Saturday, April 05, 2008

Not On Your Life

The beginning of the year, we optimistically told all three kids they could have slumber parties this year to celebrate their birthdays. I mean, we finally had a house with closets bedrooms big enough for sleepovers, and I figured what better way for the kids to make new friends at their new schools?

Then Brayden had her slumber party in February, and I realized two things:

1. Three children, the amount of kids in our own household, is actually very manageable. Triple that number, and suddenly it's a whole different ball game.

2. I am not cut out to be the cool, fun parent who hosts slumber parties.

It was actually a good party (I think) but we had two little girls who not only refused to go to sleep, which was actually fine by me, but who refused to get in bed, which was NOT fine by me. Refused to quit playing in the closet, and slamming doors, and running (which have I mentioned the girls' bedroom is directly overhead of MY bedroom???) until finally at 3:30 am I went upstairs for the final time and told them if they didn't get in bed I was going to duct-tape them to the floor have them come downstairs and put in a movie so the other girls, who WERE trying to sleep, could do so.

Needless to say, all sleepovers since then have been limited to no more than two guests, and they have worked out much more nicely.

So no, Kellen's party last night was over at a respectable 10:30 pm. Which gave me just enough time to pick up the living room before falling into bed exhausted, in time to get up for our all-day Saturday Soccer Extravaganza .... a weekly event which as you know, I complain about out loud but secrectly love.

I'll share pictures of last night later this weekend, but something to consider before I go:

Does anyone besides me see the humor in the fact that the Survivor Maze that the kids got to go through before the laser tag actually started, a 5000 sq ft maze, was actually pretty easy for every boy there? Every boy there except ONE, and his FATHER, who not only were the last ones out, and who still couldn't find their way out, not even when I was standing at the exit yelling, "Follow My Voice!!!" but who the laser worker guy almost had to go in and lead out by the hand .... I mean, does anyone else think that is funny besides me??? That the other ten year olds got out no problem, but THE ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY GUY got lost in the survivor maze???

PS. Although he kicked ass in the laser tag. He even took out his own nephew, which I found particularly cold-hearted, but which I think made him feel redeemed after the embarrassing maze episode.

PPS. I hid the remote control device for the fart machine last night. Does that make me a bad parent?


Tammy said...

Glad you survived the party, you are a very bad parent for hiding the fart machine remote control, I'm telling, na na na na! Now get out there and have some fun cheering on your kids! No glaring at the officials! Hugs from Fort Worth! Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie - Sounds like Kellen's party was great fun, and you did eventually see him and Blaine emerge from the maze. Now, my question is, what is a remote-controlled fart machine?! My 11-year-old son operates just fine all by himself?! Bye - Lynne B.

Unknown said...

I'm confused about the laser thing. You aren't talking about Blaine are you? I mean, I don't know the other fathers...but Blaine is ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY isn't he?

Stefunkc said...

You are wise beyond your years. I myself learned that lesson after one party with 17 girls. But for some reason I had another with the same amount. The second party was spent entirely outside. It did make it easier!


Kellen's party sounded amazing!

I didn't even know fart machines existed and am so glad we didn't have them around when my son (now 18) was Kellen's age! It was bad enough at his birthday parties with the real things! LOL


David Seabourn Artistic Finishes and Design said...

I just found your site through another site that I visit. I had a slumber party for my 7-year-old last weekend. 7 girls all slept (sort of) on my living room floor. I slept on the couch and kept them in line - HA! I did one smart thing, and that was to recruit my mother-in-law to help. Oh, and I got rid of my husband and my 1-year old- son.

The kids had fun. I was exhausted and took a well-dserved nap the following day.