Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Travel Tip #6

There are certain vain, superficial, organized things that a girl such as myself likes to get done before going on vacation. Things like cutting her hair, buying new shoes, and getting fake nails put on. Because nothing says "Hey! I'm ready for an Alaskan Wilderness Adventure!" like a nice french manicure.

Just remember, however, that prior to your Alaskan Adventure, you might possibly spend a few days doing fun activities with your children. Activities where half-inch talons on the end of your fingers, although shiny and pretty, and definitely handy for opening those cans of Diet Dr. Pepper, will actually NOT be helpful .... like bowling.

And although you will have the highest score of the afternoon, you will be forced to admit that the only reason you had high score is because two of your spares happened when your ball flicked off your long nails, bounced off the kids' bumpers, and technically should have been gutter balls. And that knowledge, that you won because of the BUMPERS, will make it hard to clap your beautifully manicured hands in celebration.

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Anonymous said...

I have SO been there. Nothing like the "click" of new nails on a bowling ball to make you "sound" stylish! Of course, I always managed to get one stuck or bent back and the extremely loud use of profanity would ruin my style...or at least that is what my husband says.

I still think I looked AWESOME!!!