Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Kristie: "So, what did you learn about in school today?"

Kendrie: "Starfish."

Kristie: "Starfish? Really? That’s neat."

Kendrie: "Yeah, we’re studying the ocean on the internet."

Kristie: "Well, what did you learn about starfish?"

Kendrie: "That they’re carnivores."

Kristie: "Carnivores? Really? What do you mean?"

Kendrie: "Carnivore means you eat meat."

Kristie, amused: "I *know* what carnivore means …. I just didn’t realize starfish were carnivores. What do they eat?"

Kendrie: "Clams, and oysters, and other fish things, mainly."

Kristie: "Hmmm. Well, what do you know. I had no idea."

Kendrie, exasperated: "Mom ... {pause for dramatic effect} … Google doesn’t lie. "


Janice said...

Well, I will admit googling "starfish" befor posting. Kendrie is right, they are predators and eat muscles, oysters etc. I never would have thought! It's true Google doesn't lie.

Shannon said...

Who knew that kids were learning so much...and who knew that Google didn't like? Hmmm...Kendrie really rocks!

Okay, so I have a confession. I was watching the finale of DWTS and there was still 10 minutes left. I was so on pins and needles that I almost went to your blog to see if you had posted who won...that's it, I am truly pathetic!


lizinsumner said...

Kendrie - you're too cool, girl! I was waiting for a DWTSs post, so I could do my YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, SEATTLE's OWN APOLO O. WINS YET AGAIN (I'm counting the Olympics, of course)!!!!!!!!!!!! comment. And I've never even watched the show - I guess I need to start. BUT HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!! Washington never wins anything, and nobody cool ever comes from Washington - until now!! Two great things in one month - our state quarter finally (FINALLY!!!!!) comes out, and Apolo wins! I've been beside myself with pride and glee....this from the state the up to now has offered nothing but airplanes (Boeing) and coffee (STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Okay, I'm done spazzing out over this - think I need another latte....congratualations, Apolo! (Anyone know when his flight comes in at SeaTac? Thought I'd bring him a REAL latte - he should need one by now, after being in L.A. for so long........oh, and Kristi - how are Blaine and your mom doing??

Tracy'sspace said...

Lol,this reminded me of a friend of mines daughter. At age 4, when asked to fetch money from her mom's purse, she came back with the credit cards! A real child of the times. My daughter's friends were horrified yesterday when I told them that I didnt have computers in my school at primary school!

kim said...


GOOGLE DOESN'T LIE. Truly, words to live by, 2007-style! Way to go, Kendrie!

Kristie, you might want to start now with your plan of attack for the teen years with that one!


D said...

Ahhhh...... the future-- totally spoiled by spell check and Google :) :) Remember the good ol' days when checking spelling required a dictionary and research required encyclopedias????????

P.S. Thanks for giving a "shout out" (boy am I ever hip!) to Pioneer Woman. Her site is so funny. I noticed that she has a google adsense campaign on her old journals. At the risk of sounding like an annoying broken record, maybe you should get one too??????

Ann Marie said...

I read just last night that Starfish do not have eyes.. that I didn't know

Kim P said...

Well, DUH, Mom! gotta love 'em!

Although, I have to admit, I learned something new today because I certainly didn't know starfish ate those kind of things.

Katie said...

Wow. I just spent a semester studying biology and learned the whole stupid nervous system of a sea star, and not once was I ever informed that they were carnivorous predators. Who'd have thought that something that moves THAT slowly could attack another animal. They must have some pretty amazing methods of distractions.

Marysienka said...

hahaha totally today's kids!! What are mine going to say, if I have them 10 years from now??
You're so cool Kendrie :-D

Renee in Canada

Mixed Up Me said...

Okay, I admit, I am a teacher who teaches the ocean unit each year and I did not know that starfish were carnivores, so I had to google it myself after reading your post and sure enough, Kendrie's words were exactly as listed on Gooogle!! Thanks for teaching me something new, Kendrie! You deserve an A+ in my book!