Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DWTS -- Spoiler Alert

Hey, if you're on the West Coast, cover your eyes before reading any further. :)

Although I wasn't organized enough to post before the show, I totally called it. Leeza Gibbons is who I would have voted off, who I thought *should* be voted off, and who I thought *would* be voted off. Although she might have been the smiliest, most gracious loser ever. The heck with "I hope I look like that when I'm 50" ---- I wish I looked like that now!

Oh, sure, it's easy for me to say she was the one I predicted, since I've actually watched the results episode, but I swear I'm not just saying that. You can even ask my kids. I. Totally. Called. It.

And am I the only one, or does John Ratzenberger's partner scare the heck out of anyone else?


Amy said...

NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!!!!!!! I totally, totally, TOTALLY love Edyta (John's partner)!!! I thought her and Joey were so cute last season.

I was surprised Clyde wasn't voted off.


Dena said...

Thank you thank you thank you.....I just got home from a meeting and I missed it:) I did not know where to go to find out so I took a chance and came here.............you rock....Now.. I can sleep tonight:) And yes, I called it too....Leeza is beautiful, but I was pretty sure she was on her way out after last night.

Megan said...

Lauren thinks that Edyta (John R's partner) looks like a slut! She said that last season when she was dancing with Joey, but I like her. And That was my pick too. I was really hoping Leeza Gibbons would go home, she was my least favorite and honestly she just bugs the shit out of me!!


Anonymous said...

Well! I am on the westcoast and it's on right now. I did predict Leeza as the most likely to leave tonight. I like her, but she just tried too hard.


Anonymous said...

i'm on the west coast, too, and i don't mind knowing because i'm the type of person who reads the last chapter of a book before i start it!

thanks for the info, now i can finish watching house uninterrupted!!

santa clara, ca

Renee said...

Clyde needs to be the next to go. Loving Apolo more everyday!

*Jennifer C* said...

I'm not too surprised, I didn't think Leeza would last too much longer. But even though I'm from Oregon, and LOVED the TrailBlazers when Clyde played for them, I'm ready to see him go.

I'm with you on John's partner, Edyta. She's a bit creepy to me - Brandon (my boyfriend) however thinks she's hot. I don't get it!

Oh, I totally called it last week, that the Samantha chick who's a host, is pregnant. :)

D said...

Okay, now you guys are speaking greek- LOL- I'm clueless about Dancing with the Stars.

Anonymous said...

From Minot, ND...
She's not lying...you really do have to plug your car in! It's not too bad...you adjust eventually. THis coming from a Florida girl.
Thanks for the outspoken humor! I'm a big fan!
P.S. You don't have to be childless to hunker up to the coffee table for dinner! We do it often and my kiddo loves it! She calls it a picnic! Cause, hating bugs like I do, she'll never actually know what a real picnic is! Ignorance is bliss! ha ha