Friday, June 29, 2007

Travel Tip #8

Less of a travel tip, and more like an open letter to God:

Dear God,

Please, please, please, please .... don't let Blaine and me die in a fiery/watery/terrifying plane crash on our way to Phoenix/Seattle today. You know how I usually cover my bases by flying us on different planes, and I did that today, as well, but then Continental changed my flight time by over four hours and I had no choice but to book myself on the same US Airways flight as him. And while I know I listed a "100 Things I Love About You" list for our 20th anniversary, "plunging to our deaths together" is NOT what I want on the list for #101.

Please, please, please, please ..... let this sick, nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach be nothing more than the fact I haven't yet eaten my TJ Cinnamon's cinnamon roll that Blaine bought for me, and not the mounting guilt and fear that we are about to leave our children as parentless orphans with our selfish and greedy all-adult trip to Alaska. Because although I know my mother loves them, and would take good care of them for the rest of their lives, quite honestly, I don't think she has the mental fortitude to survive the non-stop, 24/7 Disney channel obsession that is my children's lives. Love them she might, but withstand the constant barrage of Suite Life and Hannah Montana? No, sadly, I don't think she's quite tough enough.

Please let us not only survive the flights, but please let's also keep the ship afloat, and not sink in the lake on our floatplane adventure, or be capsized by a whale, or eaten by a polar bear when we dogseld across the glaciar. Do they even have polar bears in Alaska? I don't know, but my point is .... as much as the little hooligans annoy me at times, I would very much like to return to them in one piece, ready to resume my role as parent.

PS. Thank you so much for the kind, helpful US Airways curbside attendant who not only helped dragged all six suitcases from the van to his check-in counter, but who weighed two of them because he was worried they might be over weight (Whew! Just made it! Two pounds to ) and helped with our ID tags and everything. Too bad he worked for United.


The Running Girl said...

I hope you two have a wonderful trip! You deserve it. Can't wait to read all about it (because one of these years I'd love to do an Alaskan cruise). I'm sure the kid's will have a good time without you, so you may as well have a good time without them.

lizinsumner said...

I hope you tipped him anyway, poor guy! No polar bears in AK - just brown and Kodiak and maybe some Grizzley bears - steer clear of all of them. Your ship should be bigger than the whales, but just to play it safe - don't skip the life boat drills (yeah, I know, broken-record!!). The flight?? When was the last time you heard of a domestic flight going down??!! And, speaking as a GOOD CORPORATE DRONE, if you're on a BOEING plane, you're safe!! (well, mostly safe - there's pilot error, and mechanical failure....) but - you'll be fine! I felt the same way as you, though, when I loaded up my (then) 11 year old son a couple of years ago and flew to Disneyland for vacation - what if we die in a crash and the only reason we were on the plane in the first place was for a Disneyland vacation??!! Needless to say, we're still here and still in one piece, as will be both of you. And, on the very slim chance that something were to happen, tell your mother that she can send your kids to live with me, where the Disney Channel is also on 24-7, ad-nauseum, and I have now become so de-sensitized to it that my sanity is no longer in jeopardy - at least, not from that. But, from the beginnings of puberty and teen-age angst/drama??!!! Very possibly! In the meantime, relax, have a great time, take lots of digital photos for us, and - most important - have many, many lattes whilst driving thru Seattle, the coffee capital of the world. When you drive past the Space Needle at the Seattle Center, wave to me - I'll be there tonight and all day tomorrow at the Women of Faith convention. Or just yell Hi Liz!! and I'll hear you! Have fun!!!!!!!

Simply Jenn said...

I'm only nervous when I'm on a flight without my husband. I guess I'd just rather not die alone. Or maybe he distracts me from feeling every single wiggle of the plane. Yes, that must be it.

Jen from WI said...

Praying for a safe trip for the two of you. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

As I recall, the 101st spot on the list of 100 things you loved about Blaine was already taken! So, problem solved? I'm praying that all goes well on your flight, and that you are filled with peace. Have a great time together. Let us know what it's like to live a week without Suite Life or Hannah. I hope those Disney PR people get paid a lot. They certainly are good. I can't even get away from the Disney stuff when I'm at the ball park. I heard a parent yell last night, "Get your head in the game," and you guessed it, I heard the song all night in MY head. Have a great time. You both certainly deserve some time away together to enjoy life!

Rene in NC

Anonymous said...

Have a safe flight and a wonderful trip! We did the Alaska Inside Passage Cruise in 2001 and it was amazing. ENJOY!

Liz from Maryland

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

oh my - this sounds like me - moments before I leave our kids! I hope that you got there safely, have a wonderful time & return safely, too.

Alaska ... I'm jealous!

cwing said...

Oh my have brightened my day so much!!! You are so real :) Enjoy your your plane lands!

laura said...

Actually, there are polar bears in the extreme north of Alaska but the chances of stumbling across one while visiting the usual tourist haunts is negligible. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. It's beautiful up here right now--perfect for airing out the soul.