Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vacation Thoughts #3


The Liberty Bell.

Independence Hall.

The home of Betsy Ross.

The life of Benjamin Franklin.

History. Patriotism. Pride.

Three whiny, obnoxious, ungrateful, ill-mannered, rude, argumentative children.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Amy said...

I could have swore it was going to be like a MasterCard commercial! LOL! Why, oh why, do we torture ourselves and actually TAKE our children with us on vacation????!!!


C. said...

AHH! Why oh why did I read you so late tonight! I could have given you some tips on where to go after the ungrateful go to bed tonight. If you're in Philly any longer and need ideas - let me know! (ringing rock park is only 1.5 hours away! - yes, I'm way too hyper right now.)

Staci said...

Hahahaha.. welcome to the great north east..

enjoy your stay..

Anonymous said...

Just think of what a great addition this will be for your Christmas letter!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure those are your children?
Because they sound!!!
SSDH-Same shit, different house.
Just keep counting the days for your adult vacation.
Gig Harbor, WA

kim said...

HAHAHA--I'm with Dixie on this one! Can I get on your Christmas letter mailing list?

Lisa said...

But revenge is sweet Kristie - its Easter and that means Official Sit Still This is Your Family Easter Photograph and Mum Get to Choose What YOU Wear time of year!!
Love lisa

Jeanette (in chilly GA) said...

Glad to hear you're having such a great time...hee hee...we miss you guys!

Deborah said...

What? Having a great time? Thought so!!

liz in sumner said...

Did you at least get the little twirps to stand in front of the afore-mentioned historical monuments and get pictures??!! I told Jake that I'd take him to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but by god he was going to stand next to every gosh-darned Disney character that I came across and smile and get his picture taken whether he wanted to or not! I got some great ones even though he didn't like doing it....0h well, too bad, soo sad......

Anonymous said...

Ok, beginning to get a little weird...we went there too! Did you make it to NYC perhaps? One stop we made that is a MUST...Hershey PA and the World of Chocolate. You might need to have a "fix"!

Meg (now home in Americus)

Anonymous said...

Reality check Kristie - visiting Philly is ONLY as good as the soft pretzels bought on the street, a historic visit to Pat's Steak, a day at the zoo (freezing weather doesn't count) and a sporting event or two BEFORE trying to get some culture would have been a more comprehensive plan. If you have time - you might want to skip the cold outside stuff and go right to the Franklin Institute or even the Please Touch Museum....
really - what are you doing about snacking??????

Chin said...

And all of this could be summed up in the title of one movie: National Trust.

You are funny. I'm happy I found this site.

D said...

Your pictures are beautiful Kristie--- really, really beautiful!!!! And, hey, in ten years, when you're feeling those pangs of empty nestedness, you'll look back on those pictures and realize what a super, awesome, wonderful vacation you had. You'll look at those smiling faces and remember how precious your kids were. You'll long for the times when you were able to lug Kendrie around on your back and could hear fighting in the back seat....... Okay, so this is the type of thing that I tell myself when my usually very well behaved four-year old acts like a maniac.

Happy Easter!!!!!

Mixed Up Me said...

Hi Kristie,

This post made me think about the time I took my two charming children to Disneyland . . .yes, Disneyland!! They were whiny and ungrateful, and fought the entire time . . .until we had to separate, one with me and one with dad . . . then it was enjoyable!! You just can't win, no matter how hard you try!!

Have a great day!

(formerly ryna95815)