Saturday, June 23, 2007

Travel Tip #2

When traveling by car with the family pet, you will discover that it is not difficult to find a dog-friendly hotel.

What you *will* discover is that it is next to impossible to find a dog-friendly hotel that:

a) allows pets over 25 pounds
b) does so without charging a $75 pet fee
c) is not at least twenty miles out of your way

You cannot help it that your pet is not a yap-yap lap dog, and that he weighs way over the limit, but to pay $75 for the privilege of letting your arthritic, geriatric canine, who is way past the point of chewing on things or urinating on the sidewalk, sleep placidly in the corner of the room on a blanket you brought from home, seems a bit excessive.

So when you finally DO find a hotel that allows pets of all sizes, for only a $10 charge, and that it is located only half a mile off the interstate, you will do a little dance and praise the Gods of Google and make your online reservation.

Then, you will discover that the rooms are only $54.99 a night.

Red Flag.

And for good reason.

For if the rooms at a motel only cost $54.99 a night, there is a reason why. And you are not actually getting a great deal by booking two rooms side by side. You're simply getting double the dose of shall we say, less than stellar accommodations. And you will remember why there is a difference between a hotel and a motel. And you will come to the conclusion that by charging these cheap rates, management is quite obviously skimping a bit in both the housekeeping and maintenance divisions. And you will vow to yourself to pay the damn $75 fee on the return trip home.

Shower curtain? Held together with DUCT TAPE?

Not so charming.


Kelli said...

Your vacations are always an adventure! Between the urinating tree frog and a duct-taped shower curtain, I'd say you likely have many more adventures to come, lol. Keep your head up, (though not too high, wouldn't want any bird droppings to hit you in the eye)and have fun! And remember, each time something happens, just say to yourself, "that's something you don't see everyday!" (I told my 6yo son this last week when we saw a bison pooping at Charles Towne Landing. How many people get to see a bison, let alone a bison pooping!?! Made a big bison patty, I tell ya.)

~*~Snappz~*~ said...

Lessons learned the hard way are always the most entertaining ... :o) Well, for those of us laughing along at home, anyway!

cakeburnette said...

ook. Is the the place in Birmingham that you mentioned? I'm so sorry....

Anonymous said...

Ah, hotel stories. I've seen boogers on the wall and dried semen on the blankets. All together now....."EWWWWWWWW!!!!!" And these were in NICE hotels!!! What's up with that?

I think I'd rather be sleeping in the corner with your cozy old dog.

Tammy said...

Did you also have a bed that you can put quarters into that will make it move?!

Anonymous said...

Kristie: We travel from Md. to Atlanta all the time with two dogs
(1 medium and 1 large). We always stay at a Red Roof. They state that you can only have one dog but have never said anything to us even about the size of the dogs. The rooms are decent and very clean. Give that a try. If you go on they're website, you can get a good deal.
Have a great vacation!

Liz from Maryland

Anonymous said...

Kristie: Forgot to tell you, there's no charge at the Red Roof.

Liz from Maryland

Melissa said...

What a bummer! I had to re-read your sentence that said it is not difficult to find a pet-friendly motel, big surprise in my area. Anyways, just had to mention (even though you're far from California and even if you did come, I doubt you would bring Lager, but nevertheless) I used to work at a pet-friendly motel that is the exact opposite of what you described. Rates are reasonable, $10 pet fee (no matter it's size), rooms are spotlessly clean and in great shape. I wish I could take the motel with me every time I traveled because it's so great (and I get a discount)! Anyways, if you're ever in California and want to come to the beach:

Petry said...

Bummer, cr*p and Grrrr are all words that spring to mind. Well, I guess you can put this down to one of those moments you'll laugh about...someday...when you get the cockroaches out of your hair...

Meant to ask: Is that site that u and Terry are making still going ahead?? PLease keep us updated if it is!!!

Marsha said...

Oh, do I know this tip... I won't name the motel, but I will tell you that I learned this one with my sweet Ginger (about 45 pounds) at a motel in Mobile, Alabama. I even had a crate for her to stay in and it didn't matter to the uppity snooty place on the RIGHT side of the interstate but I how I wish I had paid the extra as well (and then I still would have had to lie about her size and hope nobody saw me take her in).

At least the manager at our sleazy hovel moved us out of the room with the leaking toilet! I wouldn't let Ginger on the floor of that room at all. I now refer to our damp palace as the Watergate.

Ewwwwwwwwww!!! to this day that's all I can say about that experience!

Melissa said...

Oh yea, know all about snooty Holiday Inn Express's that don't let you have pets! I too have an ancient dog who is arthritic and fat and the only real difference between her and the throw rug is the tail that wags. No dogs over 25lbs...whatever....I'm sorry but most dogs I know that are under 25lbs are noisy as all get out....I have heard my dog bark 2x in 2 long as I'm around she's quiet as can be...I'd rather have quiet than small in a hotel.