Thursday, February 07, 2008


So, can you guess what we started this week?

However, I use the term "we" very loosely. Although I am required to sit by his side during practice, and follow-along with the lesson, I couldn't play "Honeybee" at this point if my life depended on it.


Anonymous said...

I am envious. I took piano lessons when I was young, but was so bad, the teacher actually told my parents they were wasting their money and not to bring me anymore. That's probably what is wronf g with me today!! : )

lizinsumner said...

I play the piano....have since I was five, so that's #$(*# years and a lot of playing. Does the keyboard have weighted keys?? Because if not, he'll have trouble adjusting to the feel of a real piano - but, on the other hand, will be proficient on any organ or electric keyboard with non-weighted keys. Don't know the song you mentioned - but, if you stick with it, you'll be playing Beethovan in no time!!! Good luck!

lizinsumner said...

ps - got to chuckle at anonymous above!! Sounds to me like she had a bad teacher, not that she was so bad. She should try again - but this time with a GOOD teacher!

Estrelleta said...

I LOVE playing the piano, very good choice! I have since I was eleven. The best part is when you start to be able to play other things, besides the songs from class.
The anonymous post reminded me of my dad's try at the piano. He had a half an hour lesson before the teacher asked him "are you doing it wrong on purpose?" And since he said "No", she told him maybe piano wasn't his thing. LOL.

The Running Girl said...

Good luck with the lessons. When Madison took lessons (and it was her idea to take them) I couldn't get her to practice for anything. It was like pulling teeth. The sad thing is that she would go to the next lesson and the teacher would praise her for doing so well and say how she must have practiced a lot. The teacher ended up moving after a year and a half and Madison decided she didn't want to continue. I always wonder how great she could be is she would have kept taking lessons and actually practiced. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

My son came home in 2nd grade and begged to take piano lessons. Strange, since we didn't even own a keyboard. He got a keyboard for Christmas and started lessons after that. He's a freshman in college now, majoring in Music Industry. He still takes piano and saxophone and has been writing his own music since about 9th grade. His first music teacher's best advice was "don't force him to practice". I didn't, and he did go through periods with not much practice, but he's always loved to play and it just seems to come easily to him! Good luck!

Gayle in AL

Bonita in Az said...

Ok is this Blaine or Kellen taking lessons?? lol You said he and the two of us! Oh I do amuse myself so easily!

that annoying Cathy from Suwanee said... you have an adorable ball of fluff yet???????????

just checking!

Melissa said...

I took lessons for nine years...I can't play a note at all now. Needless to say, piano was not my teacher eventually gave up on me also! I've always wished I could just sit down and play, but alas, it wasn't to be...

Sue said...

Don't you dare sting me!
Don't sting father,
Don't sting mother,
Don't sting sister,
Don't sting brother
Don't you dare sting me!

Could that be the lovely little tune you're talking about? My daughter started with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - 5 different versions. You had to pass your "Twinkles" to go to the next book, which took us close to a year to do. We switched to a different teacher/different method after that. I couldn't bear to hear any rendition of TTLS for a long, long time.

Go forward about 5 years. My daughter is now learning a J.S. Bach minuet, which will eventually sound beautiful. For now, well, I just hope Bach is not spinning in his grave.

Good luck to Kellen with his lessons! It can take a while, but it's worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

I am a piano teacher and I would kill for a parent who would actually sit with their child during practice time. My experience is it ain't gonna happen! ;)

However the key to successful piano practice is a "written in ink" schedule. I always work with the parents and student to come up with a reasonable workable schedule. Beginners should practice no more than 20 minutes a sitting 4 days a week, after 1 or 2 years, 30 to 45 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week, and advanced students 1-2 hours (also 4-5 days a week) (I am talking about Grade 8 level and up students!)

As a teacher and parent myself I am well aware that my student is not only taking piano lessons, but is attending school all day, playing soccer/hockey/basketball/baseball, taking dance/musical theatre/baton twirling well you get my point they're busy!

As to the comment about the keyboard, it will be absolutely fine for the first year. Weighted keys are not necessary for that time. Most of my students now have electric pianos and only play the "real piano" when they come to lessons. The electric pianos are great, not only cheaper than a conventional piano but you can also plug in earphones, adjust the volume and record your songs to listen. Great for ear training!

Good Luck on the lessons!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to take piano lessons when I was about 3 yrs. old, but back then all of the teachers in the area said a child wasn't ready until they were at least 6. (That's a load of crap in my opinion, and fortunately there's early childhood music classes widely available now.) Eventually a great new teacher moved to the area when I was 5 and I started with lessons from her. That was 27 yrs. ago and I still play, along with two other instruments, and I have a BA in music performance.

I always thinks it's great when kids want to learn an instrument. It's one thing you can't go wrong with. I've heard lots of people say they were sorry they quit, but not one who's said the wished they had quit!

Another incentive to stick with it - if he ever wants to play the drums in school band or something, some basic piano background in a huge plus! Some schools require it for their beginning percussionists.

Steph in MN