Saturday, May 12, 2007

Field Day 2007, in Photos

Brayden, standing, looking pretty. FYI, this was right after she yelled at me that I was embarrassing her and she didn’t want me taking any pictures of her this year why couldn't I just go away and leave her alone?? Why yes, I *do* love parenting a tween-ager, why do you ask?

And just so you know she can do more than stand around and pose, here she is in action.

Kellen, with the ever-challenging ball on a spoon relay. Truly, his athletic accomplishments are dizzying to the mind.

This picture is much more fun for me. Have you ever seen a child strain so hard? Although why they would select my son, seventy pounds soaking wet, to compete in the tug-of-war, is beyond me.

But even funnier than the thought of skinny-Minnie-Kellen in the tug-of-war, is the face of his classmate J. behind him. Although it goes against every internetiquette rule I know to post photos of someone else’s child without asking permission….. how could I NOT post that face???

PS. They lost.

Kendrie, also handling with ball on a spoon relay with grace and skill. I expect to be fielding calls from the 2018 Olympic scouts any day now.

Um, I mean …. Maybe not.

Ok, just so long as you get to the end of the lane, it’s all good.

And a good time was had by all.

Except for Grandma Betty, who despite the cooler of water and the umbrella for shade, about had a heat stroke and had to come home and have a nap before the evening soccer game. Poor Grandma Betty. Getting old's a bitch. Kidney stones and heat exhaustion, all in one visit.

PS. If any of you who read Kendrie’s Caringbridge site and have been kind enough in the past to leave us a message in the guestbook, receive an e-mail from someone “named” Frederick Ekene, just delete it. I don’t know this person, but they’ve chosen to spam the e-mail addresses in the guestbook with religious messages about not being able to get ahold of me, so please forward this message .... which I think, wow, shows a lot of class. Obviously, a little too much time on their hands, and too little intelligence in their brains, if that’s the best way they can entertain themselves. If we all delete him, maybe he’ll go away.

PSS. And speaking of CB sites, a few of you have e-mailed me to ask about Baby Donovan’s site and why you can no longer access it. Unfortunately, after Donovan’s death, his mother started getting mean-spirited notes in the guestbook and she’s had to make it a password-protected site in order to avoid the trolls. Again, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with people that they would choose to leave hate-mail or spam on the site of a child who has died from cancer, but there you have it.

PPSS. I realize I have a lot of loose journal ends just sitting out there. Baby stuff, photo stuff, my response to some comments ..... my only excuse is my mom is still here visiting, recovering from her heat stroke and all sorts of fun stuff, and I haven't been online as much. As soon as she gets settled back at home, I'll be on here posting like normal again. Which means a lot of you are probably looking for the escape key as I type. But there you go.

PPSSS. Please, from the bottom of my heart, if you are not already signed up to be a bone marrow donor, PLEASE visit The National Bone Marrow Registry and sign up. Now through May 21 they are hosting a special drive for Mothers Day and registration is FREE. You can join online, or find a local drive. Just please consider signing up. I don't need to tell you how important it is to mothers every where.


Pam Doughty said...

I'd say "Wow, I'm the first to post!" but I just know someone is hitting the "enter" key even as I type. So never mind.
I love the pics at field day, especially of Kendrie's incredibly beautiful hair! (oh, and "J's" face... priceless!). Wish I could be at my son's field day this week, but it's my last day of preschool, so "oh, well". I guess he won't have to groan at any pics that were taken during a particularly "graceless" moment (not that you took any of those... oh no!).
Gonna try to get a bone marrow drive going at my church; thank you very much for making me aware of the importance of being on the donor list back when you had that awesome post on Kendrie's site. Now, when I read that someone is having a transplant, all I can think of is "I hope I get a call; I hope I'm a perfect match!" My time will come, if needed, and I'll be truly excited to be able to help with the gift of life.
Time for bed; have a WONDERFUL Mothers Day, Kristie! :<)

cakeburnette said...

Happy Mother's Day--how great that you get to spend it with your mom! Glad you called the wrong number the other day--it was great to get to talk to you even for a minute,


kim said...

I love the pix! Especially 1) how strikingly pretty Brayden is, with that gorgeous smile, 2) Kellen's long, lanky, skinny-twig legs, giving it all he's got in the tug-of-war. "A" for effort, 3)just how darn pixie-cute is Kendrie, anyway? That child has the best head of hair! Oh, and poor Grandma Betty! All things considered, please wish her an extremely Happy Mother's Day for me! And because YOU SO ROCK, I hope your Mother's Day does, too!

Melissa said...

Thanks to your urging on Kendrie's site a while back, and providing the link, I am now signed up for the National Marrow Donor registry. Just got my card in the mail the other day. Happy mother's day!

Simply Jenn said...

Thank you for the bone marrow reminder Kristie. I have the form in my backpack and will send it in this week. Best wishes to your mom. Unfortunately it isn't any better back her in OK heat and humidity wise.

Cari H Mesa, AZ said...

Thanks for the information about the National Bone Marrow registary. I joined, and then sent out an e-mail to my entire address book asking them to join. I hope I am a match for someone!

Staci said...

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's day..

you are the Mother of all Mothers... :) not to mention you allowed other women to become Mothers..

Happy Mother's day to "M" too.. :)

you are an inspiration Kristie..

Katie said...

First of all, the field day pictures are too funny. I think my left thigh weighs more than your whole son, but still, great pictures.

I do have a question about the bone marrow registry, that I may have asked you before (I've asked a lot of people and no one knows). They say on the national donor registry website that you can't donate if you have any herniated discs in your spine. I have 8 herniated discs, but they're from car accidents. If you happen to know why this is, or if there's any place I can find out besides emailing them outright (which I did, but never heard back), I'd really appreciate it. I've always wanted to register, but I didn't want to break the rules, I'm a suck up like that.


New Orleans

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! You know, moms to future Olympians are special moms. LOL


D said...

OMIGOD Kristie- You do such a great job of mixing prose, pictures and music. The tug of war pictures are priceless, as are the other pictures.

Thanks for reminding us how important it is to register to be bone marrow donors. I can only imagine all the moms out there who today are so, so grateful that someone like you inspired individuals to donate the marrow that saved their children lives. Have a super, awesome wonderful Mother's Day.

The Running Girl said...

Ahhhh, the wonderful field day. My kid's field day was a week ago. And I took off and took pictures just like you did. Only your kids look much drier than mine were. The whole second half of the day was devoted to water games and the whole goal is to get everyone completely soaked and muddy so that they can then go home to mom and dad! Oh what fun.

I hope you had a wonderful mother's day.


Renee in Canada said...

I love the pics and how you commented them ;) Your entries always crack me up!! Happy Mother's day, btw!

m said...

Aawww..... Brayden cut her hair! Tell her I said it is very pretty!


Lene said...

Such great pics! I loved field day when I was a kido. SUch fun!

hydrogeek said...

I just registered my husband and I for bone marrow donation, and sent an email with a link to my entire address book. I hope somebody gets matched!