Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Letter #11

Rules for a Future Dr from a Cancer Mom :

*NEVER tell the parent, who has been waiting in ER for hours on end, that her child has cancer right there in the ER hallway at 4 a.m.

*NEVER tell that parent that the ultrasound shows missing bone and that there is a "spot" on her child's lung, while she is leaning against the hallway wall...she might pass suggest she sit before you tell her more info that will make her head spin and make her vomit.

*NEVER use your teeth to pull the cap off the end of a syringe...especially when the mother of the patient is watching.

*NEVER argue with another Dr. in the presence of any patient.

*ALWAYS smile...even when the day totally sucks...remember the kid with cancer is always having a worse day than you.

*REMEMBER that you are only human. It's okay to let us know that.

*ALWAYS have hope.

-Our onc was a fellow who genuinely cared. We were lucky. My daughter now babysits for his children and he wrote letters of recommendation for college and scholarships for her.
-Our family Dr. found out about my daughter and came to the hospital armed with tons of cancer info in layman's terms that she pulled from the internet.
-Everyday info, tiny bits of info about you help your young patients see you as a real person.

Good luck- your profession is not an easy one. Breath deep each morning and want for each patient as you would for your own.

Mom of Ali, teenage leukemia survivor, now off treatment for 2 years 11 months


Anonymous said...

These letters have been good for me to read also! I've been an RN for 13 years and worked in Labor & Delivery, A gyn/OB office and presently in outpatient surgery. We all get a little used to our job and technical terms we use but it is ALWAYS nice to get a reminder that we need to slow down and LISTEN!!!! The best part of my job has been being a patient advocate...

Meg from Ga

Grandma J said...

I love reading these letters, this one is superior (not to take away from the others).
Marey is precise and to the point. But then that's what makes her such an excellent advocate, fundraiser, and TEACHER!

Anonymous said...

Amazing letter!