Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Final Tip, Then I Swear I Am Done

Ok, the very last photography tip I want to leave you with is this: like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. Or, practice at least makes “improved more than before.” The beauty of taking lots and lots of photos is that you will get better and better at doing it. The other advantage is that statistically speaking, if you take enough crappy photos, odds are you’ll get a good one or two in there as well.

See where the light is best in your house and yard at certain times of the day. Pay attention, and take advantage. Aim for the soft glow of morning and evening lighting. Be aware of your backgrounds. Practice sitting your kids in front of solid-color sheets as backdrops and staging your own photo shoots. Get in closer to your subject ... you can almost always get in closer. Also practice taking pictures of your kids on the sly, as the spontaneous photos are often the best. If you have to, bribe the little rugrats with money to get them to pose and cooperate. Not that I would know anything about that (ahem). Most of all, have fun with it, and enjoy your results. And if you aren’t happy with your results ….keep doing it until you are!

The End.


Amie said...

One good way to get that precious photography practice is to participate in something like Project 365. :)

Amy from St.Pete said...

My kids are so tired of me taking pictures of them. I can't get enough of them though. I love all your tips, thanks.
One of my Mom's cousin's, Nancy has always been the one to take a lot of pictures. Everyone used to say that "If Nancy doesn't have a picture of it, then it didn't happen"; I have now taken her place. I got a new camera for my birthday in March and I'm still learning how to use it. It's a Kodak Easy Share and I love it. I am alway's posting new slideshows on MySpace.
Have a great day!!

The Running Girl said...

I love the giraffe picture! We got to feed some several years ago and I got a good picture with Madison feeding one.

The only problem I have with taking so many pictures is that I feel like I then need to print them all out and put them in scrapbooks. Heck, I still need to get some old 35mm film developed! Yikes!


Patty House, Jasonville IN said...

That one of Kellen through the camera would have just wanted to focus on the fence and he would have been blurry! Ugh.

I take thousands of pictures every year and only print out a handful of them. I have my screen saver on my pc scroll through them so I at least see them. lol!

btw, Great tips!

Dena said...

Great tips.....I am so bad about taking pictures.......but I have gotten much better since I got a new camera for christmas:) Hey.....who do you think is gonna win DTWS??? I bet Laila or Apollo.......but I cant get enough of Joey:) Dena