Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sonic! (not the hedgehog)

You all know I pink puffy heart Sonic, right? I mean, I’ve certainly talked about it enough. Well, check out the note my friend Lisa sent me today:

“I nominated you in May as the Sonic customer of the year (the idea came from someone else here, though) and I got a follow-up email today from Sonic!

"Thank you Mark and Lisa! I have forwarded this info on to our Peoples and Communication department for follow-up. We love to hear these stories!"

I think this must mean you are at least being considered! C'mon everybody--write in for Kristie, too!”

Now, normally, I’m not a big fan of self-promotion ... seems a little crass. But who knows? If the grand prize is free rabbit pellet ice and Diet Dr. Pepper for a year, I’ll stand right here and prostitute myself to the Gods of the Styrofoam Cup and not even blink an eye, and ask all of you to do it, too.

Thanks, Lisa, and who-ever gave her the idea to begin with!


Camp Jack said...

Oh, my... A new low. Didn't know it was possible...

Oh, what am I talking about. It's YOU afterall! No low (or should I say Ho) is beneath you! You've got our vote hands down!!!

Leeann said...

Way cool!
I hope you win!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristie,
I hope you win, but you do know those fizzy drinks take the calcium out of your bones? Oops, I sound like a nagging mom, hush my mouth! I voted for you anyway, you don't have to drink more of the stuff if you win do you?

Take care,
Love Angela

kim said...

HAHAHA--this is great! I am definitely voting for you, and I think it would be so fun for you to win. Really, I don't know what a person would have to do to beat you! You are the biggest Sonic proponent I know; you are the one who made me aware there is such a thing as Sonic. And also made me consider taking a trip to Mason City, Iowa just to experience Sonic. Which is big, because NOBODY goes to Iowa unless it's to Arnolds Park/Lake Okoboji! HA! Oh just watch, now I'll have offended the Iowans who read your site. So let me just say now, "I'm sorry" to the Iowans, but it's still pretty much true. Now I'm going to vote for you! HA!

Anonymous said...

I already e-mailed Sonic and added my 2 cents worth for you. If you actually won a year's worth of Diet Dr. Pepper, realistically, how long would it take you to go through it? Good Luck! We're keeping our fingers crossed up here in Oregon :)
Stephanie in Portland

Pam Doughty said...

:<) That would be me... I emailed Sonic after your May 15 blog "View from My Computer Chair"! You ARE the ultimate Sonic customer, and darn it, you deserve to win! (and here's my comment from that blog:
{ OK.. that did it. I finally had to email Sonic to let them know they've created an addict! (hint to anyone reading the guestbook entries; if you want to nominate Kristie as Sonic customer of the year, send an email to We'll see you hoisting a DDP in a Sonic ad yet, mark my words!

6:48 PM }

I would do cartwheels if you won a year's supply of DDP... think I may just have to email them again to reinforce just how many people you've touched with your Sonic message!

Anonymous said...

Vote Casted - pleasant pressure applied

NOW HERE IS THE VISUAL.. KRISTIE as the ....Sonic Pin Up Girl

Your winning is a shoe in - and so cost effective. As you are a military wife - and our tax dollars is your husbands salary - the money you save of actually BUYING DDP - in bulk - well it is good for America.

And - if you don't win - we can document a boycott for one week in your name to show them the power of Kristie and fans!

Happy ballot counting.....

Anonymous said...

I'd love to stay and chat, but I need to go find that Sonic site and put my vote in. Wouldn't it be cool if you win?!?

Dixie in CA

Anonymous said...

:::::dusting my hands:::::

Done! Now, I hope you win!

Dixie in Ca
Land of very few Sonics

michele(nurse in ny) said...

where on the site do u vote?

Anonymous said...

Kristie, please let me know what location you "frequent". My cousin owns several in GA and I'd love to tell her about you if you are going to one of her locations!!! Thanks!

Teresa Core
Nashville, TN

michele(nurse in ny) said...

figured it out.... just sent an email...

Anonymous said...

Kim, due to the fact that my husband is originally from Iowa, I feel I can bash them all I want...because one thing I've learned in the almost 15 years we've been together, is that as much as the rest of us don't go INTO Iowa unless we have to, they do not go OUT OF Iowa unless in point, in the 6 years that we have lived less than 2 hours from his family (and within 20 minutes of the Iowa border) I can count on 1 hand the number of times they have made it here...and that is because every other year they don't get their Christmas presents unless they come here to get them.

Stacie from MN

PS Kristie - I hope you win, too! We don't have a Sonnic anywhere near us, but my husband LOVES their Cherry Limeades (As in if he could have married that instead, he probably would have!)

Anonymous said...

sent my vote in!!
Hope you are "customer of the year"

Brookville, OH

Sherri in NC said...

Hi Kristie,
De-lurking (its been awhile since I've signed) to say that I love this song! In fact, after I heard it the first time on here and you told us who it was by, I just had to find out who was this Tokyo Joe... found out they are a band out of Columbia, SC and my BF had the CD (In This Lifetime, if anyone is interested) with this song on it. He loves live music and had purchased it when he saw them once in Charlotte before he met me. I'll confess, I promptly stole the CD from him and I'm not going to apologize for it, ever. Now we go see them every time they come to Charlotte, which isn't often enough, but they are even better in person than on their I wanted to say thanks so much for turning me on to them!

Oh, and good luck with the Sonic contest, I hope you win!

Anonymous said...

I sent my vote in this morning. We should all meet at a Sonic to celebrate when you win! Melissa

Deb said...

I sent in my vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I too am a HUGE fan of the rabbit pellet ice. We have Sonic here in Texas, but you can't imagine my excitement when I visited my inlaws in Oklahoma...THEY HAD A BAG OF SONIC ICE IN THEIR FREEZER!! They bag the stuff? I had no idea, and spent the entire visit walking out to their garage freezer to refill my cup with the wonderful little pellets.

And, when you win customer of the year, I beg you to petition for plain "slush" ice. I tried a slush with no "syrup" - bad idea. The car hop looked at me like a nut and it tasted gross as well!

Good luck in the contest!

Tina Johnson
San Antonio

Anonymous said...

Ok Kristie -
Here's is the response that I received when I emailed Sonic:

We want to thank you for showing interest in SONIC. At this time, there is not a national promotion regarding “Customer of the Year”. You might want to check with your local SONIC Drive-In to see if they are promoting this locally.

Again, thank you for taking the time to nominate your “SONIC Customer of the Year”. We love hearing that there are so many loyal SONIC customers out there!

Have a Super Sonic Day!


Sonic Corp.

I tried!
Kristina, Brookville OHIO