Monday, April 28, 2008

Transfer Plans

We were slated for an approximate Memorial Day (2001) transfer, give or take a few days in either direction, based on how my IM responded to her meds. Since she had done well with the mock cycle, we figured things would go well this time also, and we began making tentative (are you clueing in here that “tentative” is a recurring theme?) travel plans. The clinic was not only long-distance for me, requiring flight arrangements, but it was long distance for my couple as well, meaning we all needed hotel reservations once we got there. The advantage this time is that we were aiming for a three-day transfer, so none of the waiting and wondering if the embryos would make it to day five.

{side note: I just realized I made an error in my previous journal entry when I told you some clinics transfer at day two and some at day five. It’s actually day THREE and day five. I am a moron, and perhaps too clueless to carry other people’s babies. I mean, if I forget basic details about IVF, what else will I forget? Will I just forget that I’m pregnant, and chug a bunch of Jack Daniels, or go skydiving before suddenly remembering oh, wait, hey, there’s a baby in there???}

The fact that the clinic was long-distance wound up being more of a hassle for my IM than for me, because the last week to ten days-ish of the cycle before the egg retrieval, she had to be monitored every single day. So she drove to Maryland by herself and stayed in a hotel that entire time, going to the clinic each day for her shots and her blood draws and her ultrasounds.

We were scheduled for a Monday morning transfer, so Saturday night I flew to Maryland, rented a car and drove to the hotel, and her husband and son also drove in and joined us at the hotel. This was the first time I had met their son, although I had heard lots about him. He had just celebrated his tenth birthday, and his mom told me he had recently become obsessed with learning to blow the biggest bubbles in the free world, so for a birthday gift, I took him an entire case of Bubble Yum, and some Bionicles. My IM told me later that the bubble gum pretty much cinched the deal and he thought I was great. (Hey, I’m not above bribery to get a kid to like me.)

Sunday morning, the guys got up and went to an Orioles game, and my IM and I decided to drive down to Washington DC and do a little sight-seeing. What we didn’t realize was that holiday weekend was the annual “Rolling Thunder” event --- 200,000 Harley Davidson Biker/Vietnam Vets celebrating on the mall, as well. That was some party, to say the least, and certainly made for an interesting sight-seeing day for us. It also rained a few times that afternoon, and if having my IM give me my progesterone shots in the rear wasn’t enough to cement our new friendship, I think huddling together under an umbrella at the Lincoln Memorial certainly did the trick.

We all went out together for dinner that night, and I spent so much time laughing and talking and realizing how very much I liked this family, the more time I spent with them, that I almost forgot to be nervous for what was taking place the next morning.


Anonymous said...

The more I read, the more glad I am you're sharing your story. Thanks for letting the rest of us in on such an exciting adventure! On a side note, can I ask you to think good thoughts for a stranger from GA? I'm applying to be a teacher at Egleston......I can't imagine a more rewarding way to carry out my career. I've been through two phone interviews and one in person, but nothing's a done deal yet. I just figure you probably have a pretty good understanding of all things CHOA, so who better to ask for a little good karma sent my way!! :o)

~ginger (I have a Blogger ID, but can't remember it!)


You can "read" the underlying tension but it must have helped that you guys got along so well. I like the fact that you were able to relax the night before, I'm looking forward to reading the good news! ;)


PS Thanks for making me remember progesterone shots and the burn, oh the burn.
PSS Off to look up what bionicles are.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie--
As I am reading, I keep thinking about how expensive medical processes such as these are. I'm sort of wondering (if this is too personal, feel free to ignore me) about all the airfaire/hotels/eating out and how that adds up. Is it designated who pays for what? Does everyone split the bill?

Now I am second guessing asking you, but as nosy as I am, I won't delete.

Eloise said...

You must have read Nancy Drew books growing up. You've definitely got that penchant for end-of-chapter cliffhangers! Write more soon. I'm really enjoying the story.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting choked up! Can't wait to
Diane in Cincinnati

Oh, that girl again... said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but here's where the small world comes in... the office I work in now shares a wall with the Agency you chose in MD!

Cindi said...

It's very clear that being a surrogate requires a support staff. With Kendrie being so young, and there being three children, and Blaine not always available 24/7 for the kids, did you ever have trouble finding someone to watch your children when you had to leave town? Did many of your family and friends know what you were doing? And one more thing, if I'm not prying too much, did anyone try to talk you out of doing this?

There is a special place for you in heaven, that's all I can say. I really don't think I could do what you have done, not just once, but several times AND you're still selflessly do it!

Tina said...

What an amazing thing you do for other families.
I wish I had known you were in MD!

Unknown said...

The more I read, the more I learn and the more I definitely admire you. This story is one of a kind, and amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi - thank you so much for posting this! I am in the process of becoming a GS. A friend contacted me on behalf of her friends two weeks ago, we all met over the weekend, and we are in the very prelim stages of medical screenings and drawing up a contract. Your story is filling in a lot of info for me, I can't wait to read the rest as you have time to tell it. Bless you for taking the time to share this with everything else you have going on in your life! to 4, hoping to help another family's dream come true!