Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DWTS, since so many of you asked

OK, here's my honest opinion:

I think Apolo and J are about the cutest couple ever, and she's the best female dancer, and like someone else said, I would love nothing more than for the two of them to fall in love and get married and have lots of little dancing babies ... but since it's a show about the celebrity (although I adore him (Apolo) in all of his adorableness) I do think Joey is the best natural dancer. But! I'm wondering if public vote will go for Laila, since all the women in America will split their votes between the two cute guys, and everyone who wants a female to win will vote for her. Plus, I think the judges favor Laila. Layla? Leila???

So here's the bottom line for me: I think Joey is a better dancer than Apolo, but Apolo is so cute I want to put him in a gunny sack and bring him home with me. So if either of them wins, I'll be happy. If Laila wins, I won't be UNhappy because she is a good dancer, but she is not my personal favorite.

How many weeks until the new season begins??? And what the heck should I record with my new DVR in the meantime? Brayden asked last night if it would record Disney shows .... I'll be in big trouble if she ever figures out how to work the thing.


Tracy said...

I agree with your whole post. The think Apolla and his hottie are great! Joey and Kym are also great! Layla is good but not as good as the boys. Although, I won't be disappointed either way. It has been a really good season!

Anonymous said...

Apollo can't come to your house because he needs to come live here. Maybe as a nanny or something. He couldn't be any cuter. LOVE HIM! Laila is my least favorite -- wasn't as impressed with her freestyle. Can't wait for tonight.

Anonymous said...

I agree I think Apollo should win but I think all the men who secretly watch will vote for Lalia! In a few weeks the new season of The Closer starts. Although it is a law and order type show the girl just cracks me up. A southern girl living in L.A....can you relate?JD from NC

Anonymous said...

Agree that A and J are absolutely adorable......but want Joey to win!!! Did anyone else experience a moment of disappointment when Joey and Kym came out for their freestyle all dressed up and the slow music started?? And then, wow!, pull-apart clothes and let the REAL dancing begin.....what fun!! With my DVR, I was able to watch that several times! :)
Mary in Illinois

Dena said...

I agree Kristie, it has been a good season and I wouldn't be UNhappy if Laila wins, but I am definitely on the Joey and Kym train. I love them. And I won the DVR battle last night, with everyone in my family wanting to record "their" show, we actually had to break out the old VCR....and woe is he who had to settle for that (hint..it wasnt me and my DTWS:) Good luck keeping Brayden away from the DVR..my 3 year old can already get onto her favorite games on the computer with no help...........Kids are so smart today:) Dena

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Apalo ALL THE WAY!!!!

Kathy in Pa

The Running Girl said...

I'm kind of leaning toward Apollo winning. I really enjoyed the freestyle dancing last night. Made me want to go out for a night on the town (but I didn't). Should be an interesting night.


Anonymous said...

:) Here is me laughing at the news that you finally broke down and got the DVR! hehe! sorry, I couldn't help myself! And I can see Brayden finding out soon enough- all she needs to do is mention it at school and the kids will spoil your "secret"!

Leesburg, VA

Kim said...

Don't ever let the kids figure out the DVR (change the password daily!)...we had so many Disney/Cartoon Network shows on ours that we got the kids their own (okay that was when they were cheap and we got to keep the really cool one with the big hard drive!). The person at the store looked at us like we were nuts - figured she'd never seen 40 Hannah Montana shows taped at one time!!

D said...

You're speaking Greek to me. I just can't get into Dancing with the Stars.

Sandie said...

I don't watch DWTS, but HOORAY THAT YOU GOT THE DAMN DVR! As for what to record... There's a new pirate reality show that is starting that you could record, but I don't know if it is kid friendly. I also don't know if it is junk or not (probably).

Anonymous said...

I'm truly embarrassed to admit this but we made the mistake of teaching our 8 1/2 year old daughter how to operate the TiVo. She figured out how to put her Disney shows on a season pass and suddenly our living room TV had about 40-50 hours worth of Disney on it (in a matter of a few days!). We ended up getting TiVo on our master bedroom TV and now our daughter has full reign of that TiVo (it's all Disney!). We were all three fighting over one TV!

Anonymous said...

I love Apollo. I think he's cute as a bug. Of course, DH and I met ice skating (figure skating but close enough) so I have a soft spot in my heart for skaters. That said, because of my figure skating experience, I know that on lifts, the girls get all the glory but the men do all the work.

Anchoring a lift takes a lot of skill and strength. For a non professional dancer to attempt it is amazing. Joey made it look so easy.

I have to say that after last night, my vote goes to Joey, not on cuteness but on ability.


Anonymous said...

Kristie, I agree, there's some danger in teaching kids to use the DVR. Of course, I'm not sure they have to be taught. Somehow they just seem to learn more than we know! My 8 yo son has taught me additional features before I needed them. For example, he records The Suite Life. I'd gotten tired of having 8 trillion episodes saved at all times. He would erase episodes once he watched them, but really, how many times do we need to record the show about the staff's eating habits???? So, I changed his setting from record series any time any where to record just for one time slot. After a couple of days, he realized the shows were not accumulating any more. I told him why, but he missed having them available. Then, I went to GA a couple of weeks ago. I left on a Monday and came back Thursday. I did not get to see DWTS while I was gone, but I wasn't worried. It was on my DVR at home. When I finally sat down to watch the shows, guess what was on my saved show list? You bet, 8 trillion copies of Suite Life - thanks to one of those "marathons" they run on Disney! I missed the DWTS when Muhammad was there. I was not a happy mommy!

I hope you enjoyed it tonight. I'm always disappointed when someone loses - even if who I picked wins. They're just all so good by this time I feel bad for the losers.

Rene in Wilmington, NC