Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Like a shooting star -- the flame burns bright ... then out

I had one brief, glorious moment yesterday when I thought my son had sprung from my loins with my mad justification skillZ born into him. Sadly, it appears it is not to be, as by dinner last night, he had embarrassed himself, and sullied the Escoe Code of Rationalization and Excuses, with this lame argument:

Kristie: OK, here’s the deal. I will let you three watch half an hour of television during dinner (extremely casual English muffin pizzas, convenient and quick for the nights we have soccer practice until 7:30) but as soon as the show is over, you must get up, quickly and WITHOUT ARGUMENT, and take your showers before bed. Is that a deal?

Kellen, solemnly: I’m sorry, I cannot agree to that.

Kristie, snorting with laughter at his serious tone: What do you mean, you can’t agree to that?

Kellen: I don’t want to take a shower. I’m allergic to water.

Grandma, trying to be clever: Oh, that’s too bad. When you visit me this summer, I guess you won’t get to swim in my pool.

Kellen: There’s actually a shot I can take for it when the time comes.

I mean, come on. Who’s he kidding? Was that supposed to fool me? I am the master, people, THE MASTER. And that argument was just feeble. Feeble and lame. And, not to go un-noticed, a bold-faced lie.

PS. The robin is still holding in there …. Egg updates to follow.

PSS. I can only assume the legions of Hannah Montana fans are who is pulling Billy Ray through. He should have been the one to go last night. What was with that waltz??? Was he just tired, and letting her do all the work?? He will most definitely be the one to go next, or there is absolutely no justice in this world.

My final prediction:

5th place: Billy Ray
4th place: Ian
3rd place: Layla
2nd place: Apolo
1st place: Joey Fatone

(although for the record, I like Ian better than Layla, but I think the judges think she is a better dancer, so I’m guessing she’ll finish ahead of him -- nothing as scientific as a “hunch”, upon which to base my guesses, right?)


Anonymous said...

I am going with Appollo to win!!! I love him! While I think that Joey will get the popular vote- he started with talent and that is not fair. Plus- Appollo and Julianne are absolutely adorable and I would like for them to go on and live happily ever after and have many dancing babies.

To be voted off- for sure- Billy Ray. I would also like to point out, aside for Hannah Montana- country music is the #1 format. So, it could be all of those country music fans pulling him through.

Kathy from Pa

Jeanette said...

Can I just say...I love the song. It makes me happy! Very cute. Hope your mom is doing ok today.

Anonymous said...

Personally I can't stand Billy Ray and his aw shucks " heelbilly charm" so I think it must be the visually impaired who are voting for him, cuz if you just listened to the comments you might think he was great.

GO JOEY! Fat, Flexible and Funny, he's got it all!


kim said...

Hi Kristie!!! I personally think you're being just a little hasty in your shooting star judgment of Kellen's justification powers. You must remember, it takes many years to hone these skills, with the prime years being the teen years. Thusly, I think Kellen is advanced for his age! I also wanted to add my best wishes for your Mom to feel much better real quick! You're so lucky to have your Mom, kidney stones and all! Cause it has to be partly because of her that YOU ROCK!

Natalie said...

I was just thinking today (clearly I need to find something else to do with my time) that Joey is probably going to win. And I agree that my dear Apolo is going to be second. Sigh.

Marcia said...

Hey, he's gotta get points for trying the water allergy thing, right? He's quick, for sure!

My 12 year old ran right downstairs and logged in to vote for Mylie's daddy! I can't stand Ian, and just hearing his name bugs me. I haven't liked him since 90210. I love watching Laila, Joey and Apolo.

Megan said...

I'm gonna have to go with Appollo. I LOVE him! I have this school girl like crush on Appollo! But as far as the dancing goes I like Joey and Appollo both. I like Laila too, and I would like to see a woman win again. Sooo.... I guess I dont freakin know who I want to win!! Really, I have a crush on Appollo... Mark came into the room last week while he was dancing and said "why does your face look like that?"!!! I was GAZING at Appollo!!


Lene said...

Your son has such quick wit!

Not following DWS...well NOT really following it. I secretly watch it when noone else is around. ;)

Staci said...

Allergy shots for water.. hahahaha Good try Kellen..

watch out for that one Kristie.. he will be a teenager before you know it.. Good thing you can act as a human lie detector.. although at his age that was pretty good.. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your DWTS stats. I love Apolo (one p and one l) and I'd vote for him to win, but I doubt he will. I think Julianne is already someone else. They are cute together!

Dixie in CA

Anonymous said...

When are you going to return to the Leukemia Journey on the CB website. I am ready for the next stage...I need advice!

Anonymous said...

Missing Mario on DWTS!! My vote goes to Apolo ~ He's Ding Dong DA-dorable!! Joey is good too, I predict 2nd place for him. Love your site!!

Suzy Rose ~ Mom to Kendall ~ Another Awesome ALL survivor!!!
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Sara said...

That is great justification. From one food lover to another, I think you will also appreciate my own justification as a child. When I was pre-school age I used to say I was full at the dinner table only to ask for dessert. My justification "My spaghetti (insert dinner item) tummy is full but my dessert tummy is not." I was very serious & personally think I was quite creative at a young age! ;)