Friday, April 04, 2008

Help me!

As I type this, I have twelve 10-yr old boys running like maniacs on speed around my house and my yard and my neighbor's yards. We have pizza, cupcakes, Nerf wars, ripsticks, skateboards, footballs, a remote control fart machine, and laser tag planned.

Yes, I am currently hiding inside. What an awesome chaperone I am.



Anonymous said...

Are they staying all night? Whimper back.

Unknown said...

Oh man. Be brave. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, how much trouble do you think they can get into?
Seriously, I will pray for you.

M said...

OMG! That remote control fart machine is a blast!! I was playing with the one my secretary at work got for her b-day...and then I brought in in my classroom and put it under a stuffed Sponge Bob toy that sits in a chair near was total chaos for at least 15 minutes! TGIF!

-Are they spending the night???

Unknown said...

Pizza? Remote FART machine? I'm on my way.

Anonymous said...

Hoy Crap! I thought I was in a bad situation (flying out in 3 hours for a trip and I haven't started to pack yet!!) but I wouldn't trade places with you on a bet!

I am intrigued by the "remote control fart machine" it sounds like every 10-yr old boy's dream (and every mom's nightmare!)

Hang in there,

Elena said...

Hide! Hide for as long as you can I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

May I ask what in the heavens a "ripstick" is?

Musings from Me said...

I hope it is not a sleepover. If it is "God be with you" at this time. I have done sleepovers with girls, but think I am done. Too chaotic. Most girls think it is a challenge to see who can stay up all night.

I have a 5-year-old boy and two older girls. Practically every day I realize...boys are so different than girls.

René S said...

PLEASE tell me they are not staying ALL night! I hope you stay sane and have a happy birthday boy.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of nor seen a ripstick till yesterday.

Have fun! Sounds like the kind of party any boy would love!


Anonymous said...

How much fun is that! Here's to the much needed ameretto slushie that you so totally deserve after a night like tonight...and not to mention after the gym yesterday! I say mix with the can only make things better! xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

The best (for him) and worst ( for me) birthday party we had for our sons was an overnight video party. Each kid brought his own fave movie video, and they were allowed to stay up all night if they could do so, watching tv. I had a spread of munchies and drinks on the table for them . Parents were told to pick their kids up between 8-10AM, the next day.

The boys ran into the house as though they were in a stampede. As the magic of the movie night started, they sat there transfixed watching tv.

And that was when the electric went out. I had 12 10-year old boys jacked up on junk food and soda with NO tv to watch, no computer, no video games. It was dark, so there really weren't many things they could do low tech either.

I was one pathetic, desperate mom, on the phone with the electric company begging for an estimated time for when the outage would be fixed. I could hear the thumper bumpers of big clodhoppers running around the house with no lights on.

My kid thought it was the best birthday ever. I'm still mourning the loss of my Waterford vase, and the stair rails have never been the same since.

Cath Young


Anonymous said...

All of a sudden two newborns that get up in the night doesn't seem at all hard anymore.

Come back tomorrow and report in so we'll know you survived!


Anonymous said...

You are a very strong woman. I'd probably be hiding under the covers praying for sanity.

I'm currently living with 7 children - Two 10 year olds, a 9, 8, 7, 5 and 3 year old. I walk around muttering "serenity now" and twitching.

Hope you survive!

Kelly said...

I want to know what a "ripstick" is too! I'm praying for you!!

Elena said...

Fart machine? That sounds fun! Our boys are fart machines alone. In fact, I just posted a blog that's going to get me into so much trouble with my husband! But's a record for posterity, right?!

We got the boys that farting putty for Easter...of everything they got, that was their favorite!