Saturday, April 07, 2007

All Night

Dear State of Virginia,

Thank you for the perfectly timed, albeit quick, warm front that came through while we were visiting you on vacation earlier this week. The warm sunlight on our faces was the perfect accompaniment to our sightseeing.

The cherry blossoms were beautiful.

The sunshine was just warm enough to make my kids whiny for drinks, and cause me to sweat like a pack mule while I carried my youngest child up and down the mall. Obviously, her legs are broken, and no one told me.

But all told, it was a lovely visit and the warm temperatures were cheerful indeed.


Dear State of Pennsylvania,

You are beautiful, to be sure.

The rolling hills, picturesque green farmland, cattle and horses grazing, scenic old barns ….. it was the wonderful sort of Americana scenery that makes me smile inside with happiness.

Granted, it was a little chilly the day we toured your historic downtown district,

but the Cinnabon stand at the train station made everything worthwhile.

However, while I certainly enjoyed my time in your fair state, I do have one observation …… your toll roads are in a tragic state of neglect and disrepair. While I understand the $17 I spent on tolls is certainly not a lot of money, and most likely wouldn’t go far, I do respectfully suggest you spend every penny, every single penny, on blacktopping. My spine thanks you, as does my van suspension.


Dear State of Georgia,

The hell?????

When we parted ways a mere seven days ago, it was 82 degrees and we had packed away our winter clothes, except for those we (thankfully) took to Pennsylvania. When we arrived back home, at 4 am this morning, it was 41 degrees and hasn’t warmed up much since then. Please do something about that. My cold fingers and toes will thank you.

Yes, that’s right. All night. I drove all night to get home. Or at least as "all night" as 4am. At 8pm, when we *should* have stopped, I couldn’t bear the thought of facing another eight hours in the van the next day. At 11pm, when I *almost* stopped, I couldn’t bear the thought of dragging three sleeping children into a hotel.

It wasn’t a bad drive, just long. Especially at 1am, with three hours to go, when my iPod battery died, I was the only one awake in the van, and the thought of eating one more Twizzler to stay awake was enough to make me retch.

Other than that, though, a nice drive indeed.


Anonymous said...

I too packed the winter clothes but I woke up to 19 degrees and 5 inches of snow this morning. It has snowed off and on all day, will someone tell the mountains of North Carolina that tomorrow is Easter?

kim-d said...

I am so glad you're back! You never think so, but sometimes getting home is the best part of vacation--especially those that are NOT adults-only :)! I feel your pain on the weather; I had to dig the sweatshirts and winter jacket back out. Of course, this is MN. If I lived in GA or NC, I would be PISSED! Will be be more vacation pix? Love them!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you had a great time as usual!!! I went out with my husband and son today, not much fun, even though he is older now he is difficult!! At what age do they change, become more cooperative, helpful and nice to be with? It makes me feel quite sad at times! My daughter is different, we get on great, I try with my son, but he is anti everything I say!!
Love all the pictures,
Take care,
Love Angela

Tammy said...

Cinnabon, yummy! Thanks for the vacation update Kris, you always crack me up! You sure do look skinny!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home. It was fun....

Anonymous said...

Sunflower seeds. That's what gets me through the drives from Ontario to Florida and back. I am the sole driver, and they are what keeps me awake when I'd rather just close my eyes and catch a few z's!!
And the weather? My kids made the sad observation tonight, that we had a green Christmas, and we're having a white Easter. That just sucks all around!!
Anyhow, Happy Easter to all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Just look at 3 those cute, smiling angelic faces! You'd never believe they were the whining, crabby, complaining little souls we've been reading about this past week!

Welcome home and Happy Easter!


T said...

When did Kellen get SO TALL?? :-)
Welcome Home, and Happy Easter! I hope the Bunny hath cometh already and you are now snoozing soundly in your bed. I would feel sorry for you with your cold weather, but I don't, because ours is colder, brrrrrr! LOL Looking forward to all the Easter pics I KNOW are coming.....:-))

Anonymous said...

It must be a holiday weekend because it's snowing, icy and foggy in CO again too!

Welcome home you crazy crazy woman! I could not drive an all-nighter any more...too old!

Happy Easter!!


kim-d said...

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter, Escoe family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter - we just returned from Sunny Fabulous Florida to cold freezing snowing Ohio! I thought of you as we drove through Georgia and I spotted a Sonic. I am currently laughing at your vacation notes as I just spent a week in Florida with my kids and we could have just went to the local hotel in Ohio and spent 7 days visiting their pool. My kids were only interested in a few things - 5 minutes into a 17 hour drive the first question was "how much longer" then "I'm hungry" and then after we got there it "can we go to the pool?"
Anyway we got home today and I can't believe vacation week came and went already!!

C D said...

You're funny. And never. ever. quit singing. maybe hand your kids ear plugs as a fun "gift" - :D

Found you from
(Amy's blog).

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good time and glad to know you're home safely! I hit you up with an award - check it out at my blog!!
now where is that gold marker to finish my trophy?

Anonymous said...

Great pics - kids standing in front of "sights", just like I suggested - but, who knows how many giant balls of twine (not to mention all of the other not-to-be-missed classy tourist attractions)you missed by driving straight through in the night???!!! Glad y'all got home safely - hope you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the weather was nice when you were here in the DC area, because we're back to winter coats now! Thanks so much for writing this blog--I really enjoy reading it.

Karen, Clare's mom

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the McDonalds Cinnamon Melts??? YUM ... Not as good as Cinnabon but will do in a fix!!