Friday, April 13, 2007

I Want My MTV. Er, At Least My Television.

I have to say, I was a little surprised by the people who were so annoyed by my last posting, and felt the need to comment on it. It’s not surprising that I annoyed people ... I can be annoying. Quite annoying. Really, darn annoying. Like that scene in Dumb and Dumber about the most annoying sound in the world, only instead of a sound, it’s just me, talking and typing and talking and typing, about whatever I feel like, with no consideration to others, once again abusing the comma, just entertaining myself, on and on and on, endlessly. Being annoying. I do find it interesting, like my neighbor Amy said, that someone would rather spend their time and energy posting a rude comment, than simply clicking on the red “x”. You know, the red “x” on the monitor. Go ahead, look for it.

No, seriously. Go on. I’m waiting.

Maybe you’ve never noticed --- right up there, in the top right corner.

See it? Right there?

Goooood boy.

It’s not that I don’t welcome comments from people who disagree with me. I have no problem with that ... and in fact, enjoy hearing other people’s opinions. Diversity is what makes the world go ‘round. Well, that, and the sun’s gravitational pull, or something like that. I never really listened in Science class. I just enjoy it more when those opposing opinions come from people who can express them logically and tactfully and intelligently. Thankfully, the vast majority of people who comment on this site are interesting and funny and kind and generous. And I like you, even if we don’t see eye to eye. So even if you disagree with me, please, post away! Just don’t be smarmy. I don’t “do” smarmy, and I don’t like it in others.

Although I find it very curious that the anonymous smarmy ones really think they’re anonymous. Do they not know there is tracking software that allows me to figure out who they are? (Not that I do ... I’m just saying. Maybe I don’t. Then again, maybe I do.)

But, that doesn’t honestly explain my take on the smarmy comments. If your comment is so nasty-hateful-spiteful (and yes, I’ve had a few) that I feel it might be necessary to track and block you, I simply delete your comment. I’m the moderator .... the boss of this little speck on the internet, and guess what? I can delete any comment I want ... nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo doo. And if you post a rude comment and I leave it on the site? It’s because quite frankly, it didn’t offend me that much. So really, it’s a lose-lose situation for people who like to try and stir things up. If you’re mean enough to get noticed, you’re deleted. And if you’re still here, you just weren’t mean enough. Quite honestly, this is way more attention than I intended to give the situation as it is. So let’s drop it, and move on, to my next annoying topic.

Although, wait, one more thing. If you *do* sign in as anonymous because you don’t have a google account, please remember to put your name in the body of the comment. I really love hearing from all of you (yes, yes, even the ones who disagree with me, seriously) and love even more, knowing who’s who.

So, let’s go back to the topic at hand: television. And the fact I don’t watch much of it. Maybe I should clarify. It’s not because I don’t like tv, or there’s not anything on it that intrigues me. Just the opposite. There are a LOT of shows that look interesting to me. It wouldn’t take much more than a Diet Dr. Pepper and a bag of Doritos to turn me into a bona-fide couch potato.

I’ve seen one episode of Gray’s Anatomy. I really liked it. It was the episode, about two years ago, where that one doctor (the Asian chick) was involved with that other one doctor (the brown guy) but only her one friend knew it, and he didn’t know she was pregnant and she fainted while watching that surgery, and then they whisked her into the operating room and realized she had an ectopic pregnancy. And I think in the same episode, if I’m remembering correctly, that one doctor (the gay one ... or is he gay on the show, or in real life? I don't know) was taking care of a patient who had Alzeheimers and thought he was her husband from years ago. And I think maybe her real daughter was the other doctor, the pretty one, who’s having an affair with the McDreamy guy (who, can I just say, I’ve loved since he played in Can’t Buy Me Love .... what girl wouldn’t want to be swept away on that riding lawn mower????) who was married to still yet another doctor. Or something like that.

But the whole thing was very captivating. Honestly.

However, I still don’t think it’s appropriate for my kids to watch (that’s MY opinion, for MY kids. I’m not preaching what is right for YOU and YOUR kids. Just ME and MY kids. Are we clear, Kemosabe?) and since I am pretty much, for the most part, basically, practically, ultimately, the most selfish person on the face of the planet, I don’t want to commit to Gray’s Anatomy or House or Boston Legal or Ugly Betty or any of the other shows that look interesting to me, if that means I have to miss a single minute of them because my kids are in the room. Except maybe for that new show, Something About the Underbelly. I think it premiered tonight. Did anyone watch it? It looks really hysterical. Was it hysterical? I bet it was hysterical. Then again, I'm easily amused.

You should have seen me when I used to be obsessed with Survivor, and the kids would holler from their beds that they needed milk, or could I turn off their nightlight, or put their book back on their bookshelf because their legs are broken and they can’t get out of bed, right at the exact minute I was finding out who was backstabbing who, or who was accusing who of stealing food, or who was secretly aligning with who for the next tribal council. Same thing when I used to watch Ally McBeal. My goodness, I loved that show. But about the time Ally was having some kind of nervous breakdown in the bathroom, or hallucinating about the latest of her boyfriends, one of the kids would wander in and ask what I was watching. And I would have to turn my attention away from the television, to my child, which exasperated me. Quite frankly, I got tired of them interrupting me, and having to mute the show to attend to their desires (impertinent needy children!) and missing key points and plot moments, so I just quit watching. I am lazy, and I got tired. So I quit.

But all this to say, I am not anti-tv, despite what I think I’ve led some of you to believe. I love TV. I am one of those people who could sit in front of it all day and all night and pop bon-bon after bon-bon into my mouth, and never accomplish another thing. And I’ve lived periods of my life just like that. As evidenced by the size of my ass, what with all the bon-bons.

So, let’s review, shall we?

My favorite shows as a kid (no bon bons yet):

Back in *MY* day (Dear Lord, I’ve officially entered “old fartdom” when I say that, haven’t I?) my family used to watch tv together almost every night. I think we had more time to watch television in the evenings, as opposed to the families of today, because my sister and I weren’t involved in a hundred and one activities. We didn’t start band and sports and school activities until junior high. (Yeah, that’s right, I’m so old it wasn’t even called “middle school” back then) My parents weren’t running us to and from games and practices and girl scouts and Awanas and ceramics classes, so we had more time for just hanging out and vegging in front of the tv. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but that’s the way it was for us, back in the 70’s.

Every night was something. We had a routine, and I found great comfort in the dependable schedule of it. I even had a certain spot on the living room floor I laid in every. single. night. On my back, on the right hand side of the tv, with my hands behind my head, and my feet up on the top right corner of the floor-console television. Ahhhhh, that was the life.

Monday night was Little House on the Prairie. At least the good shows, in the early years. Once they adopted that whiny little Albert, and then Nellie opened up her own restaurant, the show pretty much jumped the shark and I was done. But for quite a few years, Little House on the Prairie was the HIGHLIGHT of my Monday nights.

Tuesday nights was Happy Days, and Laverne and Shirley (Schlameel, Schlamazzo, Hassenpepper, Incorporated!) I remember being confused about the relationship between Laverne and Shirley, and Lenny and Squiggy. Did the girls like them, or hate them? And why was their hair so greasy, and their voices so annoying? (Lenny and Squiggy, not Laverne and Shirley, although Laverne’s voice was pretty darn annoying too, now that I think about it.)

Wednesday nights was Charlie’s Angels. I could never quite decide if I wanted to be Farrah Fawcett or Jaclyn Smith. Part of me wanted to be pretty; part of me wanted to be athletic. All I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to be Kate Jackson because she never looked like she was having as much fun as the other two, although she was obviously the smart one and I sort of wanted to be that too. It was a very confusing time for a young girl like myself.

I don’t remember what we watched on Thursdays and Fridays, but Saturday night, that was a biggie. TWO fabulous shows: Love Boat and Fantasy Island. “De plane! De plane!” Really, do I need to say more? Who didn’t love themselves a little Tattoo?

And the week was rounded out on Sunday nights with the Disney movie of the week. Whatever it was, we watched it. I used to love when that little Tinkerbell fairy would fly around the tv screen, dangling glittery magic from her wand, and then *TAP* the screen so “The Magical World of Disney” would show up in gold letters. I vaguely remember lots of Herbie the Love Bug, lots of Benji, and the Apple Dumpling Gang. And I remember that Escape to Witch Mountain scared the crap out of me, probably the reason I don't watch scary movies to this day. By the time The Muppets hit the scene, we were on to Junior High and our own merry-go-round of extra-curricular activities, and we rarely watched tv.

Then high school came, and I was even busier, and hardly ever watched tv. Except for MTV. I could **always** make time to watch MTV, especially the Thriller video from Michael Jackson, which was pretty much magic on the screen. That was back when they actually showed music videos, something the youth of today probably can’t imagine.

Then college during the day and working nights --- no time for tv.

Then work during the day and college at night --- no time for tv.

Then marriage, and work during the day, and lots of The Sex during the night, so no real use for tv.

Then I turned 21, and wow! I can drink legally! Who needs tv when you’ve got nightclubs?!?!?

Then Blaine and I wound up in Minot, North Dakota, where six months out of the year there is snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures, where you plug your car into a heater so it will start in the morning (I am not even making that up) and you know what? There is not a lot else to do when you’re housebound for six months BUT watch tv. I mean, let’s be honest, even The Sex only takes up so much of your time and you’ve got to find something else to fill up the snow-filled, freezing ass months.

So we got reeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy into television. We were too cheap to pay for HBO or Cinemax, so we watched lots of prime-time and syndication.

We sat down to dinner every night at the coffee table (please tell me all young, childless people do that .... eat in front of the tv on the coffee table?) and watched Married With Children. Not the most high-brow of shows, but that Bundy family just cracked us up.

In fact, that was pretty much “The Era of the Sitcom” as far as Blaine and I were concerned ... we enjoyed lots of them. Cosby Show, Rosanne, Cheers, Wings, Murphy Brown .... and of course, the onset of America’s Funniest Home Videos (back when the videos were actually funny and not staged by people desperate to win ten thousand dollars.)

As we grew older and more mature (ha!) we turned our attention to the one-hour dramas that were coming out.

We LOVED Northern Exposure. Loved everything about it. In fact, last Christmas I bought Blaine Season One as a gift. It came wrapped in a mini blaze-orange puffy coat, which cracked me up. Everything about this show cracked us up.

We also loved Homefront, although sadly, the critics didn’t. Did anyone else watch this? It was a wonderful show, and facilitated the beginning of my lifelong crush on Kyle Chandler. A crush of ginormous proportions, that continues to this day, I must confess.

But our favorite show during those years was thirtysomething. You have no idea how much we loved that show. No idea. We would lay in bed at night, after watching the show, and literally feel sick with worry about Nancy’s ovarian cancer, and whether Michael and Elliot would be able to save their ad agency. Hope used to get on my nerves because she was all whiny, but when Gary was killed in that bicycle accident? Oh, a small part of me died inside that day, as well. LOVED this show! (as an aside, my kids’ current favorite is anything involving “The Naked Brothers Band” and did you know that movie/show is produced by Polly Draper, who played Ellyn on thirtysomething, and she is the real-life mom to Nat and Alex Wolfe? Just a little piece of trivia for you.) When thirtysomething was taken off the air, I wrote my first (and last) piece of gripy mail to ABC for canceling such a fabulous show. Shockingly, they didn't respond.

Then, we moved to OKC, and like the rest of the nation, got caught up in the E.R./Friends/Seinfield phenomenon.

Then after that we started having babies and were too busy changing diapers and wiping strained peas from our brow to watch much tv. Then pretty much, you know the rest of the story .... young children, bedtimes, shows not appropriate, blah blah.

So, rambling aside, for better or worse, THAT is my chronicled tv life for your reading pleasure. Probably not too pleasurable, actually, but great fun for me to reminisce about long-lost shows that I enjoyed. Sooooo, thanks! for reminding me of guilty pleasures, like sitting in front of the tv, watching Allie McBeal and eating chocolate chip cookie dough for dinner.

Which, really, isn’t too different from some of my nights now. Just that now we watch Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh. And maybe a little more Dancing with the Stars, if I can figure out a way to get over my self-righteous indignation at the commercials.

Post a note and let me know what you think about these long-lost favorite tv shows (even if you disagree with me ... remember .... I'm open minded!) and share your shows, too. But don’t you even think about making any kind of smarmy comment about the love of my life, Kyle Chandler, or I will delete your comment and block your IP address so fast your head will spin.

OHMYSTARS!!!!! I just googled Kyle Chandler to make sure I was spelling his name correctly (why yes, of course you can fantasize for years about a celebrity without knowing how to spell his name) and I just discovered he’s had a guest-spot on Gray’s Anatomy this season!!! Why didn’t any of you TELL ME?!?!?!?!?!? I recant, I recant! I’ll be watching Gray’s Anatomy, from now on, starting ........ starting ............ shit, what night of the week is it on??????


kim said...

Apparently, Kristie, we were the only two people watching "Homefront"--which is a shame. Wasn't it SO good? I think I fired off a letter trying to save that one. And "thirtysomething"? My husband and I loved that one, too. Miles? Oooohhh! I STILL think that was one of the best shows ever! All of that being said, you probably really would like Grey's Anatomy. But if it's Kyle Chandler you're after (and who in their right mind wouldn't be?), you need "Friday Night Lights" which is the show he is on ALL THE TIME. Because he's not likely to show back up on Grey's anytime soon, since he got blown to smithereens. Now, why on earth wouldn't you want your kids to watch that???? Plus, I just had to tell you how much fun I had commenting yesterday; I know, I'm a sick person. I just don't know what gets in to me sometimes...HAHAHA.

Sarah said...

nana boo boo... hee hee
Haven't heard that in years

OH MY GOSH we watched the same EXACT television shows growing up. And then as young adults... thirtysomething I LOVED even though I was a mere twentysomething myself.

Ah... thanks for the memories.
And for the record I totally totally agree with you on the inappropriate for children stuff and as parents WE are the ones who get to decide what they do and do not watch.

So there anonymous rude people of the world.

Anonymous said...

Friday Night Lights- NBC Wednesday nights- STARS, that's right he's the leading man!!! your very own Kyle Chandler. He is the coach of the Dillon Panthers football team. It is usually family friendly, although there was a recent episode that dealt with an assault, but for the most part it is relatively tame. Of course, you can always buy the dvd! (we love doing that to catch up on stuff we missed!).

Leesburg, VA

Renee' said...

You forgot DUKES OF HAZZARD - I just loved Bo Duke. I also loved Homefront - we've talked about. Loved Happy Days and then Joanie Loves Chachi. Oh you made my morning with all of those great TV shows.

cakeburnette said...

Okay so there were four of us that watched Homefront. I, too, discovered Kyle Chandler there (the baseball playing younger brother of the war guy who had the affair with the brother's sister...sigh...he is so cute!). Double trivia: Kyle Chandler stars in FNL as mentioned by Trish (and when we 1st saw the promo ads, I screamed--OMG, it's Kyle Chandler from Homefront!--and Mark thought I was crazy). And Gary (I think) from Thirtysomething is the producer! I might have the wrong character, but it's somebody from Thirtysomething.

And Renee' is right--Friday nights were The Dukes of Hazzard. And I also watched Wonder Woman somewhere in there. I also loved the short-lived Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys tv show on Sunday nights. That was truly family-friendly watching, and those boys were cute. Parker Davidson & Sean Cassidy, I think?

Anonymous said...

I think we all watched the same shows because we could only get local stations...we didn't have cable for a LONG time, and MTV was on long before I finally convinced my dad that "I had to have my MTV".

BTW - did anyone else notice that in the last posts - the entry about remaining anonymous...was spelled annoymous...ha ha ANNOYmous!!


Anonymous said...

I have left one comment for you...the day Kendrie was done with treatment...I am not the commenting type...It is not that I don't have lots to say or that I don't agree with 98% of what you say. But if I commented as much as I read you would consider me, well, stalker-ish.
But, today, I had to...We had the same rituals as a kid regarding television...I remember on Sunday nights, my dad would make popcorn. It was the one night we were allowed to have soda and we would all watch Wide World of Disney together....good times!!!
As an adult, I LOVED Thirtysomething and was heart broken when Gary died.
It was fun to reminisce...
Now,like you, my evening is filled with dinner (usually on the soccer,baseball,dance, is good to keep them busy, right? I worry about not having enough down time and then I worry about too much down time...Man, sometimes this parenting thing is hard!!!), homework, showers , books and bed...very little time to watch TV. I have even tried the no TV Mon-Thurs, but cave sometimes when the little guy who doesn't get too much homework becomes bored and starts bugging the rest of them trying to do their homework.
Last night,I was sewing a project to do with my girl scouts and had the new Underbelly show was cute. Not hysterical, though I laughed out loud a couple of times.
OK this is why I dont' post, I get carried away and now you know way more about us than you bargained for....

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me say THANK YOU for not allowing your children to watch all of the trashy shows on television!! My husband and I will watch t.v. at night and talk about how, when we have kids, we cannot let them watch these things. As a teacher, I really appreciate when a student hasn't learned everything they didn't need to know about life from television. It is really depressing to listen to middle schoolers talk about things I didn't know about until I got to college!

As for favorite shows, I loved the Facts of Life and Silver Spoons. In fact, when they went to rerunds and came on early on Saturday mornings, I would set my alarm to wake up just to see them. I am NOT a morning person, but I didn't mind getting up early for those! And, some of my favorite memories at my grandparent's house were watching Dukes of Hazard and MASH with my grandfather. He still loves those shows and it brings back wonderful memories!

Savannah, GA

Megan said...

Who is Klye Chandler? Who are Nat and Alex Wolfe? Are those the twins on "Suite Life" (sad to think that I might know that) I Loved Northern Exposure and ANY time I see a re-run I HAVE to watch it!!! Me and my brother used to play "Charlies Angels" and I think I used to want to be Jacqueline Smith, and he was Kate Jackson, and our baby sitter was Farrah! Which is totally funny because my brother is gay. Who better to play Kate Jackson then the future gay guy! Kristie, I love your posts. But you already know that. I am surprised that you only watch ONE show though. I only watched half of dancing with the stars Mondy night because I was watching "Little People, Big World". (I love that show. On the learning channel. Really neat, inspirational people.) So I didnt see the one dance about the horse and cowboy, so I have no clue what you are talking about. But the outfits on some of the girls are a little skimpy. Ok a lot skimpy, but If I looked like ANY of those girls I would show it off a little too.


Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful walk down Memory Lane! As I was reading your entry, I could hardly wait to tell you that Kyle is now the lead on FNL, but everybody else obviously watches that show and beat me to it.

Hope (from Thirtysomething) is on Brothers and Sisters on Sunday night.

And, finally, as a teacher and a fosterparent, I commend you for your stance on TV and parenting in general. I've watched way too many parents take on the task without a game plan.

I'm a huge TV junkie, but my dd is grown and gone and the babies don't seem to mind as long as they're being held and fed.


Brenda said...

There are soooo many shows I would watch if we weren't in the throes as well of softball, baseball, t-ball, cheerleading, football, band, kids, school, homework, etc, etc, etc. But, we just plain do not have time.
We, too, before the kids got old enough for the list of sports were Survivor junkies, and Friends, ER, and some other lawyer show...not Ally McBeal or Boston Legal...another one...see how important it is...I can't even remember the name?!

My kids are big Drake and Josh fans, but they don't get much TV mostly because there just isn't time. And on nights when there are no sports they usually want us to DO something with play cards. So, the fabulous parents that we are...we taught them how to gamble. Texas Hold 'Em anyone?

caringbridge fl/tehlebracht

Donna said...

Yup, your childhood lineup and mine mesh perfectly. I am still known to surf to the Hallmark Channel where LHOTP lives on at least 4 times a day! What's your favorite, I-could-watch-it-over-and-over episode?? I have a hard time not watching the one where Ernest Borgnine is either God or an angel (named Jonathan, just like Michael Landon's character on Highway to Heaven) who takes care of Laura when she runs away.

And lordy did I wait all week for Love Boat and Fantasy Island, aka land of washed-up stars. I can't believe TV Land has never picked those up for a good run.

I never get to sit and watch anything that is on between 7 and 9 (8 and 10 for you East Coasters), so I tend to DVR my shows and try to fit them in after 9 or when DH has the kids occupied on the weekend. 24 (with the ADORABLE Kiefer Sutherland) is a great show for walking on the treadmill.

And yes, we have the Naked Brothers Band here too, but my favorite older kids show is Ned's Declassified School Guide on Nick and the N. Hilarious and has a great message at the same time. The assistant principal dresses like Don Johnson, making him the...wait for it...Miami Vice Principal! (groan)

And speaking of MTV, there will be a new generation of young men "discovering" themselves to Beyonce and Shakira's new video. Holy Crap Batman.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of repeating what everyone else is saying, I think we can sum this up in a few words...Kristie, YOU ROCK!!!

A friendly lurker from KS

shannon said...

not only does Friday Night Lights come on on Wednesday, 8pm on NBC, the entire season is on and you can watch all of the shows this season (it is the first season of the show); It is my new favorite show and Kyle Chandler is still cute!

Anonymous said...

Okay, after long reading and never posting on your blog, the subject of TV (dear God, not cancer or adoption, but TV) has finally moved me to post!

I don't know about your little corner of the world, but at our house, Friday night was the Dukes of Hazzard, and when we were a little older, Dallas. Who doesn't remember the "Who Shot J.R?" days? If I remember correctly, Knots Landing was on Thursdays. And what about Dynasty, that 80's show of cat fights and glitz and glamour? Oh the good old days!! ( Okay, now I'm feeling like I've entered "old fartdom" now too).

Now how am I supposed to work all day when all I want to do is go home, turn on TVLand, and see what reruns I can find?

ON Canada

Daisy Duke said...

I'm in law school & single...and let me tell you my apartment does not have room for a dining room table. Or a card table. Or anything of that sort. I eat dinner at the coffee table while sitting on the floor. Its bohemian. And it keeps my one piece of real furniture, my couch, clean.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Well, I have tried to comment before. But, I didn't know how to! Now I do so you can expect to hear a lot from me (Kathy in Pa). 1st I don't watch much TV- only because my husband usually has to remote and I am too lazy to fight for it when I have my laptop in bed with me! But, THURSDAY NIGHT IS MY NIGHT!!! I love--- LOVE--- Grey's Anatomy!!! My favorite show on TV. Can't miss it. TIVO it just in cast something comes up. HAVE TO HAVE IT SHOW!!!
2nd- notes from the underbelly FUNNY AS ALL GET UP!!!! I laughed out loud so many time and my husband did too. I usually can't stay awake past 10 but this show did it! I was up till 11. Way past my bed time! I can't wait until it is on Wednesdays at 8:30 after According to Jim (OK maybe I watch more TV than I will admit to!)
3) I agree with you about kids and TV. Each parent have their own "thing" and you have a right to your "thing" as a parent my son does not watch much tv- he is only 2. We just don't put it on when he is awake. Since we both work, we want to have as much one on one time with him as we can and we don't want the TV to distract him from us. That is all.
4)Dancing with the Stars- LOVE IT!!! I love Appollo and Julianne- they have my vote. The are adorable and I hope the live happily ever after when the show is over.

I think that is enough for my first comments! Love your blog. It give me something to do at work.

Sharon said...

Wait a you mean to say that you DIDN'T watch "The Facts of Life?" (((THUD)))

Amy said...

Kyle Chandler has his own show again..."Friday Night Lights" and it is AWESOME. Oh, someone already told you. Darn it. Did you not watch the Waltons? Stay cool and funny despite some of those serious "anonymous" buttheads from yesterday.

Laura in Michigan said...

I started watching Grey's Anatomy during the third season and had to catch up fast with the characters. I even joined Netflix just so I could get Season 1 and 2. I can't believe how much pleasure I get out of watching that show. Sex, comedy, gore: what could be better? And the writing is great. BTW, Kyle Chandler was wonderful in the episodes that he was in. He even visited Meredith when she was dead!

I totally loved Homefront and could not believe they took it off the air. What a great show!! Did anybody watch Roar?? It was a summer series. Or am I the only dork that liked it??? I watched a lot of the same shows as you, but my memory is not as good as yours. What fun to remember those shows. Did anybody else want to BE Vicki Stubing???

Michelle Adams, Al. said...

Dukes of Hazzard,loved that show. Isn't it weird to see Daisy now- compared to then??? And Christmas time was always great because they had cartoon specials at night!! I love your blog, have even encouraged a cousin of mine who is trying to adopt to go back and read about your's and Blaine's experience. Have a great weekend!

Jeanette said...

I feel so old....Still love Little House, you forgot The Waltons!!! Still love them too-I used to want to live with them. We always did MASH, Dynasty, Dallas, and the others you mentioned. But even the trashy-est of those was a cake walk compared to some of the shows today! My one show addiction....Seinfeld. Love it. My kids don't even watch tv in the prime time hours so I don't worry too much about warping their morals or minds. Will used to want to watch COPS, but we refused. Oh, and Escape from Witch Mountain? Saw it at the theater as a kid...slept with my head under the covers several nights after.

Simply Jenn said...

Okay, I'm pretty sure this might sound smarmy (pretty sure, might? yeah I guess I don't know), but your first post on no TV during the week caused me to instill that rule in my household. And, honestly? I thought if someone who LOOOVES the internet as much as I do can go without TV, maybe we could too. And we do, although I TiVo a lot and watch after the kids are in bed because sleeping is not something I do. I like it.

Holy CRAP! I just read your 1st comment and Kyle Chandler is the bomb guy from Grey's? I LOVE him, I think a tiny part of my heart exploded with the bomb that day. I didn't realize he was on any other shows.

Well, now that I'm all distracted I guess I'll move on to shows I like (even though I know I'm a hypocrite for not letting the kids watch TV and watching it myself, I haven't been able to reconcile that one yet). My all time very most loved favorite is Life Goes On. I LOVE that show. I bought it for myself for Christmas, but haven't been able to watch more than the first few episodes. That's the one that stood out most for me. When I was 19, pregnant and on bedrest while living with my parents (yep. pretty much the lowest days of my life) I lived for Sundays when it would come on. Thus began my love for Chad Lowe who is still a beautiful man who I can now marry because that yucky old Hilary Swank is leaving him or something.

Lisa said...

Best TV show EVER, was as far as I'm concerned The Golden Girls...hidden away on a 10pm slot on the most minor terrestial channel the UK had in the 80's/90/s - I loved it then and I love it still. Praying for Blaine - when you go quiet about him I get nervous! Love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!! I think we watched all the same shows growing up. Like you, my husband and I chose to not watch TV for 7 years....(We did not have TV in the house). We do now have TV and it seems that unless we watch TV Land, nothing is appropriate for our 3 kids (ages 6, 3, 2). So the TV is off most of the time. I love to read your Blog. Keep it up!
Sandy in GA

Laura said...

Homefront was the and totally fed my interest in all things 1940's. You seriously need to at least make time to watch Scrubs because Ken Jenkins (he played Mike Sloan, the factory owner) is one of the main stars. I LIVED for Homefront and wrote to ABC when they cancelled it, surprisingly they ignored me too!There is an Internet petition going around to get Homefront released on Dvd.

Remember the dance contest in the first season? And who didn't love Ginger and Jeff- the best love story on tv? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

First, let me say, I don't think I have ever posted on this site. (I am sure I did on Kendrie's Caringbridge site) You totally crack me up. I check this site at night and laugh out loud most of the time. (now, my husband thinks I am nuts!)Reading your blog always puts me in a better mood! Thanks!

Any did forget about CIPS and Dukes of Hazard. I would come in from playing outside to watch both of these shows. (I loved the wrecks-I know, what a weird-o). And, yeah, Friday Night Lights is a top show for me now. But, other than that, I don't watch a whole lot of "good" TV. Usually, we just watch crap because it is there, and not much else to do after the kids are asleep.

And, I agree with you about the content of shows and commercials. It is pretty annoying. Luckily, my oldest (6) is completely oblivious to it.

I can't remember my password, so I am anonymous.

Lexington, KY

Briana said...

Grey's Anatomy - Thursday nights!!! You won't regret it. And if you want/need to watch it uninterrupted, do what I do - record it (with your VCR recorder) and watch it after the kids are in bed!

I remember watching a lot of the same shows as you. Oh, what memories. But I also must confess that I am a reality TV junky, which means I am glued to the TV during the Amazing Race and Survivor. Yes, even after all of these seasons, I still enjoy it. Partially, because I wonder just how far I might get if I were on the show. And for some reason, I enjoy watching the Ghost Whisperer. And my husband makes fun of me, because if I am home during the day during the week for some reason, every now and then I have to turn on the trashy talk shows. Just makes me feel better knowing that my life is so much better and more normal than those people :)

What people allow their kids to watch and what others don't is all up to the parents. And like you said, if anonymous reader doesn't like it, there is always the red "X" in the corner!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, Kristie, for holding tight to your morals and for wanting to protect the mind of your children. Yes, "stuff" is out there, but no, we do not need to submerge our children in it. And yes, they'll see and hear things, but it's OKAY for us as parents to let them know it is not appropriate. We purchased a TV Guardian which silences foul and inappropriate language. It doesn't block out inappropriate scenes, but it helps with language. Thanks for making the right choice for your children.

Claire in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I think it's great that there is no TV in your house from mon-thurs. I honestly think that is a great idea. My mother keeps my nieces after school and all they do is watch TV. When my kids come around, if ever, I think the no TV thing is a great plan!

Anyway, right now my shows are Lost and Grey's Anatomy. Everything else I can do without. I do watch some of those Nick and Disney shows with my nieces, though. lol

Oh, and if I am ever able to catch it I still adore Little House!

Nicole in Atlanta

Missy D in Wesley Chapel FL said...

ROFL Seconds before I read your paragraph about childless couples eating dinner at the coffee table, in front of the tv, I thought "Wow, we used to eat dinner at the coffee table every night, watching Seinfeld reruns - but that was before we had *****." Too funny.

We do watch TV, we are in fact addicted to several shows (LOST, Grey's, ER, Nip/Tuck)- but we recently purchased a DVR (TiVo) and how lovely life has become. No worrying about the kids seeing anything they shouldn't either on a show or commercial - we can FAST FORWARD! And we don't miss a bit of a plot line or story - can rewind and pause! It's a brilliant invention.

But - TV does not come on in my house PERIOD until 7pm, after alllllll homework, chores, dinner, baths, etc... So at least I have that much to manage my guilt over being a tv whore.

Anonymous said...

You just took me down memory lane of my own childhood shows! What fun!! Uhhhhh, I can't even watch Friday Night Lights because Kyle Chandler is such a hunka-hunka-burnin-love, oh my gosh, I can't stand it he's so scrumptious. And, had you seen him on Grey's in the bomb squad uniform he was wearing, you would have passed out. He was beyond hot in that get-up. Shew, I need some water and a fan. My office just got a tad warm.

Thanks for always entertaining me! Can't wait for you to get back to your story.

Nashville, TN

cancermom said...

Seriously, I am cracking up. What I want to know is, are you trying to make me laugh? Personally? Or does it just come naturally? Sadly, I laughed even harder when I read all the comments.

I am a total TV junkie. I almost killed Mike (dh) the other day when I realized HE HAD ERASED a full weeks worth of MY TELEVISION PROGRAMS! Is he crazy??!!!! I have been watching stupid Spongebob for a WEEK in the hospital only to come home to NO TV????!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Thank God my Dad has a dvr in his room and I have the presence of mind (o.c.d.) to record not only on my dvr, but on his also, just in case one of my family members deletes something.

Whew, I almost panicked.

Anyway, Thanks for the laughs,
Love and hugs,

Connie F-G said...

Boy the TV thing has hit a cord with many folks. We are "no TV" Mon-Thurs parents except for NCIS on Tuesday. Part of that is our child doesn't go to sleep well after watching TV. Plus, here in the Mt Time Zone, Disney's movies and such come on so late, so often she doesn't get to watch those even on Friday. Our child would rather play and patrols her TV time pretty well on the weekends too and still asks permission to turn it on.

But, her parents on the other hand, watch way too much TV. We tried not to start any news shows this season on purpose since we feel like we have too many already.

As a kid, we only got NBC so our choices were pretty limited since NBC wasn't very good back then. Little House and Disney were tops. I used to go babysit where they got more channels and was in heaven!!

Have a terrific weekend!


Anonymous said...

I triple LOVED Homefront, and was beside myself when it was taken off the air...there were so many interesting plot lines, the characters were all likeable, realistic, gorgeous...UGH...they should bring it back - heck there are at least 5 of us on your message boards that loved it!

My kids go to bed by 8pm (the start of primetime on the westcoast), so we dont have to worry about quality of content, and basically, I just watch the most horrible, trashy shows - the ones even an adult shouldnt watch. I dont have the attention span for regular tv (never watch grey's, ugly betty, etc.) Nope, i go right to the good stuff; Flavor of Love, The Hills (what is with that creepy Spencer? Is he for real??), Real Housewives of the OC (and no, we dont all have implants and eyelash extensions in this neck of the woods!) and I even watch (covering my face in embarassment) the girls next door -mostly cause I cant believe a 21 year old bimbo is dating an old wrinkly 80 year old, or that the other two - who seem nice and normal, until you remember that they are living in the house with the 21 year old and 80 year old, in their pink rooms with their little dogs, and walk around naked...what a weird life!!)

And, dont think I watch these shows alone, sure, my kids are in bed, and my husband is too morally upright to watch, I just bring my friend Ben and his friend Jerry, and the nights are *quite* enjoyable.

ladera ranch, ca

Cheryl said...

We must be about the same age because your tv watching history sounds the same as mine. Watched Homefront from day 1 and Kyle Chandler was and IS such a cutie. My kids are grown now and my husband and I sit each evening and watch anything we want.

liz in sumner said...

Grey's is on on Thursday nights, kiddo - and, if no one's told you yet (I haven't read the comments yet!!) - they blew poor Kyle up. I'm so sorry!! But, he was a bomb squad expert and there was this unexploded bomb in this total dip-stick's chest from playing war with his buddy, and well, they couldn't very well blow up one of the regulars, now could they; and he was a guest player, and did I mention how sorry I am??!!! I've always thought that he's pretty cute too! So, a tip - he was on 2 episodes and I'm pretty sure it was the first season and as they started the show mid-season, it was a short one for them, so the DVD only costs between 19.99 and 24.99, I believe (I have both previous seasons on DVD!!). Best part - no commercials!! You should go buy the first season of Grey's on DVD - you'll love it.

Becca said...

I gotta tell ya--I hate tv simply because I LOVE tv. If it is on, I have to watch, and nothing else gets done. Nothing. We end up like zombies in a dirty house with fat arses and nothing interesting to do. We are in the process of having our first baby (over half way! Woo!) and I don't want to miss out on her life because I'm sucked in by the darn tv. I want to spend my time doing things with her, being active, LIVING with her. Not watching tv. If only I could convince my husband of a no tv during the week rule or something.
Oh, and Friends is definitely the best.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I cannot even pick a favorite show from my youth...reading through your blog & the comments brought back my memories of all those great shows! I admit I was a definite TV junkie growing up. TV, Movies, you name it. I remember laying on the floor & watching movies 5 feet from the TV (Remember the old remote's that had a cord that was only 5 feet long?!) Did anybody watch FAME or 21 Jump Street. I used to love Johnny Depp! Now he seems to be a little strange to me, though.
I have to say I admire those of you that are able to do the whole no TV thing! Even though I know I could get SO much done if I'd just shut the darn thing off, but for some reason I just don't. It's not like my life would end if I didn't find out immediately who the father of Anna Nicole's baby was! Can I also blame my husband for my lack of discipline regarding the TV? I really do think he is worse than I am, and I don't think I could ever convince him to give it up. We even had to switch to the Dish because we got a HD TV so then we just had to have HD programming, right?! Personally, I can't tell the differnce, but he swears the picture is so much clearer.
Stacie W
Wells, MN

Caroline in NC said...

Kristie - I was so glad to read that you and Blaine used to eat dinner at the coffee table in front of the TV every night. We do too, and I feel so guilty about it but every time I say, "That's it - we're only eating at the dining room table from now on with the TV off", it lasts for maybe 3 nights before we both give in. I have HOPED that it will end when we have kids, so I'm glad to hear that is the trend.

We do watch way too much TV and people have told us how much we would love Brothers and Sisters and House and FNL, but I have refused to get into another show. The only show we watch regularly is Grey's (although I was thoroughly put off with the whole "Meredith dying" thing and I'm TICKED with the Izzy and George thing, so if they don't turn it back around then I might drop that one...) and I started watching DWTS. Since I don't have kids I haven't really noticed the commercials and things, but even I squirm some with the outfits that the professional dancers wear. I think their entire costume would cover my right big toe.

You rock, Kristie!

Kait said...

Notes From the Underbelly, it was hilarious! Wednesday nights at 8:30!

Your friend Kaitlin from Light The Night!

Anonymous said...

I love and watched most of those shows and I am only 24 (So stop all the comments about getting old!)!! Talking about Michael Jackson's "Thriller"... I teach dance and part of their mix has that song in it. They do a little section of the Thriller dance (you know the part with their hands out and they walk side to side like zombies). Anyways, none of my kids (5th graders) have heard of the song or understand why all the parents and me of course love this part of the song. Then last week we started a new dance to "Love Shack" and none of them heard of that song!! Come on.... I thought I was still young!!
Abby, MN

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow - who can forget the great CBS Saturday night comedy line-up: MASH; Mary Tyler Moore, the first Bob Newhart Show and Carol Burnett. Now that was worth staying home for on Saturday night - which my husband and I did for years - before kids anyway. Thanks for the memory jogging TV session. Now, just like you, I'm a dedicated AI and DWTS fan and won't miss What Not To Wear - just love Stacy and Clint!

Joan Crowson

megan said...

also some of the faces that the female dancers make during some of the suggestive moves are suggestive!! almost porn faces! I hate those faces. Just dance people! We dont need the sexual innuendo!


Jan said...

I have you waaaaaay out old-farted, but I watch MTV..."My Super Sweet 16." Course...I only watch it for the editing...and then only the ones that my son edits. ;) And to think that I always tried to limit his TV watching! See what can happen???


Marcia said...

I watched the same shows from the same spot on the floor, which, BTW, was a nice, orange, shag rug. How beautiful was that?!
Did you also watch Carol Burnett? I loved her show!
On some Sunday nights, my parents put a sheet on the family room floor, and we had a Chinese food picnic. It was the best!
So many of the shows we watched in the late 60's and the 70's are now out on DVD. My kids are now watching Bewitched, Gilligan's Island, etc. It's a laugh seeing them again.
Bummer, but your man isn't a regular on Grey's. In fact, he last stint was as a ghost, because he died last year. I love so many shows, but I could only watch one of them, that would be the one!
My kids hog the tv from the time they get home until bedtime, between the 5 of them. I am SO SICK of Full House, Zach and Cody, Hanna Montana, Raven, etc, etc, so they can take a hike when my shows come on! :)

D said...

Oh my good googlymoogly- Kristie- my childhood t.v. memories are so close to your own. Little House, Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days- now that's the good stuff!!!!! I remember watching Dr. McDreamy in "You Can't Buy Me Love." at least a million times. This movie was either one of the first that we saw on cable or rented at the video store. I remember thinking how totally "rad" it was that we could watch it over and over.

Remember when Video Jukebox on HBO was our M.T.V.? Remember when talking to someone while having the capability to see them at the same time was the stuff of the Jetson's? Wonder what George and Jane would say if they were on today? Would Judy get a belly ring and expose her belly to the world? Would Elroy download porn onto his mp3 players?

Ahhh, but I could go on for days--- I think about this stuff a lot, probably way too much. And, no, I'm not a prude. I just want my daughter to be a kid and not face "grown up" thoughts and pressures until she has to. When I was a kid my mom would tell me things like "the world's just not what it used to be." I'd make a comment like, "thank God!!!" Now, this thought goes through my head many times a day as I try to maintain a balance of innocence and reality in our home. For the most part, the television channels that we watch are PBS during the day and the Animal Channel at night. Though, have you seen the Animal Channel recently? It really takes reality t.v. to the next level.

Finally- thirtysomething is one of the best shows EVER!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristie, this is my first ever comment on a blog site, so CONGRATULATIONS to you for getting me worked up enough to do it! I absolutely adored "Homefront" while it was on! I loved the Jewish italian girl and got a kick out of how the british girl manipulated people! And as far as "Thirtysomething" was just AMAZING! Hubby and I were the same ages as the Hope and Michael and in the same situations! In fact, the day that we went around and put in outlet protectors, they did it that night on the show! My oldest son is the same age as their daughter (whose name totally escapes me right now). I had my miscarriages before having my first child, so that was something different about Hope and myself, since hers was in between her kids. We both let "the cat out of the bag" around the same time for our next children. Leo was born right around the same time as my second son. Oh wow, how I identified with Hope and Michael on the parenting level! I absolutely LIVED for the show! I was thrilled to find out that it will soon be out on DVD and will need to purchase it, then lock myself in my bedroom for a long weekend and watch the entire run of the show! I have a few episodes on VHS, but they are buried somewhere in the basement. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to the next chain of events in your family!


Melissa said...

So, I've heard of & watched some of those shows and others I've never heard of. By the way, I'm 22. Sorry! But, me & my boyfriend of 6 years do sit on the couch and watch TV and eat dinner at the coffee table. Funny, too, because whenever reruns of Married with Children are on, we're sure to be watching! Some things never change!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Homefront and Kyle Chandler! I had forgotten about that show. Loved it. What about Early Edition with him in it? i watched every one of those. Doesn't he have the best eyes?

Diana in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Going to sound like a broken record, but LOVED Homefront and thirtysomething, too! Didn't any of you love Kyle Chandler enough to follow him to Early Edition?? That was on for several years and was a great opportunity for Kyle-watching!! :)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, too, Kristie. Your memory is so phenomenal, evidently the childhood TV watching time didn't affect it.... Our daughter is in 5th grade and she gave up TV for Lent. Since this was the 4th year in a row that she made that sacrifice, my hubby and I decided to follow her lead and give it up, too, rather than waiting until she was in bed to watch our fill. BOY OH BOY......that was a long six weeks!! We actually resorted to saying "Who does she think she is? A little nun? Couldn't just giving up chocolate be enough??" We didn't express this frustration in front of her, mind you, but we were very glad when Easter arrived for more than the obvious spiritual reasons. :) :)

Mary in Illinois

p.s. You go, girl, about describing where the red "X" is located!

laughing mommy said...

Oh wow! You reminded me of so many great shows and happy childhood memories! My family used to watch TV together too... Love Boat, Little House on the Prairie, The Disney Movie of the Week.

And I loved Homefront too. I think it might have just been the two of us who liked it. Haha!

Can I ask a question? Are you done with your series about your life? After Kellen was born... what then? How did you have Kendrie? You could write a book, your life is so interesting.

Patricia, GA said...

Kristie, you TOTALLY, TOTALLY crack me up!! I love the comments you made and had to go back and read the comments others left. Our family is a DVD family. We only watch reality TV (Amazing Race, The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser-and I LOVE that show, SuperNanny) with our kids, although we do have a few shows we watch kid-less. (ER is my favorite show) But I understand what you are saying. The commercials for Desperate Housewives are AWFUL. The kids might as well watch the whole show because the commercials are terrible.

Let us know how Blaine is doing this week. Praying for him....

Abbie said...

OK, Kristie. I just had to look Kyle Chandler up on IMDB to see who he was and I have 3 words for you..."FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS". FNL is a FANTASTIC show. I love love love it. You must watch it. Get your vcr all hooked up and start recording it. It's on Wednesday nights. (I don't know what time because I tivo everything...and I'm cst which makes me in like a whole other world from you.) :) ANYWAY, it's a must see. Probably not appropriate for the kids because it has high school kids drinking and sexing and they probably don't need to see it. But you should tape it, watch an episode by yourself, and you can be the judge. And I didn't watch whatever show KC used to be on...but I bet he's even better now! He's really quite a catch. :)

I have one question...didn't you ever watch "Eight is Enough"?! LOVED it. Watched it everyday after school, right after "Scooby Doo". How about "Dukes of Hazzard" on Friday nights? I just remember having the hardest time deciding which one was really my boyfriend...Bo? No...Luke. No...Bo. Yeah, I think Bo. :)

Well when the subject is TV I could probably go on forever, so I'll leave some space for the others.

I can't wait to hear what you think of "Friday Night Lights"!

DSM, Iowa

Crystal said...

I was born in '78, so Little House on the Prarie used to be on as a rerun during the day when I was around 4-6ish and I remember watching it every single day.

MTV with videos--wow, that brings back the memories. The day we got cable I parked my ass in front of the tv and tried to leave as little as possible. Whole new worlds like the Disney Channel (Kids Inc and The Mickey Mouse Club) and MTV were wonderous new playgrounds for me.

I did the whole Friends things for years, then stopped, but started again intermittently for the last season. I never, got into Seinfeld, something my husband finds inexplicable.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant to add that Hope and Michael's daughter was Janie (Janey?)

Mary (from Illinois)

Liza said...

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED HOMEFRONT. If you ever see that they put it on DVD, please run an announcemnt on your site! I think it came on Tuesday nights - and I could never figure out the VCR - so I was camped out during the early early of my marriage (early 90's) watching that show! And yes, Kyle Chandler was on Grey's Anatomy - AND made a second appearance this year. If you go to you can watch previous episodes!

But you missed "China Beach". That was fabulous - where is Dana Delaney these days???

And when I was in sixth grade, a Tuesday night I remember because Lavern & Shirley was on - it snowed in Orlando! The neighbor came knocking on the door and said "have your kids ever seen snow?" And we ran outside and scraped as much as we could off of cars and put the dirty snowball in the freezer - where we found it several years later! Too much fun! Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you also watched the Carol Burnett Show??? That is the memory I have - Sitting with my grandparents and laughing at Tim Conway!!! Thanks for the meories!
Kim Andrews
Houston, Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie~~
Kim in Seattle here---I have posted a few times on Kendrie's site in the pasat and I just wanted to say that your blog is my favorite to read! I also wanted to say that I watched many of the same tv shows as you growing up but as I am a tad bit older than you, my history goes back even a little bit further. What I REALLY remember was my favorite Friday nite line up: Brady Bunch, then Partridge Family, then The Odd Couple, then Room 222 and if my parents weren't paying too close attention we (my sister and I ) could sneak in an episode of Love American Style!!!! Can you say RACEY???? Skipping a few decades getting me past the teen years, marriage and really young children--I LOVED (lived for) China Beach, Thirty Something, and LA Law. Prior to falling in love with ER (the early years--hate it now) I did fall in love with the show St. Elsewhere--another medical drama. Thanks for the memories!!!!......Oh, and we just started watching DWTS and I have to just say that I totally agree with your comments on this weeks results show. My husband had the remote in his hand and after watching the first 30 seconds of that Big and Rich performance the channel promptly got changed until we thought it would be over. My 11 year old an 14 year old son did not need to see that! I have long complained to anyone who would listen about commercials during early primetime viewing that show clips to shows that are inappropriate for young kids--aka: Desperate Housewives....Also, you should see my 14 year old son rush to cover his eyes when one of those stupid Victoria Secret adds comes on--I think those air during episodes of American Idol which we all watch together. I am always thrilled when I hear other parents who are somewhat selective about what their kids watch--it gives me some hope for the morals and intelligence of the upcoming generation! :) Thanks for all the laughs and for being willing to lay your life out there for all to read. Gotta run..the cat just barfed up a hairball--oh joy!

Anonymous said...

No, Kim, I liked Homefront too. And, I can agree on the Kyle Chandler thing as well. I think I started watching "Friday Night Lights" to see him. While in school at UGA there was a rumor he use to have Wednesday lunch at the BSU when he was a student. Of course the rumor came from a student who had been there way to many years so I am not so sure it was a reliable rumor.
Anyway, one of my all time favorites was Ed. Again a show NBC canceled for no good reason. No that I think about it, my husband and I watched it in front of the TV during the dating and pre-kid marriage years. Maybe this years lead to our al time favorite shows!

Anonymous said...

I failed to sign the last comment

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the post. And the trip down tv memory lane - the comments brought back even more! Loved Family. Loved the oldest brother from 8 is enough. i could go on and on....
I am still scarred from my brother making me watch Land of the Lost...
Mary Cron Schulman
San Diego, CA

Teresa said...

Hi Kristie. I have been following Kendrie's caringbridge site for several years. If I have posted at all it was only once or twice, but I am a big fan of yours and you CRACK ME UP! I too, have no real use for TV, what with a teenager and a job and a LIFE, and all. I can tell you from experience that even though you are doing your best to protect your children from the filth on TV they are exposed to it every day at school, and like most children they will adapt and grow up just fine since they have wonderful supportive parents. My son is 25 and an engineer at John Deere and my daughter was just offered a full ride to a wonderful school. They watched plenty of TV and did not turn into homicidal nymphomaniacs. I agree with the writer who said children just shrug off what they don't understand unless they sense your anxiety. Anyway, I can't await until you get back to more adoption, infertility, crazy Escoe kids stories and off Dancing with the Stars. I HATE that show! I don't know why, I just do. Probably because I have only seen part of one show. Too busy.

Debbie said...

Kristie, most of the prime-time shows are available on the web. You can download them and watch whenever you want.

I think we all watched the same shows as kids because there were fewer channels and only one TV in the house. My sister has a TV in every room including the bathrooms. Her son has two in his room so he can play XBOX and watch TV at the same time.

I watched Homefront and also fell for Kyle Chandler. What a hunk! Before we had kids, we would eat dinner in front of the TV, like everyone else. What I remember most was the stuff we ate. Once I had a pouch of Buddig lunchmeat for dinner.

When my 2nd son was born, we rented a condo for 2 months that only got 2 channels on the antenna, so I watched endless reruns of Beverly Hills 90210. The ones with Shannon Dougherty were so much better than the ones with Tiffany Amber Theissen. (And did you know that S.D. was on Little House?)

One last thing, when 9/11 happened, my husband was traveling for business every week to Nashville. He flew out at the same time every Sunday night and I would stay up until his plane landed to make sure everything was OK. I started watching MTV's Jackass and must say, it's the dumbest, most inappropriate show to ever be on TV. But it had been a really bad year, and it was exactly what I needed to laugh again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Kyle Chandler! I was obsessed with Homefront (not to mention thirtysomething, Cheers, Little House and others you mentioned, but I digress). My dad came to visit me at some point during the Homefront obsession, and I asked Dad if he'd seen it and if he minded if we watched. He said he knew the show and was fine to watch. So, we sit down to enjoy the show, and he was very confused. He kept saying how there were new characters, and I said no, I was sure they were the same. I mean, who would confuse Kyle Chandler? Anyway, he said, but the show is entirely different. There used to be a guy with tools. He thought I'd been talking about Home Improvement and was quite confused.

Anyway, I know you said the other day you didn't want any comments about the DVR, but it is a great thing. We pay a couple more dollars a month to the cable company, and I will NEVER go back! I have issues with lots of commercials -- especially those on during sporting events, so this lets us watch without having that junk. Plus, if someone does have to interrupt during Grey's Anatomy, I don't miss anything. I just rewind and pick up where I left off. It sounds insane to say it changed our life, but it sure changed the way I watch TV. My kids don't really understand why we can't FF over commercials at other people's houses.

Anyway, I agree it's good to keep a watch on kids' TV too. They grow up so quickly. Protect them from what you can for as long as you can. Life throws enough hard stuff at them. They (or is it we as parents) don't need extra stuff coming from TV! Have a great weekend and enjoy your "deleting powers!"

Wilmington, NC

Anonymous said...

Kristie, Yes! Childless couples do still sit in front of the TV to eat dinner; although, we no longer sit on the couch and use TV trays (sorry, no coffee table). If it weren't for the TV we might actually have to talk to each other and seriously since my husband has yet to learn how to chew with his mouth closed the TV is my savior!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Beaver ... My mother called the tv station because June and Ward (Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver) slept in the same bed. I do not know when they gave up the twin beds but after my Mother called they probably brought them back!!
When the Cleavers went to bed they ALWAYS wore pajamas.
I also watched My Three Sons and Love Boat.

me said...

Coming out of lurkdom for this. I loved Northern Exposure ans 30 Something, also dont watch tv anymore. Pretty much the same reasons, and also find little kid freindly on network tv, and dont care what all the other kids get to watch.I am mean that way.

Tamara said...

Kristie, I didn't have time to read all through the other posts. But, if you love Kyle Chandler, you need to watch Friday Night Lights. It is the one show I cannot miss (and it is hard to watch TV with a 9 month old--but we DVR). I do think (personally) that it would be inappropriate for children the age of your kids. I am kind of conservative about that stuff, but still... Anyway, it is fantastic!! And I think only 2 other people watch it, so I am trying to recruit anyone I can to watch it, too.

Tamara said...

Ooops, I meant, time to read through the other comments. I have read a lot of your other posts, and am anxiously awaiting the continuation of the saga of your family!

cakeburnette said...

I already commented, but I have two things to add:

#1 - it appears that MANY, MANY, MANY of us women loved Homefront (and Kyle Chandler), so it must have been men who canned the show. I seriously thought I was the only person in America that watched it or remembered it.

#2 - someone mentioned an online petition for them to make a DVD of Homefront...where do I find it and sign it?!

Sara said...

Kristie, I've been reading (and LOVING) your blog for a couple of years now... but I've never commented. However, today's the day, because I just realized that you don't have linked as one of your favorite blogs. If you haven't yet experienced Heather and Jessica's magic, you must go there. IMMEDIATELY. They're frequently so funny that I laugh out loud in the library (because, obviously, I'm studying really hard) and other people give me strange looks (because, obviously, their textbooks aren't as funny as mine). I think you'll like it. Btw, thanks for all the laughs YOU provide me, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Holy miss a couple of days and all hell breaks loose! This tv shit got A LOT of attention! I cannot believe that you did not watch a little Three's Company at some point??
Not to be pushy but I would really like to hear about the surrogacy part of your life...think you can fit that in?
Lorianne MB.(where we are under snow 6 months of the year and have to plug in our cars!! Spring has finally come.....YIPEE!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie - I LOVED Homefront too! I was so bummed when it didn't return... And you would probably love Grey's and Boston Legal. BL cracks me up like no other show ever has. The lines that William Shatner gets away with are unbelievably funny. Of course, it is not for kids - I agree with you on that one.

When I was growing up my family and I loved all the same shows you mentioned. In addition I still remember watching the Carol Burnett Show EVERY Saturday night with my parents. It was the "I am the oldest, and I get to stay up later and watch Carol Burnett" deal. Tim Conway doing the Mrs. Ha-wiggins skit is something that still makes me LOL.

Your posts are write so well. Your tale of adoption, getting pregnant and having to go thru the legal issues with the courts in OK was riveting - like so many others, I couldn't wait for your next post. Are you going to continue with it, (please, please, please?)?

Justin is doing well and so is Lexi. I am so glad to see Kendrie continue to do well. Blaine is always in my prayers (as are the rest of you!).

Take care and big hugs,
Lorie M.

btw...I didn't read the comments yesterday about no tv during the week - but when my kids were younger - we did it too! Then every Friday night was movie night - we'd rent a family movie from Blockbuster - it was fun!

Sandie from MN said...

Ummmm.. did you know you can watch pretty much any current show on your computer now, like right now.. this very minute? Maybe I shouldn't tell you...because there are these pesky commericals in between..just saying you might love it too much. I hope you know I was kidding about being annoyed by your lack of TV watching... even Grey's:)

Hand's down.. I lived for Dukes of Hazzard, followed by Dallas and (if we were really really quiet) we stayed up for Falcon Crest! We didn't watch much TV, but when we did it was soooo good!

Jessica said...

Ah - apparently the thing to bring out the lurkers is TV - who would have thought??

First - Can I just say HELL YEAH for telling obnoxious commentors where to stick it (or at least how to close the damn window).

Second - I am a bona fide TV junkie. Used to say that I don't really watch much of it but now I am rather sure that I would be struck down here where I sit in my office not doing a damn thing that I should be because I am thinking about TV. (runonmuch?)

That being said, I have not delved into the world of child bearing yet so I have no impressionable ears to take care of (unless of course you count my dog - whom I am convinced will soon be blurting out cuss words at the most inopportune times). I have to imagine that once I take that leap, my TV will no longer be blaring the Sopranos or Entourage when I could be playing some nice, kid-friendly Shrek (which by the way - love it too. Guess it is a win-win in my scenario)

Anyhow - ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD ASS - keep it coming and in the meantime - maybe you should post a how-to-not-read-my-blog-if-you-can't-handle-my-blog post.

Jess in TX

Anna said...

Just had to comment that I also LOVED Homefront and couldn't believe it when they cancelled such a fabulous show - that's probably when I first began to lose my faith in tv. But yes, Kyle Chandler was the dreamiest and I heart him to this day (remember when he and Ginger got together? That was so fun!) Glad to see someone already filled you in on his untimely death on Gray's.

Oh, by the way, if you don't have a Google account just click the "other" button and it will let you sign in with your name and a link if you have it. Just so we won't have to have all this anonymity floating around.

Natalie said...

OK, third person who loved Homefront right here! And Northern Exposure. And Little House on the Prarie. I could go on. . .

And, I missed DWTS this week--BOTH nights. What the heck was I doing? Anyway, how did my darling Apolo do?

And, you should definitely watch Notes from the Underbelly. One of my best friends is on the show--Rachael Harris. She plays the divorce attorney. We watched last night and it was pretty funny.

And, people who don't leave their names have no right to criticize. Do it openly or don't do it at all people! What's the matter? Not proud of your own views???

Kristie, I'm sending you a virtual DDP for having to put up with the crap.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, you are so funny!
I **TOTALLY** loved Thirtysomething and was just heartbroken when it went off the air. I am still so glad to see some of those actors working!
And, I loved Ally McBeal until the show kinda got all weirdy-creepy in a 'jump-the-shark' kind of way.
And, like you, I have always been extra careful about what Madie watches on the TV. Just because it says "Cartoon Network" does not mean it is okay for her to watch! Nope!
I wish I could make a 'no tv' rule, but alas, Madie is an "only" child and would bug me to death to play with her if she did not have the tv or movies to watch.
To prove how weird she (we) are, she had the Chicken Pox two weeks ago (Oh! Her Ped said it was from the chemo lowering her resistance! Be careful!) and was stuck at home for the week. She watched Blues Clues and the BackYardAgins!
And, my favorite show on the TV while growing up? Hum....let's just say that I was so upset when it was cancelled----but was thrilled they brought it back as movies! All us Trekkies were so excited!!
Beam me up, Scotty!
Lots of hugs! Talk to you soon!....regina

Melissa said...

One word for you Kristie: TiVo!!! Then you can have your TV and watch it too... I LOVE my TiVo!!! I just got it and I love that I always have something good on TV waiting for me - of course I'm single and childless so there's a whole lot of TV watching going on at my house!

As a teacher (1st grade), I applaud your No TV rule...I wish all parents would do that..

I loved Little House on the Prarrie...Laura Ingalls was my hero...I actually dressed up as her for Halloween, for mulitiple years! My mom made me a covered wagon out of a red flyer wagon to pull behind me to put my candy in!!! It was a pretty sweet deal!

In college we used to plan our course schedule around re-runs of Love Boat and Dukes of Hazard on TVLand!

I'm also enough younger than you that I watch the Muppets...only they came on right at my bedtime and I could only watch the theme song! But I saw all the movies!!!! They were (and still are) my favorite "cartoon".

Sharon said...

I will first confess that I HAVE NOT read through alllll of the comments posted, so please forgive me if it's a repeat...

We watched most of the shows you did....Friday nights was Brady Bunch, wasn't it. I remember my dad reaching across the back seat of the car and smacking me cause we were whining about NOT being home in time for Brady Bunch one Friday Night.

And that Kyle Chandler is just too too yummy! That's why I started watching Friday Night Lights and feel it's one of the best shows on tv these days. Kristi you can watch ALLLLL the episodes on All the Kyle you want...whenever you want! : )

You'll love the show.

And,wtf?!? Gary DIED on thirtysomething?!? I htink I quit watching at the end...when did THAT happen1?! I can't believe they woulda killed him off. Or maybe I just don't remember. I loved that show too. Timothy Busfield and Patricia Wettig are the only two that are doing anything these days...Busfield on Studio 60 (if it doesn't get cancelled) and Wettig on Bros & Sisters wiht Sally Field.

so, there's my two cents...just pop on over to and get your fill of Kyle. Something tells me we won't be hearing from you for a while! : )

Jenny said...

Hi Kristie, With your schedule, of course you do not have time to watch t.v. But, as you typed about those old shows, I just got tingles. I loved thirtysomething, I always thought someone was hanging around in my closet. I could always relate to that show. I loved Homefront also. Northern Exposure was one of my all time favorites. When we were in Seattle, we drove up to Roseland, WA. That is where they taped much of the show. We ate at the cafe with the moose. Went to the store, the radio station is still there. We drank at the Brick. In fact, we met some people who were in town for a wedding reception for the actress that played the mother of Chandler and Monica's babies on Friends. Isn't that cool. You need to go there. It is worth the drive. It was the best part of the vacation as far as I was concerned.
Love your blog. I don't care if you don't watch t.v. I watch enough for both of us. My kids are grown and out of the house. You will have time for t.v. again someday.

Kristina (OHIO) said...

I remembered a few more things that I loved to watch when I was young...Wizard of Oz - came on for their yearly special. Also my two favorite movies were (and I must admit I will watch reruns now) Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles (gotta love the Brat Pack)

ps...i've already posted once today, but I had to check back just to read some of the other posts! Pathetic, I know...I guess I should watch some tv :-)))

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this Air Force brat understands about tracking IP numbers (or people for that matter). Blaine knows too.

Yeah, some folks don't understand do they? I refused to let my kids watch cartoons, too much violence. They whined and I am sure watched it every chance they could at their friends homes, but now, my daughter is doing pretty much the same thing you are doing and I think it does pay off. Protect those little brains while you can! Alice L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi,
Wow, talk about a blast from the past. Our family used to watch many of the same shows. We would all gather around and watch Carol Burnett, Jaques Cousteau, Wonderful World of Disney and Little House on the Prairie until Mary got married (jumped the shark). My favorite all time memory from childhood was when I was 5 years old in 1968 and I would come home from morning kindergarden and my mom would be ironing the sheets (yes, ironing the sheets!) and she would be watching Jeopardy. I would sit under the sheet hanging off the ironing board with my Barbie Doll and play while she watched. She knew every answer and I thought it was so funny because she would answer all the questions and the contestants would repeat exactly what she had just said. I called it her parrot show. I had no idea how smart she really was until I started watching it as an adult. Thanks for taking me back there. :)
Stephanie in Portland Oregon

kbowk from nashville said...

Thank you for the cool walk down memory lane...I remember Saturday nights...had to have the bath before Love Boat and mom would put rollers in my hair during Fantasy Island...But you DID NOT mention Hawaii 5-0...didn't that come on after Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley? I agree with Megan about TLC's "Little People, Big World", it is awesome. I am also addicted (as well as my dad, husband and 4 year old daughter) to Deadliest Catch on Discovery...about the Alaskan crab stuff. One last note, GET TiVo....I would never get to see an entire show if I didn't have it! Kristie, you rock!

Anonymous said...

What a fun journey back in time! Loved it when the "regular network" channels had great stuff on! I also loved "Facts of Life", "Different Strokes"- ("What you talkin' 'bout Willis?") and "A Different World." Hey, remember that spin-off from Little House??? "Father Murphy"? I liked that, too. Loved the 70's and 80's! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

As for your choice of NOT watching t.v. during the week, I applaud you! I have 4 kids and there isn't too much I care for them to see between the hours of 7:00-9:00 cst, either! Now, as a 40ish adult, I can make the decision for ME to watch Friends, Grey's, House, Desperate HW, etc. But as for now, it's my house, my t.v. and MY choice of what is on the boob tube! They'll be adults quicker than I care to think about and they can watch all of the sex, drugs, killing, etc. they care to watch-THEN!


Kristin in Plano, TX

Anonymous said...


Friday Nights back then was spent watching "Dallas" and the one with Linda Evans with my mom. She was addicted to those shows.

I commend you for no TV during the week. I have tried that, but we juston don't have the will power.

In Minnesota

Mama Erin said...

Kristie! How do you remember what shows you watched on which nights way back then!!!??? I remember watching almost all of the shows you mentioned...but when they came on I would never recall! Thanks for another fun post.

Anonymous said...

I also remember all those tv shows and the nights they were on, except for one...Homefront? I'm very sad to tell you-never even heard of that one, but what about Welcome back Kotter? Am I the only one? I was not at all about John Travolta's Vinnie but for some reason I loved Horshack
(sp?) and I also liked American Dreams that left the airwaves a couple of years ago. I was so mad! They left us hanging if Meg was really going to California with the "badboy" and if JJ was going to make up with the wife after gambling all their money away...

Meg in

Patty House, Jasonville, IN said...

You aren't alone in the no watching tv thing. We went for a year or two and didn't watch anything other than DVDs and VHS. For some reason, I had it in my head that we couldn't get the basic 2, 10 and 38. Last year, I found out differently. Now the kids watch Saturday morning cartoons, game shows like Deal or No Deal. William (who is Kendrie's age) loves Jeapordy. We watch Identity and maybe another show or two. Vince and I will stay up every once in a while to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent or SVU. I guess we watch more tv than I thought! Guess we are making up for the year or more that we didn't watch it at all. Now...I'm off to watch Bones and Raines online (at work..SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!)

Terrie said...

Ah good times! Does anyone else realize that families watched TV together (because it was all family appropriate back then) and we all have these warm and fuzzy feelings that are associated with the different TV shows. I personally think it had more to do with spending time with your family than the actual TV show. And that IS the most important thing in the world. With all of the after-school activities that fill up our kid's lives, there is no time for a laid back hour hanging out with your family. Not in my house in any case. Something to ponder. I may have to start finding a show a night that me and my family can all watch (and like) together.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment on the Underbelly Show. Now, this week it was on too late this mother of a 3 month old. However, I watched the first 5 minutes and laughed like crazy. My husband was not really watching, but he said he had not heard me laugh like that in years. I might have to try and find it on regularly.

Ginny said...

Oh, of my favorite things! LOL My cable box has DVR so I record everything I like and watch after the kids go to bed. Our primetime, here in mountain time, starts at 7p.m.. Waaay too early! My eight year old doesn't watch my shows, just his Nickelodeon shows like Drake & Josh.

When I was little I remember watching Wonder Woman (while dressed up like her! LOL), Silver Spoons, Different Strokes, and then Golden Girls with my grandma on Saturday nights. As I got older I recall watching Life Goes On, Beverly Hills 90210 and all those pre-teen/teen shows.

I have watched nearly all of the old Thirty-Something episodes on Lifetime. What a great show! Sure wish there was another like it now. Roseanne...oh my great! And, yes, when we were first married we ate dinner on tray tables on the couch every night, while watching reruns of Seinfeld.

Amy said...

Well, besides Kyle being on "Friday Night Lights", he is also a UGA grad, and grew up in Loganville, GA. I agree with you Kristie. He is HOTT!!
Hey, I didn't know if your kids saw it or not, but there has been a Peacock on the roof of the house directly behind you for about 2 days now. I'm not sure if he's still there, but the newspaper came out and took pictures. LOL.

Shelly said...

Yes. I too have been known to obsess a little over my television "friends". I cried the whole night through when Dr. Greene died on ER. I woke up in the morning and found myself wondering where I could send a condolence bouquet to his widow and teenaged daughter. I caught myself before I actually called the florist. Seriously saved myself some embarassment. Except now. A little embarassed that I even admitted that. Hmm....maybe shoulda used that little red x.

Joy said...

Hmm Favorite shows...all of the ones you mentioned were on in our home. I also admit to being a Party of Five fanatic when I was pregnant with my daughter. Hmmm, Melrose Place was another guilty pleasure. Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brother's and Sister's, What about Brian, and Notes from the Underbelly are my folding laundry/setting things up for morning shows after the kids have gone to bed ;) Dancing with the Star's is something we all watch and it segues nicely into The Bachelor for mommy time ;) DAMN, I watch way the heck too much T.V. My kids are all about the Nick and Disney channels. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't believe I'm commenting to this blog. I've been reading for about a month since my sister sent it to me when you were talking about adoption (my 2 daughters are adopted and I can relate to adoption and infertility sticks, waits, celebrations, rude comments, etc..not in that order). I don't know why she was reading...don't tell her I commented, she may question my sanity since I questioned hers when she said she was a regular reader.

I'm with you on TV and MY kids. We just don't watch. I totally agree that child-appropriate TV has too many not-appropriate commercials so even though ALL their friends get to watch - we don't (though we may try DWTS tonight). FYI I recently purchased Season 4 of Little House on the Prairie at SAMS and my girls and I are LOVING watching these episodes together (these are when half pint is still a half pint, Carrie is about 3 and Mary isn't blind yet). It's great for those times when you don't have time to watch a movie (each episode is about 50 minutes...more proof of fewer commercials in the good ol' days). You can do as I did and buy it as a gift for one/all the kids, only you have to know that it is really for you!!

When I was a kid we had one TV and Fri-Sun were the only TV nights. Unfortunately we used "majority rule" method of picking shows and my dad got one vote for each child. Do the math 6 kids, 6 votes for dad. So you know who always won. Luckily, he loved Laugh-in, Mission Impossibly and All in the Family (I always voted for Andy Williams :)

Go Girl
Cincinnati, OH

Tracey said...

I am catching up on a half month of blog!! I loved reading this post, because it could have been me writing it, thanks for that 'walk' down memory lane! I watched all the same shows, at the same time, so we must be close in age! I was trying to think of some that you didn't mention, a few came to mind. For movies, the one that stands out in my mind at that time was going to the theatre with just my Dad to see 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', because we were the 'sci-fi' freaks of the house (we also were the only ones to watch Star Trek religiously!)....I LOVED this film! I laughed that Witch Mountain scared you, sorry (cough...wuss....cough)!! ha ha Then when I was a bit older, I LOVED that Vietnam show, dang, the name escapes me, but I still to THIS DAY have the total HOTS for the LT from that show!!! Blanking on his name too, ugh. As an adult,one show you didn't mention that just CRACKED ME UP was Frasier, I still can't watch reruns without killing myself laughing. OH! And my FAV OF ALL TIME show, M.A.S.H. You MUST have liked that one??
Gotta run and read more blog!