peppers. I had every intention of enjoying an Amaretto Sour or two, but after the first soft drink the waitress just kept bringing them, so I just kept drinking them, and then after my fifth trip to the bathroom I figured I should just call it quits.


Sandie in MN said...

Here in MN everything is now smoke free. I never noticed the difference until I didn't have to smell smoke when I washed my hair the next morning!

Renee said...

Any karoke (sp?) involved?

Loralee Choate said...

Yah! What Renee asked!

Any Diet Dr. Pepper Karaoke involved in this hard-core party evening???


Grandma J said...

Who is Mr. Louis, and all the other questions too.

Anonymous said...

Seconding Grandma j's we know Mr. Louis? ;)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Louis is her best friend from when she was like 11 or 12. She's mentioned him a few times. I'm thinking she saved his skin in grade school, or something like that. I'm probably wrong...but I know she's mentioned him before.

Kristie...saw an ad in a mag today for chocolate cherry DDP. Have you tried it yet?
Joann in AL

Sandra said...

Smoke free in NJ as well. It's a beautiful thing!!!

Bec said...

Lol. My eldest daughter (21) sent me an sms the other night when I was still out at midnight to see where I was and why I was still out!!

Caroline said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I love Miss Brayden. Bar nights can be pretty fun, even if DDP is the only thing involved!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Escoe-
I emailed you a few days ago...I was hoping you got it, but I figured I'd leave a note on here just in case.

I hope that you can help me with my project.

Megan in OH

Marysienka said...

Aaah Brayden is so cute! You raised her well ;o)

Smoke free here in Qc, Canada. Thank god!