Thursday, April 03, 2008

It Has Begun

Three teams. Two leagues. Four practices a week, on four different fields, in four different locations around the city. Three to five games each weekend. An endless number of water bottles and dirty soccer socks. And my rear forming to the shape of the bleachers. Well, ok, maybe not bleachers, but those little fold-up chairs we all carry around in our cars.

Am I a lot, or a little, sick and twisted that I’ve been looking forward to it?

Just don’t ask how much convincing it took to get Kendrie into a pink and lime green uniform.


Anonymous said...

I must know your family too well, the first thought that went through my mind was "I don't believe that Kendrie is wearing that uniform" and when I read your commment I cracked up. You see I have one of those girls also. After two boys I thought I would have a girly girl, no way! I love Kendries style!

Anonymous said...

It has started here too. I really do enjoy watching their games as well, but when my oldest son's baseball coach said that we can expect 2 practices and 3 games a week...I wanted to curl up in a fetal position...that is only one child. I have three other children that play and a 6 week old!!!
I guess we will learn to live out of my van! It is just so embarrassing when the door to my van opens and water bottles, McDonalds wrappers, balls, gloves, dirty sox and God knows what else falls out!
Milford, CT

Anonymous said...

Love Kendrie's Uniform! That has got to be one of the best I have ever seen!

My daughter plays fast-pitch softball, with up to 7 or 8 games in one day! Tiring but a lot of fun!

Soccer and softball, I guess we know that Spring is here!

Enjoy every minute of it!


Mamasita said...

My first thought on seeing Kendrie in her uniform, was, 'Oh my, how did they convince her to wear that?'

I know what you mean about the excitement at the beginning of the season. My girls are gymnasts, so we don't have an "off" season. They only get one week of a year from practice. However, they only have to compete in either the fall season or the spring season. It is exciting when they get to start competing again so that you can see their progression from the previous year.

Of course, at the end of the season, the excitement switches to getting to have a lighter schedule.

Good luck this season Escoe kids!

Donna said...

Man, those are some, um, er, interesting (?) uniforms... (I can't see the middle pic though). We went from a very respectable navy and gold last fall to neon green and black this spring. The shirts aren't so bad, but the socks are enough to burn your retinas if you look too long. So far we have been spared overexposure to the socks because it has been so chilly that most of team is wearing long pants.

Lucky for us we only have one of two kids in soccer--BUT, t-ball practice starts for the other one tonight and baseball for the soccer player on Saturday AND Wednesdays. And three of us in Tae Kwon Do on Tuesdays. Whew! I love all of it, but life will be full until soccer ends the last weekend in May.

Stephanie D. said...

Kristie - you are not sick or twisted - you are a MOM! ;)

I too am a soccer MOM and proud of it. My oldest son plays at a very high level of soccer and I watch approx. 75 games a year just for HIM. He plays on 3 different team during the year and I love every minute of it. He is a HS senior and will be going to college soon and thank goodness he will be playing college soccer too 'cause I don't know if I could stood for his career to be over! :)

Enjoy every minute of every game, because soon you will blink and they will be grown. *sniff*


Anonymous said...

with a pink and lime green ball to match! :) Sneaking that girly stuff into her sports now? Soccer season at your house means baseball season at mine. Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Kristie, you have stamina girl! All those games and practices and school, and homework, and I'm sure some costume to make for some school project!! Go girl!! Have fun!
Claire in TX

Anonymous said...

I don't think the uniform looks very pink- more peach. But the plaid? Not so cute.

Your kids? Very cute.

At least I am not the only mom who gets excited when sports season rolls around! I truly enjoy being out there with them.

Anonymous said...

I love how Kendrie's soccer ball matches her uniform...but don't tell her!
Lisa from Texas

Anonymous said...

Oh, I cant wait to see Brayden play! Last weekend was just too cold for me, either that or I'm just a TOTAL wimp when it comes to "cold" (and wet) weather.


Sandy P said...

I agree with Kathy. I know your family way to well to never have met you. I was thinking "what is Kendrie doing with a pink ball?" The other day, te Lands End (or LLBean) catelog came in the mail with summer stuff. The kids swim suits are in there. They have girls suits that are "swim shorts" and shirts. I immediatly thought of the bathing suit issue a couple summers ago (or was that last summer) with Kendrie. I thought I really need to tell Kristy to look into these for Kendrie.

The Running Girl said...

You're not sick. Even though I complain about soccer season sometime, I really look forward to it. Now if they would just ask me what time to schedule the games so that it fits my schedule all would be right with the world. It'll get even funner next year when Madison tries out for school sports.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and enjoy the season! My kids are all grown up and I really miss going to those things. :(
Happy Spring! And I LOVE Kendrie's uniform!!

Anonymous said...

My first thought when I saw Kendrie's was that a man must have picked that out....who else would pick WHITE shorts, esp. with that red dirt?? It's a laundry woman's nightmare!

We, too, have started the soccer season. I have 4 playing, two of which are on two teams so we'll have 7 practices a week. I can totally relate to the whole bleacher butt issue! And then we dance classes, track practices, soccer games, tutoring sessions, plus whatever other fun stuff gets thrown in, we're always on the run!

Enjoy the soccer season!


Anonymous said...

Kristie - twisted, yes! But, please tell Kendrie for me that I think that HER uniform is far and away the best of the 3, and that I think the colors are great and I love the plaid and that I think she's totally, TOTALLY stylin'!!!!!!! As for her mother, I'll be thinking of you while I'm standing next to the middle school fields watching my son play football (yes, football at this time of year - don't ask! This is Washington, after all!) and commiserating with you. I find that a triple-shot grande latte helps a great deal.

Anonymous said...

LOL Kristie---- LOVE those action shots--- LOVE them!!!!! My husband (who is from Guatemala and insists that soccer is the "real" football) and I can't wait until next year when she'll be old enough to play in the local soccer league.

Luckily, my girl could care less about what she wears, overalls or a dress.... she's fine with whatever she's wearing and always manages to "dirty up" anything she puts on. Even today, for kindergarten graduation pictures, during the time she was standing in line, she managed to get a black stain on the back of her light yellow gown. Luckily, I was helping out and was able to use my trusty Tide stick to get it out. Thank goodness for that little stick!

Leeann said...

Dude! I have to agree with Kendrie on that one. That is a pretty horrible uniform!

We are knee deep in baseball season.
I love it too.


Unknown said...

Boy that's a whole hot of gear to keep track of and the schedule too. Hope there are plenty of socks.
The kids look great but Kellen is so "pro" looking!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that was my first thought, too - I was going to post in the comments section, "I love your kids and all, but isn't Kendrie's uniform just the most spectacular example of awful taste?"
Guess I've been beaten to the punch. But... pastel green AND plaid AND white shorts? Time to move back to Georgia!

Anonymous said...

I love Kendrie's uniform!
I always got stuck with the red uniforms when I played soccer.
Oh how I would LOVE to be wearing Kendrie's :)

Nate's Mom said...

Love the pics. I am totally holding back my 7 year old by making him play on the same team with his 5 year old brother. I seriously don't think I would handle multiple practices and games in different places at the same time. Bad mommy. I only let one play soccer last fall. Next year, I'm in trouble. I simply can't imagine going in three different directions. Go Kristie! You are my hero.

And just because I have barely entered the technical world, I want to share Nate's first at bat from our first game. Gotta love t-ball, cuz they are so darn funny. He was so surprised to hit the ball that he forgot what to do. Then everyone was telling him to run to the base and the caoch was telling him to leave the bat. He said "forget it" lol. Love t-bal!
Sheri in CA

Haley said...

I would have balked at a pink uniform, too. The only thing it has going for it is that it is half green. Now, I think it is too cute. I also refused to wear skirts or dresses until I graduated high school, and on those rare times my parents forced me to, I wore shorts underneath. I was quite the tomboy. Today, I'd give anything for this Chicago winter to end so I can wear skirts.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Kristie! Enjoy the season. And I have to ask, in what percentile for height is Kellen? He looks like he is going to be a tall one, huh?
I, too, questioned the wisdom of white shorts. I think you moms should rise up and force the coach to do the laundry and try to keep those clean. That would teach him to pick white :)
Stephanie in Portland, Oregon

René S said...

The soccer league we played in all wore blue and white jerseys, black shorts and blue socks. The sponsor names were on the shirts, but it was a sea of blue. When I saw yours, I thought they looked good! It certainly makes it easy to find the right field!

We are now in the middle of baseball season. My son is on 2 teams. My husband coaches one of the teams, but he also coaches a team with neither of our children on it. It means we have a lot of baseball around here. I can feel your pain.

Still thinking of you and the IPs.

Anonymous said...

Very cool uniforms! And nice action shots!